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Fr*ee Goal Monitoring Worksheet Spiritual and Healing Practice
September 30, 2012

Fr*ee Goal Monitoring Worksheet For Spiritual and Healing Practice

Hello lovely people,
Welcome to all those who have joined the list for in the last few months. Sorry I haven't been in good contact. I have been doing a lot of writing!

I attach a gift:
a goal setting worksheet to help you stick to and monitor your progress with your healing and spiritual practice.

How to download Click here to download. It was an adventure trying to share an excel file with you, so I hope it works! It is a zipped file. 1. Click on the link above 2. Open the folder, 3. Open the file 4. Choose the option ‘save as’ from one of the menus in your software 5. Give the file a new name and click to save it to your computer. (It won’t save it with the current name as the file will be read-only.) Enjoy!

What’s Wrong with New Year’s Resolutions

Many people choose to make New Year's resolutions. But, the beginning of the year is not always a good time to start something new. Sometimes we can feel a little tense after the demands of Christmas. Some people greatly enjoy Christmas and then feel sad at the prospect of return to work. In countries which are cold at this time of year, people often feel low due to the weather.

In addition, the name ‘New Year's resolutions’, sets our mind to think that we are going to pursue our goal throughout the year ahead.
A year is a long time. When setting a goal, it is advisable to set a time period after which we will assess how we are moving ahead with the goal. A year is too long a period of assessment.
A year stretches ahead in our minds and it seems a tall order to keep going.

This goal setting worksheet which allows you to monitor any healing technique or spiritual practice that you might want to engage in for the last three months of this year.

You can use the goal setting worksheet in two ways.

Firstly, you can set your intention to practice a healing technique or spiritual practice during the next 3 months. You can use the goal setting worksheet to monitor your progress.

Secondly, you can think of it as a dry run:

Use these 3 months to get clear on the goal you wish to pursue

Have an idea for a healing or spiritual practice that you would like to make a part of your life, and use the last 3 months of this year to get clear on the goal you will set in January, or at a time of your choosing.
Ask yourself the following questions
1. Is your goal realistic? (See more on this below)

2. Get clear on whether this goal is one you really want to achieve Imagine having achieved this goal. How do you feel? How does it impact on those around you?
Is this goal more important to you than other goals that you might choose to pursue?

3. What resources do you need to pursue your goal?
We might need to buy a book to support us in making a practice a habit in our life.
We might want to book appointments with a practitioner or mentor or coach.
Research the support you need to allow you to make a practice part of your life.
Decide who you want to work with.

Play with trying out your practice.

How to use the attached goal setting worksheet

If you are not familiar with excel, once you are inside the goal setting worksheet, look for the tab with the instructions. You will also find most of the advice that is in this email article in case you want to refer to it again.

At the end of your assigned period eg one month
1. Monitor how you are doing.
2. Make sure to congratulate yourself for what you have achieved.
3. Decide whether you want to keep going with your practice. If so, is there anything you want to change in your application? If not, is there another practice you wish to engage in?

How to monitor your adherence to a practice

When trying to make a practice part of your life, it is good to experiment with how best to monitor your application and your progress. For myself, I find this overview where I have one month of the page very useful. It means I'm just able to tick off whether or not I have engaged in the practice.
I can also see at a glance what I have achieved.
How do you monitor your application and progress?
How do you celebrate all you achieve?

Setting realistic and achievable goals

One of the qualities of a goal is that it must be achievable.
We also need to be able to monitor our progress.
Many people set goals that are far too big. If we set a goal that is too high or is not achievable, we are more likely to give up.

Set a goal to engage in a practice rather than achieve a certain outcome. Be patient with yourself

Imagine you take a two-year course at college.
As you pursue that course, you are set problems and solve them.
You will probably be taught the same things over and over again.
At first they will be strange to you.
Perhaps the next time you don't recognise that you been taught them before, but they're a little bit more digestible.
Eventually you take in these new ways of doing things, and they become familiar to you.

During all this time, you have no certificate to show for the work that you have done.

In the same way when we engage in a healing technique or spiritual practice it can be some time before we actually see the result in the world. (Not necessarily. Sometimes we take something up and we do have immediate results. But, more often, there is a period where we need to apply discipline to make a practice part of our life, and the results come later.) This doesn't mean that nothing is happening. We are learning and growing. We are serving God and looking after our physical and emotional selves. These are wonderful things.

Set realistic goals for spiritual practice

We may want a spiritual goal of achieving enlightenment or knowing God’s love for us.
However, if we set this as our goal we are more likely to discourage ourselves and give up:
“It's not working, I don't feel peaceful or loved. I am not the person I want to be.”

The outcome of receiving God’s love or peace is not within our control. We simply open to allow God, the sacred, into our minds and hearts. Our part is very small. We find the discipline to engage in a spiritual practice but the inspiration and revelation is always from God.

Instead of aiming for enlightenment we can aim to engage in a spiritual practice for a certain amount of time and do so regardless of results. At the end of the period we can assess our progress.

Set realistic goals for healing techniques

Again with healing techniques we often set goals that are far too big.
For example, we can say to ourselves, “This healing technique is not working, I'm not better yet.”
This reveals a goal of achieving health.
However, again health is not directly within our control.
We can have a vision of health but we can have the goal of commitment to practices that let go of our blocks to opening our minds to God’s healing.
We take charge of our behaviour, and our disciplines, but ultimately we are not in control of the result. Instead we can aim to engage in a healing technique for a certain amount of time and do so regardless of results. At the end of the period we can assess our progress.

Take charge instead of trying to take control

We often think we want control.
We wish we could control things to look the way we want.
We wish we could control ourselves to be the way we want.

But when you think about it, it is a good thing that we don’t have control.
As Marianne Williamson says in one of her tapes:
“Would you want to be in charge of making sure that your lungs keep pumping, your heart keeps pumping, your blood keeps flowing?”

Likewise, as we walk the spiritual path, it is good to remember that our success is not dependent on ourselves, but on God, the sacred. We are shifting from our human identity – complete with all our flaws and weaknesses, to allowing ourselves to remember more and more that we are part of Spirit.

We cannot fail, because God set it up so we cannot fail. We remain a part of God and at some point we inevitably remember who we are.

I assume that since I am not continually at peace I am still in control in many ways. My aim is to hand the controls of my life over to God: “Thy will be done” so as to allow Him to bring me Peace.

Action point: Which spiritual practice do you choose to ‘play with’ in the coming months with a view to perhaps making it part of your life next year?

Which healing practice do you choose to ‘play with’ in the coming months with a view to perhaps making it part of your life next year?

Or will you perhaps use this chart to make a practice part of your life right now.

Look out for a future goal setting worksheet in the New Year I intend to send out another goal setting worksheet for the first three months of next year at the end of this year.

Relevant Links See the pages of motivational poems and advice for further guidance about how to learn gently from a place of acceptance rather than striving.

Once again, Click here to download the goal setting worksheet.

Wishing you a journey through your marvellous discipline and responsibility to the freedom of a bigger life.

With the Love which sings in our hearts,

PS. Remember, please don't give yourself a hard time if you are living with illness. It is ‘just’ illness. It does not separate you from God or from receiving God’s Love. These things are far more important than the health of our bodies.


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