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Faith in God and
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  • Faith in God
  • There is a difference between faith in God and faith in healing
  • How do faith in God and faith for healing work together?

  • Faith defined in the Bible
  • Everyone has faith
  • My journey of faith in God and faith for healing
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Faith Definition:

Faith in God:

Faith in God is our level of conviction that God exists, that this reality of the body and the world is a lesser reality compared to the beauty and power of God.

I believe the world is an illusion though it feels real to us! so I would use the words that God's world of Love is the only reality.

Faith in God ultimately requires nothing in our circumstances to be different. We rest in "the peace that passes understanding".

There is a difference between faith in God and faith for healing

In another article I talk about faith for healing. I see faith for a physical outcome as different from faith in God.

You might have faith for health but a fairly shaky level of faith in God.

Or you may have profound faith in God and almost no faith that your health can be restored - you might even believe that it would be ungrateful to God to expect health.

If you don't experience a healing miracle, please don't let anyone make you feel that you don't have faith. If you have faith in God's peace and love then that is more important than anything.

Click here for my faith definition of faith for healing.

How do faith in God and faith for healing work together?

Faith in God and faith for healing can work together beautifully:

We can have faith for healing - faith in a God who wants us to call health into our life or someone else's life.

At the same time we can also also have the faith that "for those who love God all things work together for good" (Romans 8:28, The Bible).

This faith in God allows us to touch a place of joy regardless of our level of health.

"All things work together for good!" - even a time of ill health can be used by God to bring Love into the world through you.

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Faith definition in the Bible:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
(Hebrews 11:1, KJV esword, faith scripture)

I love that bible quote.

Often we practise faith and nothing feels different.

But in the moments when faith is real for us, we know it as substance and evidence. Faith can be utterly convincing.

When we have faith in God we hope for a world in which Love is triumphant.

When we have faith for healing we hope for the health that we know is our entitlement and our reality as children of God.

Everyone has faith

I like a definition of faith that allows us to see that we don't have the option not to have faith.
We may have faith in God or faith in the world. Either way we have faith.

1. Faith is a belief we practice in the understanding that our beliefs can block the joy of reality; new beliefs open our minds to reality again. We discipline our minds, knowing that our belief plays a causal role in what we see and experience.

2. Alternatively...
Faith is a belief in something undesirable to us that we practice unconsciously.

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My Journey with Faith In God and Faith for Healing

For many years I raised my faith in God but saw no change in my health. In fact my health got worse during a time when my faith in God - my sense of the peace that passes understanding became progressively deeper.

It was only in 2005 that I started raising my faith for healing using scriptures for healing.

Over and over in the face of symptoms I praised God that I was already healed; that I could not be ill because He/She would not create sickness.
Often, I fell into a place of joy at having been healed, even though my symptoms stayed the same.

Increasingly I fell into simple faith in God – for that moment not caring about getting better because my health was irrelevant compared to the revelation of God's love.

I still live with symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS), but I experienced dramatic healing from bedbound to walking, from speechless to talking.

Today I continue to thank and praise God.

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