Faith and Healing
Claiming Healing

A Personal Journey

A dialogue on faith and healing between a visitor to and Katherine T Owen. 

Katherine T Owen is a spiritual poet and writer who runs this spiritual website. She experienced a dramatic increase in health in 2008 and still lives with ME/CFS.

Dear K,

What are my barriers to claiming healing?

I have heard if you don't fix problems in your soul, even though you get healed, you'll lose your healing.

I fear I have issues that are preventing me from receiving healing.
Unidentifiable things I'm not aware of or unable to change.

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With love, Katherine

You don't have to be good to experience faith and healing

Dear Gloria,

I am sure I continue to have 'problems in my soul', yet I have on at least four occasions experienced miracle healings.

In the Bible, Jesus heals many people, and there is no suggestion that they have reached any level of perfection in faith and healing.

You are not healed because of who you are, you are healed because of who God is.

Let go of your focus on any individual faults you may have. None of them are a barrier to the vastness, the power, and the Glory of God. God says: “You are beautiful”.

Continue your journey of faith and healing as you are doing. If there are any barriers to claiming your healing God will bring them to your attention so you can practise forgiveness and healing of yourself or any other involved.

Yes, you are "unable to change" but you have the humility to ask God to change you, so it is done.

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Abundant thanks, Katherine

At this point, I feel even more discouraged.

I want to be well. