Alone at Christmas

When I was severely disabled and alone at Christmas. I found it very hard for the first few years.

However, I was lucky to have a sense of the spirituality of Christmas.

Alternative Christmas message - the message for each of us

Christmas is a holy day

Christmas is a holy day. It serves to celebrate the birth of Jesus into the world. 

If we choose we can also set side this day to celebrate the birth of Christ within each of us.

If God/Love is in all things then God/Love is in you.

The joining of minds

If you are alone at Christmas, please consider joining your mind with an attitude of calling peace into your mind and heart and thereby into the world.

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When you spend the day with others, there is a risk of getting lost in noise and bustle
(and possible arguments ;-)).

You might not have chosen to be alone at Christmas, but it does give you an opportunity to celebrate the true message of this festive holiday.

Take time to know on behalf of all of us that ‘God is with us’.

Find the silence and stillness to hold a vision for the message of Christmas "peace on earth and goodwill to all men".

Throughout many years of being alone at Christmas, I looked forward to the sense of spiritual connection as I joined in mind and spirit with all those around the world who were celebrating peace, love and hope in their own ways.

Now I am back to independent living, and I share my home with someone.

But Christmas day is still a quiet day for me. And it continues to prompt me to connect in prayer with people everywhere.

I particularly stop and send blessings to those who are either in pain or physically alone as I once was.

If you are alone at Christmas, thank you so much for finding your way to this article. A big thank you from me for being here.

Christmas Prayer based on the birth of Jesus

This is an expanded version of the prayer from the image near the top of the page.
The prayer draws on the story of Jesus' birth. There was no room for him to be born and yet still he was born.

Dear God, Some people seem to be angry that I am here

Sometimes there seems to be no room for my needs to be met
or no room for me to be myself
or no room, no opportunity for me to express my gifts.

But...I am not defined by the way the world treats me

I choose to know that I am of you, and so I am A GIFT TO THE WORLD.


Christmas Prayer for provision

We have physical as well as spiritual needs. When I was dependent on carers to look after me, Christmas used to be a demanding time for me. Carers would turn up late or not turn up at all.

I say the following prayer. Please consider joining me.

Dear God,

I ask you to use my mind to enter the lives of those who are vulnerable.
I see people with shelter.
I see people with enough to eat.
I see people with their physical needs provided for.
I see people experiencing kindness from others.

I ask you to use my mind to enter the lives of those who feel called to provide for the vulnerable...
This may be through financial help, by giving their time or physical help or by setting aside the time for prayer.
Thank you for their service.

Bless them with many blessings, and bless all those they help.
Thank you.


I wrote the spiritual poem below during the years of being severely disabled with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The poem refers to the spiritual belief that this world is a dream and that the purpose of life is to wake from the dream into the reality of love.

Alone At Christmas

If the only way you know to join is

to join with other bodies,

then if you are alone at Christmas

you may feel lonely indeed.


But you don’t need to be alone

or share this time with those whose happiness

makes your lack of it seem



Use your mind to send companionship

to others who are lonely and

you are going in the right direction:


Your isolation broken,

you have woken a little from

the bad dream.


It’s OK to feel lonely and miserable at Christmas.

“You are being blessed by every beneficent thought of any of your brothers anywhere. You should want to bless them in return, out of gratitude. You need not know them individually, or they you.”
(, A Course In Miracles blessing quote)

© Katherine T Owen

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If you are alone this Christmas and wish it was otherwise, you have my sympathy.

Be kind to yourself.

I hope that you will find unexpected riches from spending the day with yourself.

I bless you. Please also bless me :-) 

Thank you for reading this article.
And thank you for being here.

With the Love we are


Katherine T Owen, webmaster at
Author of Be Loved, Beloved (Kindle)
Owner of the zazzle HealingStore for delightful customized gifts.

Relevant Faith articles

  • Both A Course In Miracles and the Bible talk about the power of joined minds.

    Many nuns and monks believe prayer to be so important that they dedicate their lives to prayer.

    Please know that if you spend time praying for people at Christmas, or holding a vision of peace in the world you are doing something that is considered of great value by many people. Thank you.

Click through to find out how to go deeper with the spirituality of Christmas by applying aspects of the Bible story to your own journey– my prayerful take on things may surprise you!

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