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Traditionally, faith and reason, religion and science, are viewed as separate and even contradictory approaches.

But some people come to spirituality through an understanding of quantum physics.

Quantum physics leads many people to question the scientific assumption that the world we see is the fundamental reality.

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart works on the link between science and spirituality. I mention her on this page on religion vs science where I list a number of people working in the area of science mysticism spirituality.

Lynne's book (2011), The Bond, is said to reveal, via scientific evidence, the validity of many of the truths long held by mystics and spiritual pioneers. Here are some of these truths.

  • We are all connected
  • Collaboration trumps competition
  • Empathy is essential.

Lynne has a reputation for global experiments to test out the theory that our minds can influence matter from a distance.

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What Is Reality?

The holographic principle puts forward the idea that each part of our universe contains the whole.

This idea is observed in action in the double split experiment (the link goes through to youtube). The video also talks about how observation collapses the wave function.

You may also be interested in this blog on Are We Living in a Holographic Universe? It includes mention of the ideas of the quantum physicist David Bohm.

Poems on Science Mysticism Spirituality

The two short poems in the image below talk about the idea in quantum physics that the observer - for example yourself - is an active participant, necessary for an object to exist within the world.

quantum poems

Delightful quantum poems!

Do we really exist?

If you are interested in another area of agreement between science and spirituality, I recommend a 9 minute video asking Do we really exist?.

The video explores the possibility that this is not the real world.

I don't agree with their rationale, but it is always interesting to me when science comes up with theories that overlap with the spiritual. In this case the shared idea is that the world is an illusion. In spirituality this can be referred to as non duality.

You can read my article on non duality here.

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