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This is the last page to offer my personal experience and opinion of the LP.

What To Do If You Are Interested?

If you are interested by what I have said so far, then look into the Lightning Process™.
There are many steps you can take before making the final decision.

Steps to take when considering the alternative healing approach of the LP.

  • Get the questionnaire and fill it in. Doing so will clarify your thoughts about mind body medicine. Be honest. There is no point giving the “right” answers. It is better to be told that they don't think you will get much from the process, than to spend your money on something that will not work for you.

  • If you are still interested, consider buying the book An Introduction to the Lightning Process™: The Complete Strategy for Success.
    Book Review: This is quite a slim book, and it will not tell you how to do the Lightning Process™. If you buy it at the cover price, it is quite an expensive book, but it is available on Amazon at a cheaper price.
    I don't know whether it has been revised since 2007, but at the time I read it, it referred to an appendix that did not exist, so I wasn’t very impressed!
Cover for the forgiveness book available as a pdf via this website.

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However, the book will help you understand how the mind can influence the body. If you are thinking of going ahead with the LP, it is a small amount of money compared with the cost of the course.
It is easy to read, which is good for those with CFS/ME who can read very little.
And it has a chapter specifically on those with CFS/ME.

I was aware that my cognitive abilities – my ability to take in information - were impaired by the illness CFS/ME. I wanted to do everything I could do in advance to increase my knowledge of the ways in which the mind can influence the body, and my belief that these healing techniques could work for me. This book on the Lightning Process helped me to do that.

Go here to see this and other books on the mind body connection on Amazon UK.

Go here to see my selection of other books on the mind body connection on Amazon USA.

If you are not going to do the Lightning Process™, or even if you are, for a book on the mind body connection which has more information on the subject and gives the sources of the research quoted, I would recommend David Hamilton’s book: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body.

  • You then have a telephone session with a practitioner looking through your answers, to determine if they think the process will help you. You have a chance to ask questions and see how you feel about the practitioner – do you feel comfortable with them? At this point – unless something has changed – you have paid no money.
  • If you are still interested, sign up.

    What About The Cost?

    The Lightning Process™ is not cheap. The money was very significant for me.
    As it turned out, one week after doing the course, I felt it had been worth the money for the physical movement I had in that week alone.

    For me to take a holiday at the level of disablement I was at, it would have cost more money than that to pay for just the care costs. To be able to move more, to do things for myself, to have the increased sense of freedom and safety that came with that; these things were worth far more than any holiday.

    But of course at the time you sign up you will not be so sure of the benefits you will get.

    If the money is significant to you, check out with the practitioner what is included in the cost:
    There is a CD of the Lightning Process™ available only to those who have learned the process. Is this included?
    There will be I think 2 support calls made by the practitioner to you. Check this out. It meant so much to me to know that my progress would be followed up.

    I wanted to be sure that if I was going to spend this money, I would actually have the discipline to put the training into action. I tested myself in the year before doing the process. I developed my own visualisations and mind-training exercises and did them every day (along with my spiritual practice). I had some pretty impressive results with these alone.

    At the time I did the Lightning Process™ it cost £570. (I read that it has now gone up to £780.)

    Aside from the 2 people who did the process with me, I know 4 other people with CFS /ME who did the LP. They did it at different levels of health and recovered to variable degrees. All of them are glad they did it and do not regret the money, even though it was a lot of money for each of them.
    I do not have any personal experiences of people who regret doing it, but I have read some accounts in CFS /ME literature.
    In my experience, most negative comments on the Lightning Process™ are by people who haven’t done it who are worried that it is just trying to force people to do more than they can do.

    The LP is subtitled the Strategy for Success. It can be applied to many areas of your life, not just to your health.

    How To Choose A Lightning Process™ Practitioner

    Qualities to look for in a Lightning Process™ practitioner. I chose a practitioner who I knew had experience of the seriousness of CFS /ME. I wanted to make sure I didn't get someone who thought it was all in the mind (at least not in a way that is not just as true of any other illness or life situation). There are many practitioners who formerly had CFS /ME, so you can choose one of those to work with.

    As stated, I chose someone who was comfortable with my spiritual beliefs and my Christian beliefs.

    I would be wary of a practitioner who “makes” you feel you bad for not doing the LP. Or anyone who promises that you will get better.

    You may want to ask about their level of experience, what results they have got with others, whether they have experienced illness and healing in their own life.

    Use your judgement. It is your health, your money and your life.

    Thank You. Know Your Strength

    Thank you for reading these pages on the Lightning Process™.

    When you have lived with illness for a long time, it can be hard to imagine feeling well again.
    Whether it is through the Lightning Process™ or rest, or through faith, I wish you a future unlike the past; a healthier future.

    Please know that change in health is possible. Our bodies are amazing machines. More and more, science is starting to investigate and prove the link between the mind and the body and how we can use that for greater health.

    Please also know that change in our level of peace is possible. It is often in the most difficult of times that we discover
    a strength,
    a resilience,
    a source of joy,
    that we never knew before.

    Know your strength. Notice it. Let it grow.

    With the Love we are, Katherine

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