Bible Christmas Verses Guide Us On Our Spiritual Journey

The Bible Christmas verses provide rich symbolism and guidance for our own spiritual journey, whether Christian or not.

The symbolic interpretations below are my own. Some might view them as an esoteric or alternative Christmas message.

However for me the guidance available for our spiritual lives in the Christmas verses is not hidden but is there for all of us to see.

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nativity_stained_glassThe birth of Jesus

I find profound meaning and spiritual guidance in the Christmas story.

The first 2 years when I was disabled I felt so alone at Christmas.

Luckily though, I experience Christmas as a spiritual time. My sense of the spirituality of Christmas deepened through the 14 years I spent in relative isolation.

I celebrate the birth of Jesus. I feel the sense of preparation and excitement during Advent.

On Christmas day I feel a sense of my unity with people all over the world.

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The Christmas message below was written when I was still bedbound with severe ME/CFS.

A friend told me how she found Christmas celebrations to be over-sweet and meaningless.

As well as a celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth I also experience the Christmas verses in the Bible as an invitation to our own spiritual journey.

As I pondered on the conversation, I was excited to find the following words flow into my mind. I dictated them for her (I was unable to write at the time due to muscle fatigue in my arms). The Christmas prayers have been added in many years later.

The Spiritual Journey

Inspired By Bible Christmas Verses

Christ represents innocence

Christ represents innocence.
The birth of Christ is the birth of innocence into the world.
This is an innocence (or righteousness) that we cannot earn but which is ours because we were created and remain a part of God.
The birth of Christ takes place any time each of us opens our hearts and minds to God.
The Christmas story guides us to cultivate the qualities we need to allow the Christ to be born in us.

Prayer drawing on Christmas verses about the Christ

Dear Holy Spirit,
We invite you into our minds and hearts.
We are willing to know our Innocence.
We are willing to know ourselves as part of the Love that is. Thank you for guiding us.

Mary represents the need for feminine qualities on the spiritual journey

Mary embodies the feminine qualities we develop in our relationship with God.
We learn to listen to the still small voice of our intuition.
We learn to trust and surrender.
We are willing to allow our spiritual self to be born.
We dedicate our lives to nurturing this spiritual self.

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Nothing needs to be added
It is a virgin birth.
Nothing needs to be added for us to start this spiritual journey.
No outward interference is necessary.
No other man, or woman need plant the seed, or tend it to make it grow.
The seed is already inside us.

What we think of as ourselves is only the seed’s protective shell.
This shell allows its essence to be kept safe until we are ready to grow, break open the shell, shoot up, and head for the light.

We need to hear the still small voice that asks,

“Are you willing to let me into your heart and mind?
“Are you willing to let me grow in you, unsure of what I will become?
“Are you willing to let me push myself outwards, breaking your image of self – the self you have known before?
“For my sake, are you willing to lose the life you know now?”

We can choose to hear this voice and to say “YES,
Be it done according to Your Will”.

The image of Mary is universally relevant.
There is no one who does not have this seed within them.
In our essence, we remain ever virgin, ever pure, whatever we’ve done.
We remain capable of hearing this still small voice.
We remain capable of saying 'Yes'.

There is a time to concentrate on the spiritual journey

“He had no union with her until she gave birth to a son”.
There is a time when we need to pull back from intense emotional and physical relationships to allow ourselves to concentrate on the spiritual journey.

There is no going back
Once we have said 'Yes' to God, there is no going back.
The seed has started to grow and things will never be the same:
if we abort our spiritual pregnancy, we suffer guilt.
if we seem to lose the pregnancy, we experience profound grief and dissatisfaction with the world we see;
if we carry our spiritual pregnancy to full term, we birth ourselves into a new life.

Prayer inspired by Christmas Verses on the qualities of Mary

Now I sit for a moment in quiet.

I access a source of wisdom and strength beyond myself.

I touch a place of knowing that I am one with all things.

God/Love/Spirit, I invite you into my heart and my mind.

Even though I am unsure of what I will become, I am willing to let my awareness of you grow in me.

I am willing to let you push yourself out into my life, breaking my image of self – the self I have known before.

Knowing that you must be HERE and NOW, I say YES to my life as it is right now. YES!


