My Recovery from ME/CFS
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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What Did I Do Towards Recovery From ME/CFS?

People ask me, 'What did you do towards your significant recovery from ME/CFS?'

This article sets out to

I was bedbound with severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 14 years. I also had severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity(MCS) and Electrical Sensitivity(ES).

I chose to believe that I could change my thoughts to change my health and world.

I studied and applied this way of thinking.

I combined it with many practical measures... pacing, switching, learning to rest, diet.

It took me a while...many years...but I got there.
Today, I am walking and talking again :-)

I wish I had a magic answer to restore you and myself to perfect health. I don't. But below I shared some of the approaches that have helped and continue to help me today.

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Dramatic Healing

I Focus On Health

1. I Claim Health Through Scriptures On Healing from the Bible

2. I Surrender Into The Reality Of Health

3. I Think And Speak Health

4. I Visualise Health

5. I Ask Others To Pray For Me

6. I Accept What Is

7. I Give My Life To God

8. I Practise Forgiveness Of Myself And Others Through Releasing Judgment And Through Prayer For Forgiveness

9. The Lightning Process™

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Dramatic Healing

It is important to say that I did not get better in the natural way of things. If anything, I was getting more ill as time went on.

My significant healing from severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis was dramatic. Literally from one day to the next my muscles stopped collapsing and I was able to start building up my activity again.

I Focus On Health

A small glance at this website will have shown you that although I talk about the symptoms of the illness and the treatment of those symptoms, I do not go into great detail.

Information on symptom management is necessary when you are living with illness and it can be found on other sites including my website

This website – focuses on health rather than illness.

I focus on the role of spirituality in recovery.

I focus on possibility not probability, in the knowledge that the more we explore the possible, the more it becomes probable.

Below is a list of various healing treatments that contributed to my recovery from ME/CFS by putting me in a place where I was able to receive healing.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment - one person’s advice for healing from ME/CFS

1. I Claim Health Through Scriptures On Healing from the Bible

It may not be fashionable, but I used bible quotes on healing to replace my thoughts of illness and redirect my mind to belief that recovery from ME/CFS was possible. These bible quotes were a huge part of my healing.

I started claiming health through scriptures on healing in 2005.

I chose to believe that God and Jesus healed and still heal. I set out to learn how to build my faith for healing.

You may think that you don't have that kind of faith. But, faith is not necessary to start replacing thoughts of illness with spiritual quotes for health.

Follow the link above to see if the spiritual quotes on healing speak to you. If they do, apply them and allow faith to come.

2. I Surrender Into The Reality Of Health

A Course In Miracles teaches that illness is part of the illusion and not the ultimate reality.
There is no sickness in the Garden of Eden.

I choose to believe that a God of love would not create sickness and therefore - on some level we do not understand - we are always healthy.

"I am surrounded by Your Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe. God's Son must be as You created him."
(W-272, A Course In Miracles)

I choose the belief that God does not want me sick.

I choose the belief that I am entitled, through faith, to health.

I practised these beliefs over and over and over, in the face of seeming evidence to the contrary.

3. I Speak Words of Health

I choose at times to speak words of health.

There is an overlap here with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and with praying the Bible.

4. Visualisation for Health

I filled my mind with images of health.

For example, I saw myself able to do the things I would do if I were well. I had a picture on my wall of a hillside, and most days I ran down that hill in my mind.

What will you see, feel, hear when you have health?

5. I Ask Others To Pray For Me

It is a spiritual principle in both the Bible and A Course In Miracles that there is great power in joined prayer of agreement for the achievement of an outcome.

When I received healing my friend told me her mother - who I do not know - had burst into tears. It turns out she had prayed for me every day for all those years.

Ask and allow others to pray for you or visualise you well. Many friends who see themselves as atheists or agnostics will also be happy to do this for you.

Perhaps you can ask a few people, for 10 minutes once a week at the same time, to join in a prayer of agreement for your healing and visualise you being healthy.

See the illustration below. Picture yourself in the light in the middle, held in a circle of prayer of faith and love by those who encircle you.

How do you feel?
Is it easier now to believe in a new future?

Click the link to find out more about the power of a prayer of agreement - minds in joined prayer.

6. I Accept What Is

In contrast to focusing on health, a huge factor in my recovery from severe ME/CFS was letting go of needing anything to be different. To summarize: Everything God gives is mine forever.

I chose to value the connection with Source above recovery of physical health.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.”
(A Bible verse on letting go of attachment to an outcome)

When we want something too badly, we are saying that our happiness depends on having it. If our happiness comes from God, then this is not true.

Once we are on a spiritual path, the world may very kindly ;-) resist our attempts to find happiness other than through the spiritual connection.

Click here to learn more about acceptance of illness.

7. I Give My Life To God

I practised allowing God to decide for me. If God wanted me to experience recovery from ME/CFS, then God was clearly not having His/Her way with me. I wanted to change this.

I found a prayer quote from A Course In Miracles that I said over and over to keep putting God in charge. Read more in this section: My journey to overcome resistance to God.

I surrendered my life to God in 2007. In that year, I experienced Spirit flowing through my life all the more powerfully.

In 2008, I experienced another deeper step of surrender to God. A few months later, I experienced dramatic healing to walk and talk again.

For me, this surrender definitely paved the way for my recovery from ME/CFS.

This surrendering was actually more important than my physical healing. It took me to a new level of peace. I was and continue to be In Love with God. This Love is a joy which permeates my life.

8. I Practise Forgiveness Of Myself And Others Through Releasing Judgment And Through Prayer For Forgiveness

The practice of forgiveness was very important both to my survival and recovery from ME/CFS. Forgiveness was and is my main spiritual practice.

It is a spiritual principle in the Bible that receiving forgiveness and receiving healing are the same thing.

A Course In Miracles agrees with this. It says that forgiveness undoes the illusion, including the illusion of sickness.

Do you feel guilty and need to forgive yourself?
Do you feel angry and want to forgive another person?

Accept my free forgiveness book as my gift to you.

9. The Lightning Process™

I had been bedbound for 14 years. On the 3rd day of the 3 day Lightning Process™ – 1st May 2008. I was walking again.

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Simple, Not Easy Healing Techniques

All these healing techniques for recovery sound very simple. Well they are simple.

There is a great difference though between simple and easy.

To live in an ill body and hold thoughts of health takes perseverance and discipline.

To believe in a God who loves and values you when your world is reflecting something very different takes perseverance and discipline.

To use spirituality in recovery is not an easy option.

I am still living with health challenges. Even though I have seen incredible things happen, this kind of mind training still involves perseverance and discipline.

I suggest though that if you are living with illness, you already know something of perseverance and discipline. Am I right? :-)

(And yes, I did just repeat perseverance and discipline four times :-))

The great thing is that the spiritual journey is so rewarding and allows us to be a blessing to others.
Many healing techniques only have value if they bring greater health. Our journey with illness and spirituality can bring blessings way beyond our physical healing.

In order to experience recovery from chronic illness, you first need to survive by finding a way of living with it:

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