Poem About Prayer

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C., U.S.A.)

Pray Answer Me

For whom should I pray, I ask you?
Dare I pray for you, my friend? And
having prayed, would I listen to a

God Who needed me to speak to
you? Could I pray to a father
whimsical who looked unevenly on

all his children? Tho' he treats me
well, could I love an unfair Love,
an unfair God or, fearing Him, still

hold him God? Perhaps I'd better
pray for me. Yet, dare I ask for me
alone? And if I so ask do I not

establish myself apart from all the
Universe? Do I not declare I have
no brothers when I make of this

child a favorite? And is that not
the very same mistake made by

the god whimsical who heard
not you 'til he heard from me?

If there be but one Child and
we are she, for what other one

should I pray? And for what
should I petition save the

memory We Are One and,
in God, have always Been?

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Beautiful poem about prayer and the dilemma of the non-dualist!

When I pray for healing for someone, I see them healed and whole and one with God.

I choose to believe that person has asked for help, or come into my consciousness because I am able to help them, able to see their oneness and beauty when perhaps they are experiencing too much fear to do so.

By using my powerful Christ mind to give what A Course In Miracles would call the 'charity' of seeing the good in someone that they cannot currently see for themselves, I am helping them to remember that there is no problem – they remain one with God. I am helping myself to remember the same about myself.

I need and value such prayers from others.
God's kingdom has not yet come on Earth as it is in heaven, because this is a place where God's will is not done. By volunteering my mind in service to God I am literally allowing this world to become a little bit more of God. Though I may be prompted by the story of a single person, or my own story, when any one of us offers our mind to be used as a channel for God's love, it benefits everyone.

We are God's hands and feet and voice in this world.

Likewise, I eat food just for me, but my intention is that when I eat, the abundance I experience in having enough to eat holds a place of abundance for all those who don't have enough to eat.

A great poem about prayer, Frank. Thank you for the reminder that we are One. There is no separation.

With the Love we are,

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Comments for Poem About Prayer

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Feb 26, 2013
Christ prayed for those whose faith wasn't yet strong enough.
by: Anonymous

I loved the poem by Frank Cavona (Pray Answer Me)
Of course he's right in that each one can ask for themselves. God loves all of us equally and listens to everyone who speaks to him. (How can he not? he resides in us all)
The difference lies in the level of maturity each one has reached in their personal faith. Also children and non believers can be prayed for. Jesus told us to ask for anything in his name and to pray with many petitions. Some things need a lot of prayer and when we love others, we care enough to ask for God's help in their lives. I believe that prayer is the most powerful tool we have. Having been a believer now for almost sixty seven years, I still marvel at the wonderful way God works and at what I still deem the miraculous way he answers prayer: He really does answer prayer (wish I had a smiley face to put in here.
{ :-) added by Katherine }

It's the Christ in us which is maturing and it's that same Christ who is asking for God's help.

I loved the last comment on this poem also.
How wonderful to find these poems and comments.

God Bless. Norma.

Feb 18, 2013
What is healing
by: Frank

Thanks for publishing Pray Answer Me.

I enjoyed your commentary which followed.

It is so very clear that you know what healing is and what it is not. Those who visit your web site are fortunate indeed. And those who seek help from you have gone to the right Source.

Blessings, Frank

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A Prayer Poem for Divine Guidance

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


Divine God-self within let me truly discern
and in that begin to turn
from the lower to the higher.

Divine God-self within let me truly discern
and in that begin to learn
of the lower being subservient to the higher.

Divine God-self within let me truly discern
and in that begin to burn
away all that is not of thee.

Divine God-self within let me truly discern
what is truth and non-truth
and thereby to earn
the blessed wisdom of truly knowing
even as I am known.

Note from webmaster of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com, Katherine T Owen

I really love this one, Robert. Thank you.

I would slightly query the use of the word "earn" in the last stanza.
This poem speaks of such surrender, such giving up of our own self-concepts and plans. I suspect you will agree that no matter how much work we do to spiritually surrender and let God decide for us, it always feels like a free gift when wisdom is received. But then hard to make that scan and rhyme with discern!

It has done me good to read and breathe these words.

Without God I am nothing.

With thanks,

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Tags: spiritual surrender, prayer of surrender, prayer for guidance, prayer poem.

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a poem, God hears my prayers

by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio, USA)


Like a breath of fresh air
God’s spirit renews me
He hears all my prayers
And never refuses me.

He hears all my cares
The burden is lifted
He makes me feel free
With solutions sifted.

God’s spirit renews me
To face daily scares
As time travels quickly
Serene seasons so rare.

Time is fleeting fast
There’s so much to do
So much to leave behind
So much I never knew.

God is there when I need Him
He wants me to implore Him
Ask and you shall receive
Before the lights are dimmed.

It is such a simple thing
To seek God for everything
To see him in others
And help them learn to sing

The praises of God’s glory
The Resurrection story
The time He walked the earth
To show us what we’re worth.

Walking in His footsteps
Feeling his embrace
The world will be more fruitful
Nothing is a race.

God bestows His blessings
All there is to do is ask
He wants us to implore Him
It’s just a simple task.

Floriana Hall

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Poem about Prayer Answered

by Mick Gilford
(West Berkshire, SouthWest England)

From an Irish Shrine

and so it was
like my heart
cracked cloven
put back together again

I came to pray
but the angel had flown
leaving only broken crockery
a cup of rainwater

it pissed all the way to Donegal
me with holes in my shoes
thumb out I prayed
but no-one stopped

drenched by the bow wave
of a slowing truck:
Hop in boy, quick now
out of the rain.

we broke fast at O'Donnell's
egg bacon sausage mash
a mug of tea
in a chipped cup

wouldn't let me pay
said he'd won the horses
saw his tailgate
Angel Demolition & Construction

felt a prayer answered

© Mick Gilford

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Dear God Save Me

by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio, USA)


What races through a young man's mind
While his tires are sliding on black ice,
"Perhaps this is the end --
Dear God, give me some advice!"

Turning, spinning, slamming into the guardrail,
Hitting another car on the rebound,
"Dear God, save me, what should I do?
Prayer may work, I have found!"

Something tells the bewildered earthling
To vacate the vehicle expediently;
Was it an angel whispering in his ear
"Cross the highway immediately?"

Freezing, watching as other cars piled up,
His auto crunched in the center,
Seven in front and seven behind
Like an mangled accordion dissenter.

His cell phone handy, he dialed his parents
To rescue him this dark eerie night,
As he walked along the highway
After work, after this dreadful fright.

Safe once more at home,
His demolished vehicle left behind,
He said a prayer of thanks to God
That he escaped to peace of mind.

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Comments for Dear God Save Me

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Mar 07, 2012
by: Floriana Hall

Thank you for your exquisite compliment.

This poem is about an incident which happened to my grandson.
I can relate to skidding one time on black ice when I was younger. Very frightening, but I prayed to God that the oncoming bus would not hit me and He answered my prayer.

Mar 07, 2012


I have skidded before myself . It felt like slow motion......God saved me

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