Space will be made
Just as there is no room at the inn, we may not be able to envisage how there is  space in our lives to allow this spiritual growth to take place:
We don’t have time.
It doesn't fit in with how other people see us, or how we see ourselves.
We think we don’t have the necessary skills or qualities, or money.

None of this matters.
Growth continues and finds its own way.

Once the baby is grown, it is born into the world.
Our spiritual journey moves from private to public.
God is now more visible in our lives.
The connection is easier for us to access.

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Christmas bible scripture. The angels words to the shepherds.Words spoken by angels to the shepherds

Wealth and status are not necessary but are OK
The simplicity and poverty of the shepherds remind us that intelligence, wealth and status are not necessary to move forward on a spiritual journey.
Indeed, it is the shepherds who hear the angels’ message first.
It is the shepherds who are close by and do not need to travel far.

Prayer drawing on Christmas verses about the Shepherds

Dear Spirit,

Let me take time in nature to be with you.
(Or bring my focus to a plant or an animal.)

Let me take time out from the complexities of the world.

When I sense your Light, your Love, I may fear that you will see something in me that leads you to condemn me or disown me.

Let me hear instead the voice of your angels saying "Do not be afraid".

It is this world that gives reason for fear, not you.

You are so near. So near.
You are HERE NOW.


The relative poverty of Mary and Joseph also remind us that this is not a journey where we need wealth.
But equally, the wise men show us that wealth and status within the world do not prevent us from proceeding on this journey.

Flexibility on the Spiritual Journey
The wise men demonstrate the need not to have a fixed view of what we are looking for.
On arrival in Israel, they search out King Herod.
They seek the birth of a king and expect to find him in a palace.
When they do not find him there, they continue their search.
No disappointment is expressed,
and no gifts are withheld, on finding the king in a stable.

christian christmas

A long journey with times of darkness
The wise men demonstrate how a long journey may be necessary:
one where we may often be in darkness;
one where we need to keep focused on the seemingly faint and yet always bright light that guides us on.
There is a stage when the times of darkness are necessary in order to see this light.

Follow your intuition - the still small voice
The wise men leave a homeland where they are safe, rich and respected, to go on an uncertain venture to find a foreign king.

The wise men act in a way that is not acceptable, that is not considered wise, and is certainly not considered safe.
They listen to their intuition, and are willing to follow signs in order to reach their goal.

Prayer drawing on Christmas verses about the Wise men

Dear God,

At times when I see only this physical world, I choose to let go of reliance on my physical eyes and instead rest in your Light.

There are times when my mind tells me that you don't have the answers  or that I owe it to you to find them in my own strength.
I choose instead to believe that the answer to my current problem lies in You. 

I take time to come into your Presence.

I make a commitment to the spiritual journey.

Guide me always.

Thank you. Thank you.


Joseph equally demonstrates an ability to listen to his intuition and show a lack of concern for people’s opinion or approval.
On finding his betrothed pregnant, he is willing to listen to the voice that tells him to go ahead and marry her, something that would have been shocking to those around him.

It is Joseph who later has the dream which bids him to take the child to safety in Egypt, thus avoiding the slaying by King Herod; and Joseph who has the dream that bids him bring the child back.

Human qualities are needed for the spiritual journey
Joseph shows us that an ability to follow one’s intuition needs to be combined with practicality. He illustrates the value of the human qualities of tolerance, hard work and perseverance.

These qualities seem less exciting than the moments of insight on the spiritual journey, yet they are essential. They provide us with the ability to operate within the world and be sufficiently accepted within it.

We need stability to explore a side of us that is less acceptable and predictable.
Without Joseph, there is a risk that the baby will never be born, or will be born and will die.

Prayer drawing on Christmas verses about the qualities of Joseph

Dear God,
Sometimes it feels like I am spending too much time on survival or the mundane.
Today I remember to invite you into the ordinary.
I take a moment throughout the day to receive your love.
Thank you for all of it - the ordinariness, the struggle and the joy.

How do the Christmas verses guide our spiritual journey?

When we believe in our innocence and the innocence of everyone else,
when we say 'Yes' to the still small voice that speaks of this innocence,
something extraordinary is born in us that leads our life in a new and rich direction.

Christmas is a time of knowing that there is always hope, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

We are innocent and we are loved by God.


I pray the spiritual Christmas prayer below for myself and for you.

Let it be Christmas for us every day.

Happy Christmas!

Spiritual Christmas PrayerSpiritual Christmas Prayer

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