Communicating with God

by Norma
(Whitley Bay)

Prayer for me is simply talking to God where ever I am, and listening.

An example of that would be in a situation where an unpleasant development has occurred, my human reaction would be to retaliate, resulting in an argument. God knows this about me and has taught me over the years that by asking him for guidance at those times his wisdom is always forthcoming, negating any possibility of arguments which would worsen the situation.
This is only one example

I think that my meaning behind this is that I take God's constant presence as a natural part of my being, he is my best friend, my father, my comforter and the first place I turn to for advice, guidance, and provision. God's constant presence is with us all, we only have to start the conversation.
Of course at times, when a more serious problem is occurring around me, relating to other people, I do pray more formally, in a quiet place. Even then it's more like a conversation, explaining more fully the problem and asking for help on their behalf, in fact by surrendering the person to the loving care of the only one who can help them.
I believe that what ever form of prayer works for the individual is the right way to pray for them. As a parent and grandparent I know that none of the children speak to me in the same way, it would be boring if they did. I revel in the fact that each child is so uniquely individual, and I'm heartened by the way they all come to me with their problems, always trusting that I'll listen even if I don't always give them the answer they want to hear.

Surely as the Ultimate parent God must feel the same way when, however eloquently, or clumsily we turn to him, trusting that he's the one who'll always listen to us.
We humans have become so busy, we've forgotten how to be a human-being (myself included) human doings is more interesting for us.

'God teach me how to be'

Beautiful, Norma.
Thank you.
And Amen.

I particular love that you include God in the moments of wanting to retaliate and receive peace. That is a wonderful achievement and … I would say… I profound contribution to world peace.

Just think if we could all do the same.

Love, Katherine

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Comments for Communicating with God

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Aug 23, 2015
The sacred feminine
by: Katherine T

The sacred feminine
Ah, Norma your prayers mean a great deal to me. Thank you.
Health challenges continue though less than they were for a long time so that is a great joy. Many joys of late, in fact, and always, the constant joy of God.

Yes, I think our current culture values ‘toughness’ highly. Those on a spiritual path receive conflicting messages. In spirituality the capacity for surrender, meekness and obedience are all valued attributes whereas they are looked down on by the world.

I read a book once called "Be Full of Yourself" by Patricia Lynn Reilly which asked me to reflect on the female influences in my formative years. I realised they included Margaret Thatcher – Primeminister in my teenage years, and Mary, Mother of God. What a mixture of views on what it is to be a successful woman!

Having grown up in an era where women have been claiming their power within the world, I do feel blessed that ??
Mary, Our Lady, has also been held up as someone who got it right simply by saying Yes to God. Her adoration by the church holds within it the affirmation that our only value does not lie with what we DO in the world but also in our capacity to fulfil our part in God’s plan whether or not that is visible to another person. In fact our moment of success in saying YES! may be viewed as failure by another because it leads our life to look anything but successful.

We can feel we are muddling through, hoping that we are listening to God and following His/Her guidance, but unsure. How easy it is to judge ourselves when our circumstances or the views of other people suggest that we are getting it wrong.

But then isn't that the best we can do? – To listen to the still small voice as best we know how and try to train our minds to let go of the junk that would lead us to be guided by the voices of popular society.

After all it’s pretty apparent that popular society doesn't have the answers! And ultimately other people’s opinions should not of course be our guiding force.

I am just back from church (Catholic) where the bulletin gave the story of Catherine of Siena. For much of her life she lived in solitude and devotion to God. At other times, in service to the sick and dying. But her advice became sought by many in her lifetime and continues to be sought since her death. She is named as a Doctor of the Church.

Thank you for popping up regularly Norma, and nurturing people with your comments,
My love to you and all here,

tags: sacred feminine, spirituality and the feminine

Aug 23, 2015
sensitive and passive
by: Norma

Thank you Katherine, your reply is so encouraging.
We're told 'to encourage one another' but so often I've found the opposite in my life. To survive here it seems that being tough is the only way, I'm not tough, all I've ever heard is 'you're too sensitive' or 'you're too passive'. For some reason I was born 'not tough' I've figured 'God had his reason for making some of us sensitive'.

At times when I've recognized this as a perceived weakness in me, I remind myself that 'in my weakness, he is strong'. Also that God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise'.
Humility can't be averted when you know these things about yourself.
On a human level I wish that I was tough, God knows that's true. On a spiritual level I trust God's purpose for me and for all the other sensitives. Your words 'that we could be helping towards world peace', had a profound effect, I know that God's wisdom and that alone has given me the strength to not retaliate.
I love beauty, I love it when the children are laughing, when old friends come together in a strength of unity and fond reminiscence, when I see and truly see the amazing wonders of creation, oh wow, how did God make everything so beautiful?
So being tough isn't everything, being blessed by 'seeing with his eyes' and 'hearing with his ears' it's what I would wish for every living soul here.
One day soon I believe it will happen.
I do think about you often Katherine and pray that you're well.
love Norma

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