Short Inspirational Poems
Audio and Discussion By The Author

Short inspirational poems are a trademark of Katherine T Owen's writing, along with spiritual quotes, and the "release" - a practice of acceptance and forgiveness (free forgiveness ebook available).

In the poetry audios below you can hear Katherine T Owen read and discuss some of the short inspirational poems from her book, It's OK to Believe, A Journey with Faith and Reason.

Please note that both performances on this page were broadcast to spiritual audiences. Katherine refers to spiritual concepts that might require more explanation to those to whom they are not familiar.

Katherine T Owen's appearance on The Top Spiritual Author Book Slam on 22 June 2010

This is an excellent opportunity to hear Katherine T Owen give a book reading, and to allow the words of the book to speak for themselves.

After talking a little about how she came to write the book, Katherine reads and discusses the following short inspirational poems from her book It's OK to Believe:

·  It Takes A Receiver

·  God Is In The Closet

·  Magic Cake

·  Sense

Renee Baribeau - the host and author of The Shaman Chef, My Life And Other Recipes responds, saying:

“So, Katherine...I would never have thought that way about eating a piece of cake...
Your way of looking is absolutely with different eyes."

"They all are gems that I need to go back and study.
They are really amazing. I thank you for sharing them, and I will definitely be checking out your book because  it looks like something you should have on the bookshelf to take down when something is going on.”

Short inspirational poems introduced and read by Katherine T Owen:

God Is In The Closet (2 minutes) - MP3 file

Magic Cake (3 minutes)

Sense (1 minute) 

Click below for the entire reading by Katherine T Owen on the Spiritual Author Book Slam. This includes the poems above, as well as the poem It Takes A Receiver and the comments of the presenter. (14 minutes)

Interviewed on Believe In The Moment on 18 June 2010

The interviewer is Laura-Jeanne Lehr, writer, relationship/life coach and mediator. This is a very joyous, spirit-filled intervew.
Laura-Jeanne says of Katherine T Owen's work:

“I love books like yours, because when something is going on, I can pick it up and open it anywhere, and I know I have been guided to the right page.”

“It sounds like something that would be wonderful for me to use with my children and use it as a daily lesson or reminder for us.”

“I love how you bring those questions that people have and get people questioning what they are believing, but it is such a gentle and loving way. And then showing through other quotes from the Bible and the Course In Miracles an example of it. It is really beautiful.”

In the interview Katherine talks about how the book, It's OK to Believe, A Journey With Faith and Reason had a profound healing effect on one reader.

Later on, she reads the following inspirations:

·  Experience is Fallible

·  The Great And The Good


Click here for the Believe In The Moment interview with Katherine T Owen

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Click through to read extracts from Its' OK to Believe on the publisher's site.

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    It's OK to Believe  
A Journey with
Faith and Reason

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