The Lightning Process –
Good Success Rate in Helping CFS /ME

Tthe Lightning Process was the trigger for my recovery from 14 years bedbound with CFS / ME. (LP is sometimes used as an abbreviation on this page).

Please note, I am not a practitioner of LP but I am an NLP practitioner.
Here, I answer a visitor's question about my experience.

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Question From A Visitor To

I've heard that the Lightening Process works for between 1/3 and 2/3's of the people who do it.

I know a woman who is bed-bound with CFS/ME and she and I have compared our histories prior to getting cfs.

I've learned that a lot of people who develop CFS/ME have had a history of antibiotic (ab)use, vaccine overload, eczema (allergies) as children etc (my scenario).

When I got sick I had quit my very stressful job to travel in SE Asia, and I got incredibly sick with parasites, dysentery etc while away. My entire system was wrecked from the pharmaceutical drugs, including the anti-parasitic drugs that I took after I got home, which caused further symptoms such as numbness and weakness in my limbs.

In contrast, my friend who is bed-bound with CFS/ME has no history of antibiotics, eczema and had worked at a health food store prior to getting ill. Her CFS/ME seems to have started more from emotional trauma.

Are NLP and the LP effective for CFS/ME following emotional trauma rather than physical trauma - which is my situation?
(though I know that stress and adrenal burn-out played a huge role in my situation).


Dear Jennifer,
Below are my thoughts on the LP.

CFS Triggered By Physical Trauma - Does The LP Work For This?

I don't know the statistics for recovery from CFS. So please take the following as my opinion.

With regard to the LP and CFS induced by physical trauma or emotional trauma, it claims to work with both.

I personally can't see why the process would work better with emotional trauma.

The Lightning Process helped me regain physical health. In the 3 days training, I did not work on any history of emotional trauma. The LP would not be my process of choice for dealing with emotional trauma. For emotional release work, I would recommend the Journey Process or the EFT technique. Primarily in the LP training we were taught to apply the technique to physical symptoms, though there was a lady there who was working with an emotional issue of grief rather than ME/CFS.

The stated aim of the LP is simple: to help you live the LIFE YOU LOVE.

How Does The Lightning Process Work?

The training teaches you the process so you can apply it. It is very practical. It is not interested in explaining how the training works, so again please take the following comments as my own opinion.

It is good to be clear that the LP is not a therapy, but a training programme.

Why does the LP work? The originator – Phillip Parker – does not in fact claim to know why. He was finding he was having a lower success rate in helping people with ME/CFS than other illnesses – physical or emotional. He started to dread these patients! He worked to develop a system to help them.

Please note, he is claiming that he had a good success rate in helping other patients who were physically ill as well as those dealing with emotional or confidence issues.

To understand my view on how the LP works, it would help to first read my article on psychoneuroimmunology. (Opens a window on a different website.)

This experiment proved a connection between our neurology and our immune system.
The fact that such a connection exists shows that we can influence our immune system through our applied beliefs.

(The LP is not a spiritual process, but, in my view, it is working with a spiritual law – that our beliefs and expectations (our faith) can quite literally impact on our reality.)

For more on How Does The Lightning Process work? go to the section on Which Other Techniques Does The LP Draw Upon?

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