Night prayer for a loved one

by julie
(N Little Rock, AR USA)

A Prayer to Watch Over you

As I lay down to sleep this night
I ask your protection for those I love till daylight.
Bless them lord with your grace through the night
keep them bathed in your love and your heavenly light.

May their dreams be sweet.
Bring joy to their hearts.
May their prayers be answered with the wisdom you impart.

Give them the strength to face each new day
walking beside them, guide them on their way.

When they hurt, stop their pain.
When they cry, wipe their tears.
Wrap your love around them
and chase away their fears.

Bless them, sweet Lord
with your love and mine.
When dawn comes once more
wrap them in your warm sunshine.

c)Julie Stell Croxton

tags: night time prayer, night prayer, loved one, someone you love, look after someone, handing over, to god, spirituality, spiritual prayer, prayer poem

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Prayer poem for lost souls

by julie stell croxton
(N Little Rock, AR USA)

Without you

Last night I lay in my bed and heard the nightingale sing
I saw the angels in my mind as they spread their graceful wings
I asked if they had come for me, but not one said a word
They smiled at me and faded away
like the singing of that bird.

Then I heard the wail of a lonesome train
as it rolled on into the night
And I prayed those souls that had lost their way
had finely found the light.
I also prayed to God right then that their suffering would be relieved
for they are all alone in the dark where no one should ever be.

A home, a hearth, a loving heart
the things that we all need.
And just one person who says these words
"Without you there is no me."

© julie stell croxton
tags: angel poem, prayer for lost souls, light, god, spirituality

Comments for Prayer poem for lost souls

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Wow! to your poem
by: Anonymous

This is a beautifully crafted and poignant poem. The rhythm is consistent and the message is clear. Simply put - I love it. More please!

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a poem, God hears my prayers

by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio, USA)


Like a breath of fresh air
God’s spirit renews me
He hears all my prayers
And never refuses me.

He hears all my cares
The burden is lifted
He makes me feel free
With solutions sifted.

God’s spirit renews me
To face daily scares
As time travels quickly
Serene seasons so rare.

Time is fleeting fast
There’s so much to do
So much to leave behind
So much I never knew.

God is there when I need Him
He wants me to implore Him
Ask and you shall receive
Before the lights are dimmed.

It is such a simple thing
To seek God for everything
To see him in others
And help them learn to sing

The praises of God’s glory
The Resurrection story
The time He walked the earth
To show us what we’re worth.

Walking in His footsteps
Feeling his embrace
The world will be more fruitful
Nothing is a race.

God bestows His blessings
All there is to do is ask
He wants us to implore Him
It’s just a simple task.

Floriana Hall

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Poem about Prayer Answered

by Mick Gilford
(West Berkshire, SouthWest England)

From an Irish Shrine

and so it was
like my heart
cracked cloven
put back together again

I came to pray
but the angel had flown
leaving only broken crockery
a cup of rainwater

it pissed all the way to Donegal
me with holes in my shoes
thumb out I prayed
but no-one stopped

drenched by the bow wave
of a slowing truck:
Hop in boy, quick now
out of the rain.

we broke fast at O'Donnell's
egg bacon sausage mash
a mug of tea
in a chipped cup

wouldn't let me pay
said he'd won the horses
saw his tailgate
Angel Demolition & Construction

felt a prayer answered

© Mick Gilford

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Dear God Save Me

by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio, USA)


What races through a young man's mind
While his tires are sliding on black ice,
"Perhaps this is the end --
Dear God, give me some advice!"

Turning, spinning, slamming into the guardrail,
Hitting another car on the rebound,
"Dear God, save me, what should I do?
Prayer may work, I have found!"

Something tells the bewildered earthling
To vacate the vehicle expediently;
Was it an angel whispering in his ear
"Cross the highway immediately?"

Freezing, watching as other cars piled up,
His auto crunched in the center,
Seven in front and seven behind
Like an mangled accordion dissenter.

His cell phone handy, he dialed his parents
To rescue him this dark eerie night,
As he walked along the highway
After work, after this dreadful fright.

Safe once more at home,
His demolished vehicle left behind,
He said a prayer of thanks to God
That he escaped to peace of mind.

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Comments for Dear God Save Me

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by: Floriana Hall

Thank you for your exquisite compliment.

This poem is about an incident which happened to my grandson.
I can relate to skidding one time on black ice when I was younger. Very frightening, but I prayed to God that the oncoming bus would not hit me and He answered my prayer.



I have skidded before myself . It felt like slow motion......God saved me

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