Your Thoughts and Health

There is now much research into the link between our feelings, thoughts and health.

The science and statistics are clear. There is a link.

However, we are still very much in the early days of exploring HOW to change our feelings and thoughts to affect our health.

With the goal of health, many of us living with chronic illness choose to take part in this journey of exploration.

From my own experience of significant recovery from ME/CFS, I can confirm that feelings and thoughts affect health.

However, when setting out to change your feelings or change your thoughts, there are various pitfalls which can leave you blaming yourself for being ill in the first place.

If you are living with chronic illness, you have enough to deal with already. Please remember to be gentle on yourself. Keep reading for my view on the dangers of 'positive thinking'.

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Do our thoughts help to program us for health?

Tips on How To Change Your Feelings, Thoughts And Health:

  1. Go here to learn about various healing approaches I took to return to greater health after 14 years of being bedbound with ME /CFS
  2. Be kind to yourself. Practise positive self talk
  3. Learn EFT techniques
  4. Practise self acceptance through the method of The Release. (FREE ebook available.)
    Self acceptance might sound like the wrong way to bring about change. However, when you accept yourself as you are, there is a release of tension which potentially frees the body up to heal itself.
  5. Learn NLP techniques
    NLP is not normally geared towards physical healing, but it is geared towards helping you achieve your goal of whatever kind.
    NLP techniques can help you to achieve your goals of health-management with improvements in your health as a result.

    Many NLP practitioners will also work directly to guide you in visualisations for health.
  6. Practise meditation techniques to quieten the chattering mind.
    The benefits of meditation are now proven and recognised by the health establishment.
  7. When you learn something new, you form new pathways in the brain which affect your vitality. Go here for tips to make learning fun and easy once again.
  8. Read about scientific research into the connection between expectations, feelings, thoughts and health.

    When you read information about the connection between your feelings, thoughts and health, it affects both your conscious and subconscious expectation that your body can heal itself. 

    The placebo effect demonstrates that the expectation of healing can bring healing.

    In addition, the more you are convinced of the mind body connection, the more you will be motivated to put effort into training your mind along new paths.

    The field of science which studies the connection between feelings, thoughts and health is called Psychoneuroimmunology(PNI). Move to the website to read about the science of thoughts and health.
  9. Expose yourself to stories of recovery from illness.
    Right now you are on the website of someone who spent 14 years bedbound, with little speech. I still live with CFS/ME. But I am now walking and talking again. I experienced an incredible increase in health.
    Knowledge that myself and others have recovered can help you to raise your expectation that recovery from CFS/ME or any other illness is possible.

Above, I have picked out some healing approaches that are not necessarily spiritual.

You will also find an abundance of spirituality articles on this site.

The spiritual journey is one where we are constantly willing to train our thoughts along new pathways that allow us to access greater peace. Feeling at peace allows us to find emotional health regardless of our physical health.

Click to read a spiritual perspective on the link between our thoughts and health: Do Our Beliefs Create Our Reality?

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

When I talk of the connection between feelings, thoughts and health you may take this to mean that I am advising positive thinking...

"If you could just do more positive thinking and feel more positive then the illness would go away"

Because of such simplistic advice, I am somewhat wary of the term positive thinking, or rather I use it in a different way from many people.

For a long time I misunderstood and misapplied positive thinking to stuff my feelings down and give myself a hard time for so-called 'negative thoughts' and 'negative feelings'.
Plenty of people may seem to tell you to do this when you are ill. I am certainly not one of them.

I am often astounded by the level of positive thinking I find in people with the illness CFS/ME or other illnesses.
I see incredible beauty and strength in people who shine regardless of living with health challenges.

The Truth about Positive Thinking

The most useful kind of positive thinking is to love and accept yourself whatever you think and feel right now.

Once you have practised self love and self acceptance, then - and only then - you might choose to play with changing your feelings and thoughts.

The most important change of thought to align your thoughts and health is the thought that there is something okay about you, whatever you are thinking.

The most important change of feelings to align your feelings and health is to feel okay about yourself, whatever you are feeling.

The beauty of healing approaches which allow your thoughts to change and your feelings to change is that regardless of whether your physical health doesn't improve or does improve, you CAN find greater mental and emotional health regardless.

Thank you for reading this article.
And thank you for being here.

With the Love we are


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