Self help fiction book on healing a broken heart

by Elisa Balabram
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Mending a Broken Heart: Lili's Magic Journey

This self help fiction ebook takes the reader on a self love and spiritual journey, as the heroine Lili goes through her own healing journey.

After having her heart broken by Prince Charming, Lili goes on a journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. She reaches out for help from friends and connects with her Higher Self and her guides.

Lili's magic journey takes her on new adventures and, more importantly, takes her deeper within to realize who she truly is, and to learn to fully embody her power.

Lili also teaches Love Classes and as you read them, you can follow the exercises to experience more self love in your life and to heal your own heart.

If you’ve ever experienced heart break, let Lili’s journey inspire you to create your own self love and healing adventure.

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Spiritual mystery novel

by Cynthia Rosi
(Columbus, Ohio)

The Light Catcher is a mystery novel with spiritual themes.

Chantal, the strong female protagonist, grapples with the increased sensitivity that comes with psychic and spiritual awakening as she tries to figure out what’s gone wrong with the strange twins next door.

You’ll love The Light Catcher if you’re intrigued by paranormal experiences and you like a good mystery novel set in England's sacred sites.

This review of the book is by the author, Cynthia Rosi.

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Review of Adam Bede by George Elliot - A Key to unlock Hearts

by Shaun
(Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, )

The beautiful George Elliot story "Adam Bede" contains some tender sentiments:

"Isn't the suffering less hard when you have somebody with you, that feels for you - that you can speak to and say what's in your heart?"

"If you could believe he loved you and would help you, as you believe I love you and will help you, it wouldn't be so hard to die, would it?"

The lead character in the story is a methodist lay preaching woman. Pretty, devoted to God, whose attachment to a practical, homely man grows from respect and admiration to a closeness which she es reluctant to admit into her heart. But our feelings will express the Art of God in manifesting His Passion for our happiness and peace of mind.

So in the end Adam gets his Eve back through the inevitability of their closeness and tender feelings of friendship and companionability.

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St Francis of Assisi Book

by Ayen
(London, Great Britain)

Book Review – Spiritual Fiction

Book Title: God’s pauper St Francis of Assisi

God’s pauper St Francis of Assisi is a work of spiritual fiction - a novel telling the story of a monk that once walked this earth written by Nikos Kazantzakis .

This book is the epitome of someone connected to nature, God and people.
It showed me how to be of service and still find joy in the most remote and mundane aspects of life.

For me it’s a story of recovery, gratitude and faith.

On page 89 St Francis says:
“The only joy in this world is to do God’s Will. Do you know why? Because what God wants, that, and only that is also what we want - But we don’t know it”…

This passage makes me think of the amount of times I have wanted something and missed Divine opportunities because my eyes were fixated somewhere else. It was a huge relief to know many divine opportunities were being born at every moment of the day and the road to recovery was mine to reclaim.

In this beautiful account of St Francis life my heart blossomed, although at times I was torn between pages at the savagery and cowardice that the human mind projects, it also enforced my belief in forgiveness.

Many lines made me come down to my knees and plead for sane moment of peace and quietness.

At times I would be absorbed into wonder as to what I can do to help alleviate their pain, and then I would close my eyes and remember the sweetness of quietness. I would read on in perfect knowing that there was no need for me to do anything and in trust that the pages would reveal to me the secrets of fear, poverty and sickness.

Each day I would read something that would gloat over me and without any thinking or action on my part I would be flooded with outbursts of joy and cry.

Finally I heard it too: I was safe, in search of peace and quietness. This is an awesome lesson of faith, gentleness and patience with oneself.

Infinite love and gratitude,

Note from

Dear Ayen,
What a beautiful book review. I will read this book.
Your account of reading the book is in itself the account of a spiritual journey.

Dear God, I ask you to inspire Pope Francis with the strengths and surrender of his chosen namesake.

Thank you so much. You have blessed my day with your account of surrender and willingness.

Move to see my favourite spiritual fiction.

Spiritual Fiction Katherine’s favorite spiritual fiction from USA Katherine’s favourite spiritual fiction from UK

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Nov 08, 2014
Blessing of Divine Moments
by: Anonymous

And what a blessing Robert, that you are awake enough to recognize these divine moments, moments only spirit can see. A similar divine moment for me is England in February, I shiver and whither with the dark, cold days then behold little white heads (snowdrops) pop out from the hard ground looking so fresh and alive. They always make me smile and get a grip on myself. 'If something as delicate as snowdrops can brave the winter' I tell myself, 'I guess I can also'

Mar 27, 2013
St Francis, Divine Moments
by: Robert Gresak

This reminds me of a time sitting in my office in the city center on a really rainy and dismal day
when suddenly a pidgeon alighted on the window sill, shook its feathers and preened looking directly at me and begun cooing mightily as if to cheer me up. What a lovely divine moment in time that was.

