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Below are two out of many spiritual forgiveness poems I have written.

These two poems are about self forgiveness. The page also links through to a poem about forgiveness of a person in a position of authority or leadership in your life.

God leaves the door open


If you persist in feeling guilty
let God take the stand.

He’ll have you eating out of His hand.

Before you know it
you cry out:



It’s OK to believe God when He says you are innocent.

“You need not fear the Higher Court will condemn you. It will merely dismiss the case against you. There can be no case against a child of God, and every witness to guilt in God's creations is bearing false witness to God Himself.”
(T-5.VI.10, A Course In Miracles)

© Katherine T Owen

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I am currently working on a book on how to forgive, to include many poems about forgiveness, along with instructions on how to apply forgiveness exercises to your life.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about developing the habit of forgiveness in your life, I have a FREE forgiveness ebook available to visitors of this website:

I was bedbound for many years with severe ME/CFS. I was reliant on carers from the council and it was never certain that they would turn up.

Frequently I became more ill through not eating on time, or being treated in a way that pushed me past my physical (and mental) limits.

I developed the practice of 'the release' to allow me to keep my heart open during these difficult years. Now it is my way of life.

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Will You Give Me a Chance?


I say to God:
‘It’s all your fault–
You set it up in a way
such that I could make mistakes.

He says:
‘It's true.
Will you give me a chance
to talk and be with you
so I can guide you home again?’

I say:
‘Okay then.’

It's OK to punish someone for hurting you by not giving him an opportunity to make amends.

“But you will not forgive the world until you have forgiven Him Who gave your will to you. For it is by your will the world is given freedom. Nor can you be free apart from Him Whose holy Will you share.” (T-30.II.4)

(c) Katherine T Owen

For a poem about forgiveness of someone in authority follow the link to: A Spiritual Prayer For Leaders.

You might also enjoy this prose poem which speaks powerfully to let me know that God sees my beauty.
To know your beauty in God's eyes is to know you are forgiven.

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Be Loved

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For 14 years, Katherine T Owen was severely disabled with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, unable to walk, with little speech, and with inadequate care.

Katherine's small beautiful collection of poems take the reader with her as she journeys to know both self love and
God's love.

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Dana Taylor, Author of Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy

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