Easter Jesus,
Easter Story in the Bible
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This Easter Jesus page shares the Easter story in the Bible.

After having marked Jesus' crucifixion in the preceding Holy Week, Easter is the day on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar.

This page shares an extract from a poem submitted to this spirituality website which outlines the whole of St Matthew's Gospel in the Bible in poetic form. Its simplicity makes it suitable as a children's Easter poem.

The story of the poem is loyal to the Bible account. It picks up just after the previous poem about Jesus crucifixion on the cross, and tells of how the woman and the disciples learned of the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter Jesus
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Easter Jesus


The video above is an audio of the Easter Jesus poem on this page. 

Joseph of Arimathea places Jesus in a tomb

There was Mary Magdalene, and Mary– James’ and Joseph’s mother,

And the mother of Zebedee’s sons was among the others.

Evening approached, and then a rich man came–

A disciple from Arimathea, Joseph by name.


He asked Pilate if to him Jesus’ body might be given,

And when Pilate so ordered, he wrapped it in clean linen.

He placed it in his own new tomb, hewn from the very rock,

And had a big stone rolled in front, so the entrance would be blocked.

Across from the tomb, sitting there, were to be seen

The afore-mentioned Mary and Mary Magdalene.

It was on preparation day that Jesus was deceased

And the next day to Pilate, went the Pharisees and chief priests.


‘When that imposter was alive sir, he said to many men

That after just three days, he would rise again.

So order that the tomb be sealed, until the third day,

Or his disciples may well come, and steal the body away.


‘Then they’ll tell the people that there’s been a Resurrection,

And much worse than the first will be this last deception.’

‘Take guards,’ said Pilate, ‘And make the tomb secure.’

And so they sealed the stone, and left a guard just to be sure.

happy easter

Easter Jesus



An angel at Jesus' tomb

The day after the Sabbath in the early morning gloom

The two Marys went together to look at Jesus’ tomb.

There was a violent earthquake and the stone rolled back.

An angel of the Lord came down, and on the stone he sat.

His appearance was like lightning. His clothes were white as snow.

The guards all shook with terror and they went as dead men go.

Then the angel told the women that they were not to fear.

‘I know who you are looking for, but Jesus is not here.

‘He has risen, as he said. Come see where he lay.

Then go tell his disciples, and this is what to say:

‘He has risen from the dead, and gone ahead to Galilee.

There you will see him, now you’ve been told by me.'

Easter Jesus poem

The risen Jesus appears to the women

The women rushed away, in joy but yet in fear,

To tell his disciples, when suddenly Jesus appeared.

‘Greetings!’ he said, and they came and clasped his feet.

‘Fear not, go tell my brothers that in Galilee we’ll meet.’


As the women went away, so the guards also moved on

To the city to report on their debacle at dawn.

The chief priests and the elders came to a quick decision–

The truth must not be told, they must fabricate a fiction.


They gave the soldiers money and then told them what to say:

‘While we slept his disciples came and stole the body away.’

The soldiers were then promised they would not be berated.

So to this day, among all doubters, their story’s circulated.

Easter Jesus

The risen Jesus appears to the disciples

The eleven went to Galilee, to the appointed place.

And on that mountain, as was promised, they met Jesus face to face.

Straightaway they worshipped him, but still some doubt remained.

These doubts were set aside when Jesus said to them:


‘All authority in Heaven and on Earth is given to me,

So go now to all nations, and make them disciples be.

Baptise them by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit too,

And I’ll be with you always, as you teach what I taught you.’


                                                The beginning………………………………

(c) Eddie Andersen. Please respect the copyright. Not for distribution.


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Author of Be Loved, Beloved (Kindle)

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