Katherine T Owen In The Media

Learn more about Katherine T Owen from a selection of interviews and presentations of her work over the years.

TV Interview - Strawberry Green (an extract)

Click on the video below to watch an extract from the interview.
2.5 minutes long.
Return here to click this link if you want to read a little about the interview. Or scroll down the page.

Spirit Portal Youtube interview

Click on the video to watch the interview.

It is 1 hour long.  So you may prefer to first click on the link below for a timeline of topics discussed in this interview.
Detail on Youtube Interview with Samaya at Spirit Portal
(You can also simply scroll down to find this information lower down this page.)

Cover for the forgiveness book available as a pdf via this website.

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Audio available of Katherine T Owen's work

Information about other talks, interviews and workshops given by Katherine T Owen

The following are not available to listen to or watch, but give some idea of Katherine T Owen's adventures.

  • In an interview about her book Be Loved, Beloved Katherine talked about how allowing God to love us is the best way to build our own self love and self worth.
    The interviewer was Mal Duane, author of the bestselling book, The Alpha Chick. The interview is no longer available, but click through on the link above for some quotes from the interview, and more about the book.
  • Katherine T Owen was the Spirituality Speaker at the Meeting of Swindon Interfaith Group
    Follow the link to read what people said about the inspirational talk.
  • Katherine ran The Hidden Paths Poetry Workshop in Swindon, Wiltshire, along with poet John Richardson and artist and musician Stevie Gilmore. This workshop and performance can be booked for other UK locations. Please click through and ask for more information if needed.

More about the youtube interviews featured above

Strawberry Green TV Interview

Click above to
It's OK to Believe

The youtube clip featured on the page above, shows an extract from an interview tih Katherine T Owen on Episode 6 of The Brewerton Fringe Show on Strawberry Green TV.

In this 2.5 minute extract she talks about the value of positive self talk in a time of chronic illness.

She speaks about how positive-thinking definitely does not mean always having a smile on one's face.

The interview takes place at the Richard Jeffries museum - a local attraction in Katherine's home town of Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.

The presenter is Andrew Brewerton.

Youtube Interview with Samaya at Spirit Portal

Guide to the interview with Spirit Portal, Samaya:

4.30 The healing journey doesn't always bring physical healing but always brings growth.

5.12 Katherine answers the question: How did you get ill? And talks of 14 years bedbound without the normal distractions of life. “I'm still disappointed at times that I'm not healthier than I am, but I have come a long way.”

9.50 They tell you to rest, but living with severe illness and inadequate support is hard work…. When you feel sick you don't feel restful.

11.15 Having care. The experience of being reliant on caregivers. "I never knew who would walk through the door".

12.30 Samaya: " if I could have one book on a deserted island, it would be this one [Be Loved Beloved]."

12.40 There you are bed-ridden, how did the conversation with God start?

15.15 In 1993, Katherine collapsed on the way to work. Someone dear to her died. Followed by a spiritual turning point in 1993, prompted by a prayer of surrender: Dear God, I don't know how to do this, please help me. Amen

22.00 Samaya talks about how survival in itself can feel like an achievement.

25.30 Katherine and Samaya talk about the pressure we can feel for life to look perfect.

29.10 Katherine talks about how we can find it hard to love ourselves when ill. And how we can practise knowing that our loveability does not depend on what we do. We are love itself because we are part of God.

32. 48. Part two.

33.00 Samaya talks about her experience of receiving healing energy from the book Be Loved Beloved.

36.45 Samaya talks about how she understood Be Loved Beloved to be a conversation taking place with God, inviting us to hand over any current problem and ask God to address the obstacle.

38.41 A life of being ill can feel meaningless. This is one chapter of your life. Perhaps good will come from this. I am blessed and a blessing.

41.00 Samaya: Be Loved Beloved talks about the mystery of life and what it holds. It is a well of wisdom and healing and true grace.

42.45 Katherine T Owen reads the poem, Love Progressing. The poem speaks of the games we play to push love away.

50.30 Katherine talks about ‘simple’ as being a good thing. Samaya laughs at figs.

Katherine talks about how the poems strip away the details of her life and leave something universal. Simplicity and depth combine.

56.00 You can find Katherine T Owen's books on www.lulu.com in paperback (Visit the shop and enter her name and the book title) and on kindle as an ebook.

Click here to view or buy Katherine T Owen's book of spiritual poems: It's OK to Believe.

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Be Loved

15 Spiritual Love Poems
God Love Self Love

(by the author of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com)

For 14 years, Katherine T Owen was severely disabled with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, unable to walk, with little speech, and with inadequate care.

Katherine's small beautiful collection of poems take the reader with her as she journeys to know both self love and
God's love.

Be Loved Beloved. Cover for Kindle book of spiritual love poems.

If you don't have a kindle, you can download FREE software to read the kindle book on your computer.

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Be Loved Beloved

"One thing that struck me was the stripping of ego in the work. Most of us have a comfy ego façade, but weakness and disease tore Katherine’s away. The poems in Be Loved Beloved come from the heart."

Dana Taylor, Author of Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy

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