NLP Definition
What is Neurolinguistic Programming?

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What Do The Letters NLP Stand For?

The letters NLP stand for neurolinguistic programming. I am trained as an NLP practitioner so I use the term quite often. Often people look at me blankly. 'Neurolinguist programming' can sound a little daunting at first!

NLP Definition - What is NLP?

NLP suggests that we are in many ways programmed like a computer. If you can identify the programs that are running, you can also identify and apply an NLP exercise to change a program. You can then do potentially do something easily that was difficult for you before. If you like, you can install new brain software!

Another way of putting it is to ask yourself:
If you had different thoughts in your head, do you think you would feel differently about doing certain things?

If the answer is yes, then you are opening to the possibility that you can change your thoughts, change your feelings and expand the limits of what you believe you can do.

Another question...

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What is the difference between yourself and someone who feels more confident and therefore finds it easier to do something or learn something than you do?

Yes, they may live in different circumstances, but do these circumstances – past or present – perhaps result in them having an attitude of: I can do it.
What if you could create the same attitude?

If you believed: I can do it, what would you do that you don't do currently?

If you are asking: How can I be more confident? NLP techniques can help.

What about memories?
Is an unpleasant event still happening now?
Has the emotion attached to an unpleasant event ever lessened over time?
How much safer would you feel if you had a method to reduce the power of a negative memory?

Perhaps a memory of failure is holding you back or even keeps you awake at night. Neurolinguistic programming looks at how we store memories.

There is a simple and powerful NLP exercise to help you adapt the way you store a memory so as to give it less power over your life. The same technique can be used to give a postive memory more power, for example to raise your confidence.

Changing submodalities - NLP

Changing submodalities is an example of an NLP exercise. For instance, you may store a memory in colour and in a movie format. By changing it to black and white and a still picture, you can reduce its emotional impact on you.
If it is a positive memory, you can make it more vivid. For example, if you are living with illness, you may want to have lots of recent, powerful memories of being able to do the things you can't do now, so as to influence your immune system in a positive way. (I used The Lightning Process to change my thoughts to change my health.)

This NLP exercise can be done alone. It is likely to be more powerful when done with an NLP practitioner or when listening to an DVD on NLP.

Other Definitions of NLP

NLP Definition:
Neuro – To do with the brain and how it works

Linguistic – We all relate to the world in different ways. The 5 main sensory languages we use are:

    Visual – We use a lot of visual words eg. see, watch, look. We learn best if there is something to see.

    Auditory – We use a lot of auditory words eg. I hear you, listen, loud, silent

    Kinaesthetic – We speak about our feelings and the way things feel to the touch

    Olfactory – We notice the way things smell

    Gustatory – We notice the way things taste

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– By thinking of ourselves as programmed, both in our youth and by the influence of the world around us, we open to the possibility that we can change our thoughts to change our life.

NLP Definition:
A technology of human performance about how you use your mind.

NLP trains you in how to change your state of mind to the desired state.

If you are not happy with how things have gone in your life up until now, know that things can change for you.

You cannot change the past, but you can change the way in which you respond to what is happening now. 

By changing your response in the present moment you open to a new future.

NLP Definition:
Strategies for success in your life.

NLP Definition:

The 4 main legs of NLP:

1. Outcome orientation – be clear on your goal.

2. Sensory acuity – use your senses to notice the current situation and how it changes as you use an NLP exercise

3. Behavioural flexibility – be willing to change your behaviour. Use NLP techniques to influence your mind or emotions in the knowledge that this will then allow new behaviours to become available to you.

4. Building rapport. Notice the way someone speaks and their body language.
Allow them to feel relaxed with you by speaking in the same way and using some of the same body language. Sometimes this one of the legs or pillars of NLP is missed out.

NLP Is A Flexible Therapy

NLP is not a rigid set of techniques. NLP takes the view: "if it works, try it".
If an NLP exercise doesn't work for you (or for your client), you would be encouraged to try another or develop another, or see what is working for someone else and learn that.
NLP techniques constantly evolve and are added to.

This is just a very small introductory NLP explanation.

With my love, and every good wish on your journey,


Katherine T Owen, webmaster,
Author of Be Loved, Beloved (Kindle)

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