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Read or submit Christian Poetry
Many poems in this page of spiritual poetry are written by Christians. You can also click through for a page of poems which specifically use Christian metaphor or Bible references.

The guidelines are the same so if you hope to have a Christian poem published, please also read the guidelines below.

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The guidelines are the same so if you hope to have a motivational poem published, please also read the guidelines below.

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How To Submit Spiritual Poems For

Spiritual Poetry Submissions- Guidelines

1. Spiritual poetry about faith from many perspectives is considered. The poetry needs to represent a God of love or themes of Oneness or unity.
This site is interfaith but is run by a spiritual poet inspired direct from Source but also by A Course In Miracles. I am a non-duality Christian.

2. Your own spiritual poems are preferred. If you wish to submit a favourite poem by another, please check that the copyright has expired. The author must have died more than 75 years ago. Alternatively, you can submit a poem by a living poet with the poet's permission....

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3. Your poems must not appear elsewhere online. If I find out that they do, I will remove the poems. Search engines penalize those websites that duplicate content. It it therefore not in the interests of www.a-spiritual-journey-of-healing to publish spirituality poems already published. It is not in your own interests either, as your poems are less likely to be found.

4. Your website address can be included, but it will not be put as a link. Please include your full name so people can search for you if they like your work. Feel free to include a one or two sentence bio.

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6. My decision about which work to include is final. Please do not take it as a critique of your spiritual poetry if it is not accepted. I may have to decide quickly. I simply make my own choice. Someone else would choose differently. Please also do not take the inclusion of a poem to mean that it is in line with my own beliefs.

7. Be sure to complete the box to say where you are from.

8. The option is given to include your email address. This allows you to be notified if/when your poem is published online.
This also allows you to be notified if someone later comments on your submitted spiritual poem.
On occasion there have been requests to contact the poet. Without an email address, this hasn't been possible.

The option to leave your email address is easy to miss. It appears AFTER you have clicked to submit the spiritual poem. So look out for it.

Leaving your email address there does not sign you up to this spiritual website. If you want to stay in touch - and I would like that very much - please sign up here and you will also receive my free forgiveness ebook.

8. Remember to use the copyright symbol if you want to.

9. To submit spiritual poems for this site, please use the submissions box below. Or submit Christian poems here.

10. How do I find out if my spiritual poem has been published.

If you submit your spiritual poem and it is accepted, the poem title and the first lines will be listed in the box at the bottom of this page. I often add an additional title.
Alternatively, I often add a new poem to a pre-existing page on the same topic. (This makes it more likely that your spiritual poem will be found and read.) In this case, the title of the page will be listed.
If you have included your email address, you will be sent a link to your poem. This is the best way to make sure you can find it!
Or you find out if your submitted spiritual poem has been published by searching for it in the google box at the top of each article on this spiritual website.

Thank You

Thank you for reading the poetry of others and thank you for submitting spiritual poems of your own.

Our poetry speaks of the importance of God, the Divine, Spirit in our lives and in the world.
We are blessed to know a little of God’s Love for us,
We are blessed to feel God flowing through us,

I hold a place for the divine creativity of all who come to this page.

Thank you for reading this article.
And thank you for being here.

With the Love we are


Katherine T Owen, webmaster at
Author of Be Loved, Beloved (Kindle)
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Please submit spiritual poems here. See the submission guidelines at the top of the page.

What other spiritual poetry lovers have said

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Spiritual Poems published 
DIVINE DELIGHTS A shining light A pinch of trust A spoonful of good cheer A quarter pound that’s all divine A sprinkle of sincere A jar of …

Poems about Angels Spirituality  
I AM THE WAY I thought I heard an Angel Knocking at my door I must have been just dreaming The knocking was no more I thought I heard a whisper …

Poems about Gods love  
LOST When all the world has lost its way Caught up in grief and fear Stop and take a moment Just know that I am …

ACIM poems A Course In Miracles 
Vision The darkness of the past no longer blinds. The light has come, and lo', now I can see. In brilliant clarity, Creation shines. The light has …

Spiritual companionship, the power of Oneness, poem 
A DOSE OF HEALING Can you come sit on the floor with me Leave our podiums of judgment and chairs of criticism behind Do not be …

World is illusion Poems 
You have my permission to publish my poem about spirituality and imagination on your fine website if you like. Sincerely Joe DiMino (Metaphysical poet) …

Non Duality poems 
Katherine Owen: I am intrigued by the title of this poem ‘Sacred Feminine’. I guess that the use of the word ‘bosom’, indicates that the poet experiences …

poems about the seasons spiritual 
October Lullaby Soft rain falling drops and drops and drops soft leaves falling one and then another and then a handful and then a burdened branch …

death poem wife 
THE PRAYER BALLOON I miss the days we were together, the joy and laughter of that time. Now the seasons move a little slower, yet still the memories …

