Happy Easter - Crucifixion and Resurrection. What they mean to us?

This is a note to wish you a very HAPPY EASTER.

In life we have our own times of crucifixion and resurrection.

In crucifixion the problems of the world seem big – illness, physical pain, relationships we can’t seem to improve, financial difficulties we can't see an end of.

In these times, we can choose to believe in the innocence of the other. We choose to believe that whatever they seem to do to us, they remain an innocent child of God and that as we let God guide us, He leads us to peace.

As the Bible says,
How many times shall we forgive?
Not seven times, but seventy times seven.

I think we can confidently take that to mean that we just keep forgiving :-)

In these times of crucifixion, we choose to believe in our innocence. We may be grumpy. We may feel sorry for ourselves. Our faith may feel far smaller than a mustard seed. Still we choose to know that we are the innocent child of God. God loves us, and we are willing to receive this love. We will not make our sense of unworthiness bigger than God’s love. We let Him love us.

In a time of resurrection, a problem you had that you thought would go on forever is showing signs of change. A miracle shows you that change is possible. Or perhaps the entire problem simply disappears.

If the resurrection is very real for you today, I ask you to join me in really sinking into the feeling of this - this confidence in God’s plan for our salvation, God’s Love, God’s Joy. Let us hold that place for those for whom it doesn't seem very real right now.

Some of you reading this may be going through your own crucifixion. I know that on “special” days it can feel harder.

I ask you to know that I am holding that knowledge of the resurrection right now. So are others who are reading this. We are not separate. We are joined in Christ. The faith I have right now I share with you, just as on days where your faith is strong you may reach out and share it with me.

We stand together as One. And we choose to believe that when it comes to suffering, this is not the ultimate reality and “This too will pass”.

The resurrection is true. Nothing is impossible to God.

We choose innocence. We choose the peace of God.

I thank Jesus for seeing the innocence in all, so that he might rise again. I choose, through his guidance in every moment, to follow his example.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33, NIV)

Thank you Jesus.

Happy Easter. Happy Resurrection Sunday,

God Blesses you,


Katherine T Owen, Spiritual Author

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