Scientific proof that prayer works

by Keith
(Reading, UK)

There have been a number of scientific experiments which give scientific proof that prayer works

The scientists set up experiments in the war torn middle east in the 1980s which not only affected the war itself but all areas of life within the region targeted. Peace prevailed, but only while the experiments were carried out. Once the prayers stopped, things went back to normal.

In the 1990s they did the same with I think 960 hospital patients, with undeniable benefits to the recipients. They set them all up properly with placebos, records, & everything a normal experiment would have to record accurate results. The results showed that prayer works to affect what we consider to be matter.

The results were so good that the scientists were even able to calculate the number of people needed to be praying in order to affect a certain size of population. The sum is 'The square root of 1% of the population'. This translates to 8000 people praying at once to bring peace to 6 billion! A relatively small number really.

This is because of the effects of quantum compounding. Just as the Holy Spirit cascades our forgiveness through every possible eventuality of ourselves in existence in every dimension, so prayer travels a similar route through reality. If one person prays the power is there but small. If 2 people pray together though the effects are 10 fold! And that number keeps escalating.

What people need to do is believe in prayer, practice it, but more than that we need to actually feel permanent peace towards each other and our world so that life itself becomes the prayer. This is, as i'm sure you will have realised, exactly the permanent state of mind we are being steered towards by Jesus via ACIM.

The scientists knew, just as Jesus does, that prayer works only for the time the prayer is being carried out. Permanent peace requires permanent conscious projection of peace.

With love!


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