United In Love With each beat of my heart and each breath that I take, on each step of my way, with each mistake that I make, I shall not fall down, …

Positive spiritual for busy mind 
Take A Walk In My Shoes Where shall I roam, if not anywhere but my home. How will the light enter if we stay covered by this dome. Down the path there …

Spiritual Poems about Silence 
Sunday Sangha Sitting No Longer Quarter lotus Floor material I Sit, King In castle Chair, Feet on Ground, Eyes closed. Gazing …

Birth of girl poem 
IT’S A GIRL© Glenn Johnson (i) Mother’s birth canal guided out poked your head hesitated pros and cons weighed decided this world to explore Announced …

Christian Hip Hop Poetry 
Little Verse, Big Message GOD has never stopped loving us - not even for a second And nothing has ever topped his divine message And I would be lying …

Nature Poems Spiritual 
God's World It is raining again. Summer will be over before it gets here Thunder rolls far away, drops hit the windshield, the sky turns gray …

God in Everyone Everything Poems 
Details of Our Lives “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Not a single, small thing misses His ever-searching …

Jesus spirituality not religion poem 
Two thousand years off the world stage Jesus launches his Reckoning of the Rock of Peter tour His first tour his humble gift to the world through …

Surrender to God Spiritual Poetry 
Take My Hand Dear Child Rest in Me I don't understand Lord why must it be? I don't understand Lord why can't I see? The sea roars in anger, winds …

Faith in God Inspirational Poems 
THE GOD THAT ISN’T The God that isn't is in the hospital following the gurney that's headed for the operating room. The God that isn't is under …

Comfort Poems Death 
Your first step into eternity The days since your passing are not the same. To see you again tomorrow has vanished from our eyes. What you left …

Spirituality in Science Poems 
don’t understand me no numeral of quantity preacher lady looking at accusations in a book saying infinity is proof of a mathematical sacrifice that …

Non duality Poetry 
Once, Just Once Once, just once I stilled the torrents in my mind, the self-centered wishes and the endless fears. And once, just once the hawk showed …

Poems about Finding Inner Peace 
Hide and- Seek In the time of very small numbers, the sun half a world away,I find I can no longer hide from You. Surrendering, I am awash in an …

Spiritual healing poems 
PAIN Pain, cruel burden of humanity? Creator's punishment for sins? Divinely paradoxical Pain Creator’s gift Vessel of salvation Peculiar belief? …

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Encouragement poems spiritual 
ALL THINGS NEW!!!!! (derived from Bible quote Isaiah 43 v. 18 & 19) Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. …

God's Guidance Poems 
This spiritual poem is inspired by the bible quote from Isaiah 50:4 "The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue to know the words that sustained …

Grateful to God Poems 
He always hears my needs I want my life to be worth living I know God will let my dreams come true May I always be kind and giving As He lets my …

Interfaith Poems Published 
Poem set to music. You are a poem set to music. You pour from somewhere unknown, Your Melody sweet and true and given to all. I but need to forget …

Self Belief Poems Spiritual 
Believe in Yourself Don't ever run from the truth Because you can't get away Just face it with courage And you'll be ok It's not who you knew And …

Awaken Poetry 
Cosmic Chuckles The transforming wave Ripples across the face of creation Nudging hearts To expand into The awaiting lands Full to breaking …

Poem for Christmas 
Merry Christmas Our dreams blow about on a wandering wind With a child's unsullied innocence their journey begins. They rise over the cities, …

Poems about getting old spiritual 
Life is Eternity I know I’m growing older, I know I’m not as strong, But through the years that I have aged, I have learned what is right and wrong. …

Children’s poem about prayer and noah 
Noah Helped the Animals Noah peeked through algae port holes a pigeon was upset coffee was low on the boat nowhere else to go the ducks and …

A Course In Miracles poems 
You are Heaven. You alone are Life. Apart from You, nothing lives. For what can be apart from Life and live? And what can be apart from Heaven …

Spiritual Poems Baby 
Hi Katherine, I was sorting through some of my old writings and found this one. Not exactly a poem, but I'd forgotten it and it made me smile. Thought …

Psychology Poems 
Poems to make you laugh and think Meeting My Inners by Graham Mummery On the beach, I laughed, clapped my hands at the in-coming tide. …

Poems for the death of a friend 
I wrote this poem for a friend today This is not goodbye For Kathryn Your long fight is over Your pain is at an end For peace, it has come …

God the creator poems 
THE ONE SUPERNAL LIFE God is not a mind but the cause that the mind is, not a spirit but the cause that the spirit is, not light but the cause that …

God Light Spirituality Poetry 
You are the expression of God's radiant light. Release your Spirit on its long and glorious flight. Free your mind, look into your heart. Turn on …

Spiritual Mother Poems 
My Mother's Last Words GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS YOU Thinking back to the first years of my life, I recall a face that cannot be replaced With eyes …

