Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pictures

Photos Of My Room

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The severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pictures below show how my room was arranged to maximise my independence and chances of survival.

Over fourteen years I had three different rooms as I moved house twice whilst severely disabled.
Once I was evicted. I couldn't physically move out when asked to do so, so the landlord started proceedings. Luckily that galvanised friends and family to find me somewhere!

Next to my bed you can see a tank of water to wash my hands.

There are also flasks of hot water and snacks.

Washing my hands and feeding myself were activities that needed to be paced out.

I needed everything to be within reach for the times when a carer was late, didn't show up, or didn't have time to pass me something.

When a carer didn't turn up, I had to try to contact the care agency office or a neighbour for help. I could not speak on the phone or get in the wheelchair without the symptoms worsening, so it had a serious effect on my health when a carer was late. They were often late.

I had reactive hypoglycemia so the symptoms got worse if I did not eat something every 2 or 3 hours.

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I had a commode by my bed.

I was restricted in how much I could drink, as it was a very significant movement for me to reach the commode.

Unfortunately, in the room show in the pictures, the wheelchair could not be placed nearer the bed. This meant I could transfer into the wheelchair even less easily and often than otherwise.

The Multiple Chemical Sensitivities were such that I had two chemical filters on permanently.

You can see one here on the wall.

I reacted to the everyday perfumed products that the carers used, such as shampoo and deoderant. It would cause my muscles to go into a kind of paralysis. My brain had difficulty in sending messages to instruct my body to move.

If the chemicals in the products were strong for me, it was hard for me to open and close my mouth to be fed. It was a constant battle to get and keep carers who wore products that allowed me to be able to eat.

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