Trusting God in Tough Times

by Lewis
(United Kingdom )

Why O Lord, do I feel weary?

Why O Lord, does fear encompass me about?

Why O Lord, do I feel so undone and alone?
Why O Lord, do I feel you have let go of my hand?
Why O Lord, do I feel I am in the land of the deceased, where no life springeth forth?
Why O Lord, do voices tell me your promises to me shall not be?
My tent reels to and fro like a drunkard,
Why O Lord hast thou smote me with a mighty wind?

The Lord:
Son, daughter, open your tent and look outside.
For you, the wind is parting the red sea.

*Inspired by David Wilkerson's sermon-Making of a worshipper

Tags: Trusting god in tough times, hard, difficult, faith, spiritual poem

Awaiting approval of edits by the poet (as no email address was included).

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God Is Great

by Jenny

God is good, God is great
Guiding us through
Giving us faith
Blessing us always
Making a way
Holding our hand
Listening as we pray
Always forgiving
Nothing but love
Shining light
From heaven above
A spiritual bond
Satan can't break
With God on your side
Your soul he cannot take
God is your stone
A good feeling to know
You are never alone
Give yourself to him
He’ll hold you tight
Make you a diamond
Shine so bright
Never let you down
Giving you strength
When you feel weak
Uplifting your spirit
So amazing
So unique
So breath taking
Hard to speak
Filling you with his Grace
A love so grand
Giving you a helping hand
So many pull away
When all it takes
Is a moment to pray
Prayers are answered
All you need is faith
The devil will provoke you
Only if you let him
Give yourself to God
Free yourself from sin
Only then will a good life begin
God will protect you
Put up a fence against evil
Continuing to sin is only lethal
Jesus died for us
For that we should praise
A man so willing and brave
Save yourself
Only God knows when it will be our day
Never too late to ask for forgiveness
His Grace will heal you
If you believe
A life with Satan-
You'll only be deceived

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