Poems about prayer 
A Prayer to Watch Over you As I lay down to sleep this night I ask your protection for those I love till daylight. Bless them lord with your grace …

Poem for a mothers funeral 
THE POWER TO BELIEVE I listen to my heartbeat and I'm thankful as can be for God gave me the power the power to believe. Your heart will mend, your …

Mystical Poems 
How long will this unconsciousness go on? Yesterday at dawn passing by the Beloved said to me "You are distraught and unaware. How …

God Poems 
Hail Now You Trembling Kings and Queens Hail now you trembling kings and queens self-crowned with plastic scepters waving. Dare you recount your treasures …

Trust God in Difficult Times 
Once In A While Once in awhile, I feel so blue, I worry and wonder - is my life through? No use in fighting anymore, I sigh No use in trying anymore, …

We Are One Poems 
I Am One day I am became reality. no more illusive shadows slipping in and out of my one act play. each actor on bended knee raised holy hands …

Poems about Spiritual Experience  
WALKING IN BEAUTY Beauty . . . east Beauty . . . north Beauty . . . south . . . Beauty . . . west . . . spiritual world revealing Beauty . . . above …

Peace Around The World Spiritual Poetry 
PLEA - MEN OF ALL FAITH 'Tis said that men in days agone did praise the works of God amid barbaric storm and with humility walked His ways and strove …

poems of doubt poems of faith 
Steady Steady my trembling heart as my ragged faith shudders in the space where questions go to hide One Heart One …

Click here to write your own.

Spiritual Time of Change Poetry 
THE RISING TORCH The banners of the army of light have everywhere been unfurled, the spirit of freedom-justice and goodwill is racing round the world. …

Ecology Poem 
If Only .... If only, we would look within search deep into our heart and soul Send love and light into the cosmos to save our planet and make …

Poems overcome loneliness spiritual 
Three Legs Struggling to stay balanced, I did not know the cause of my pain As I aged it just got harder to stay the same I was missing something …

Poems about the Divine 
Three beautiful spiritual poems about the Divine submitted by poet Natasa Pantovic Nuit After hours and hours of waiting in silence a glimpse, a …

Poetry about Death 
Dying's Not Living What would you say, if starting today, You knew precisely the date That your life would end? Just how would you spend …

Poems about Life Spiritual 
PRECIOUS Madonna, mother, wife . . . Loved, nurtured, precious guest. Ethereal conception and fruition. Humbled, honored presence. …

Love Affair with God Poems 
There is a deep pool of sweetness, In the center of my chest. Listen to this song. The words, like a bird wanting to wet its talons, Gently graze the …

Listening To God Poems  
Shepherd Be the Shepherd of my thoughts. Nor one I hold alone. But catch each one, with Holy Hands, that steals from yonder stones. So fast …

I Feel Alone Spiritual Poem 
ALONE Alone the mystic path he trod, alone he walked the path to God. Bowed low by every storm and trial, advancing mile by agonising mile. Alone, …

Poems about God and nature 
Click here for more poems about God and nature . A CLEAR VIEW The vastness of a clear blue sky our Father decorated …

Poems about immortality and eternity 
To kiss... To kiss the fruit And caress the flower, To taste without tarnishing Humble nature's natural dower, In this sweet pursuit I shall …

Poems on the Law of Attraction and Abundance 

Poems about Spiritual Reality 
THE DANCE OF ETERNITY The planets wheel majestically in their orbits as our Father-Mother sun emits its life-giving energy. The solar winds …

Spiritual Encouragement Poems 
Flourish A baby is born to nourish. A seed is planted to flourish. Encourage me to encourage you to speak your philosophy. My words reach to great …

Epic Poem about the world as illusion 
THE INNER VOICE OF MARK BIRROS With that invisibility of age I can fly my life like a kite! Uninvited and unseen, albescent, grey, you know what …

Let go of the ego poems 
RELEASE Release now the shackles of ego, release precious soul and get up and go, reach up higher, reach out further and grasp that which is even …

ACIM poems, Non Duality poetry 
Sweet Spirit Sleep peacefully Upon your journey Sweet spirit. Such caring love, Such strength of courage. A smile to touch the soul, A smile …

Poems about honesty and authenticity 
Honesty's Kin Sacrifice to beauty worship at the altar of love Surrender to charity, wear integrity like a glove Stand up for what you believe …

The Power Of Words Poem 
Read God's Words Read your Bible every day, It's very important that you do, Then when you have difficult times, God's words will get you through. …

Poems by Thomas Traherne 
The Improvment Tis more to recollect, then make. The one Is but an Accident without the other. We cannot think the World to be the Throne Of God, …

poems about jesus 
Jesus In India Jesus went up on a hill Prayed full day and night. Seraphim, Cherubim, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel Listened faithfully: ‘Yes, I …

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Dana Taylor, Author of Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy

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