Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs
to bring Self Healing

Are you interested in how to overcome self limiting beliefs and barriers to healing, health and happiness?

I am honoured to feature here Dr Grayson's unique article for a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com.

In 2012 Dr Henry Grayson published a book called Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness.

I was attracted to the title of Dr Grayson's book.
To identify and overcome limiting beliefs is an ongoing part of my own psychological and spiritual journey.

Dr Grayson has a great deal of experience in self healing and helping others to heal.

Over to Dr Grayson to tell you more....

Cover for the forgiveness book available as a pdf via this website.

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Dr Henry Grayson:

What external evidence do we see of negative beliefs in our lives?

Have you ever wondered what keeps you from doing what you know would be good to do to keep healthy and happy?

Why don’t we exercise regularly when we say we will?

Why don’t we eat an abundance of vegetables and fruits, even though the evidence shows it helps us tremendously?

Why don’t we engage in stress reduction, such as meditation, when we know it would reduce stress, strengthen our immune systems, increase our intelligence and efficiency, and even slow down aging?

In fact, only 5% of those who study meditation actually continue to practice it regularly!

We have barriers to healing and health

One day I asked a doctor friend who works with heart patients, “how many of your patients actually follow all the wonderful advice you give them about keeping a healthy heart?”

He paused, looked very sad and then said, “Very few.”

It seems that most of us human beings have numerous barriers to healing, staying healthy, and being happy.

The presence of a barrier to healing or a limiting negative belief may provide the answer to the following questions:

  • why did I get sick?
  • why don't I heal?
  • why do I heal slowly?
  • why do I have difficulty staying consistently healthy?

Stress related illness

While mainstream medicine recognizes that at least 80% of our symptoms are “stress related,” little if anything is done to either identify or deal with the stress, aside from giving out pills.

Alternative medicine takes us away from “side effects” (other illnesses), yet stress is still often not attended to.

Neither tell the patient

  • how to identify self limiting beliefs and barriers to health,
  • how to overcome negative beliefs or let them go,
  • how to embrace your own immense internal power for self healing.

What are common barriers to health, healing and happiness?

(1) Uncleared traumas

Uncleared trauma (loss, abuse abandonment) can form barries to health, healing and happiness.

Other ongoing painful developmental experiences include:

  • neglect,
  • continued criticisms,
  • rejection,
  • undue pressure for perfection,
  • not being listened to or having feelings acknowledged,
  • lack of affection and support,

Then there are the unremembered traumas of intrauterine life and early childhood which can have profound influences on why you are ill or unhappy and which sicknesses or unhappiness you develop.

There is a high correlation between uncleared traumas and the onset of illness, sometimes a minor illness, but often a life threatening or chronic illness. 

(2)Self limiting beliefs

How to define limiting or negative beliefs. What are they?

Self limiting or negative beliefs are formed as a result of the traumas we experienced and what we take them to mean.

We form negative beliefs about ourselves or negative beliefs about what is possible. I call these negative core beliefs.

Limiting beliefs work like software in a computer, only printing out confirmations of what is in that belief.

We also have tribal or family beliefs about what sicknesses we have to get and how we do or do not heal.

What are some examples of self limiting or negative beliefs?

  • “I am not deserving or worthy of being healthy,”
  • “I am not good enough,”
  • “I have to be perfect,”
  • “sickness and healing come from the outside”

Such negative beliefs make us see ourselves as powerless victims.

Or we may believe that our illness will bring something we want or need. These “secondary gains” keep us from healing and health.

(3)Self limiting thoughts

These uncleared traumas and self limiting beliefs inspire the 70,000 or more self limiting thoughts we have each day, each one instantly affecting the various cells in our bodies.

If these barriers to healing are not dealt with, our allopathic or natural medical interventions will be less effective. Making progress is like trying to sail a boat with several anchors hidden under the water.

In my new book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness I present

  • a number of self healing techniques to identify a barrier to healing
  • powerful new ways to let go of beliefs which hold you back,
  • healing exercises one can use to keep the disturbing experiences and unhealthy thought patterns cleared.

Many people may just want to let the doctor fix their health for them, without getting to the cause of illness.

The self healing techniques in the book are a way to take back your power to be in charge of your health, healing and happiness.

Katherine here again:

You can buy this excellent self healing book from your local Amazon store by clicking on the book cover higher up this page.

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