Also I remember another time while walking along a narrow street in the city overhung
with massive buildings and wishing I could get away from this concrete jungle into the countryside when I came upon a beautiful yellow flower sprouting from a crack in a wall near the pavement and stood amazed and entranced and subsequently uplifted by this further divine moment in time.

And what a lesson, the lesson of
perseverance, that little flower revealed to me.

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Hinds' Feet on High Places

by Hannah Hurnard. Book review by Shaun
(Wiltshire, UK)

This allegorical spiritual story in the style of bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" has been a source of strength and comfort to me recently.

Feeling strapped financially, mentally suffocated and wracked emotionally and physically nervous and frightened, my spiritual SELF has been supported and encouraged by the transformation that Trust and a Surrender to Love THROUGH adversity will lead to.

There is, if we can calm our chattering minds an unbroken Union with the Host who will never leave us...we simply need to believe in Goodness and God will protect that knowledge of blissful CO-Operation.

Letting go of our wilful nature is the hardest part ~
but can lead to glory, if we but visualise it.

In the Spirit of that Love, available to All who seek it.

Tags: christian spirituality, allegorical novel, spiritual fiction, comfort, wisdom

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May 23, 2012
Hind's Feet? agility and kick up your heels?
by: Penny Gordon

Hi, Shaun...yes, I certainly recall the depth of strength I received in reading Hind's Feet in High Places...

It reminded me of all the year's in the Canadian Rockies & my favourite animal; the Mountain Goat with the long shaggy snow white hair, and the tiny jet-black horns...

My, what magnificent animals...They are incredibly agile, in that they seem to manage even the most incredibly steep terrain...They almost skip along the narrowest of paths...Then, when faced with an impassable spot, they click up their heels and do a cartwheel turn so that they can safely reverse their direction...

These amazing animals are truly a sure footed, there is rarely an accident...

Also, the Mountain Sheep which has the large curled horns & shorter tan coloured hair are really something too...They are not so nearly spectacular as the goats, but they do bravely too, in their Alpine environment.

Thanks for sharing on this great classic Christian book, that continues to bless and heal...

May 05, 2012
Hinds' Feet in High Places Review
by: Katherine T Owen

Dear Shaun,
I love that book.
It helped me too to have faith in difficult times.
I must re read it.
I remember the recurring theme of facing an impossible situation, choosing to have faith, build an altar and hand the situation over to God.
Then receiving new insight - a door opening in what previously seemed a brick wall. Seeing a path where none had been visible. My goodness that was relevant to my life for a long time.
It is good to remember it now.

Shaun, I know you draw on a strength beyond your own. You will find gifts in the darkness.
God blesses you and thanks you for your faith,

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Forgiveness Novel

by Dan Erickson
(Yakima, Washiington)

"A Train Called Forgiveness" is a novel based on reality.

The book follows the life of 20-something Andy Burden as he travels both physically and psychologically.

Andy was the child victim of a religious cult.
Throughout the story, Andy Burden learns to forgive the heinous cult leader of his youth.

Andy meets an array of interesting characters as he travels by train across the country. These characters all play a role in shaping Andy's understanding of forgiveness.

This book would be an excellent gift for anyone who has some history of abuse. Readers have said that the book is an emotionally powerful read that keeps them captivated.

You can learn more about the book and author at

Move to How To Forgive

Tags: cults, coming of age, forgiveness, forgiving our enemies, abuse, novel, book

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Spirituality Found In Hard Times

by Mike Scanlon (spiritual author)

Book Title: "The Path of Peter Smethurst: a 21st Century Pilgrim's Progress".

In this work of spiritual fiction Peter has difficulties growing up and he becomes self enclosed, thereby cutting himself off from the possibility of knowing himself and others.

The novel tells of his journey and how in the end he meets a happy ending for his troubles and becomes far greater than the suffering he had to endure.

People who feel they have a pronounced spiritual disposition might be interested in Peter's path to see what can happen, both bad and good.

The novel is intended for anyone on the spiritual journey.
It will however be of particular interest to some readers to know that the British character - like his author - ends up finding a guiding force for his spirituality in modern day Islam.

Katherine T Owen,
Spiritual Author

Click on the icons above to see Michael’s book or move to see the books that changed my life in my Amazon USA store or my Amazon UK store .

tags: modern, islam, spirituality, fiction, britain

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Katherine's small beautiful collection of poems take the reader with her as she journeys to know both self love and
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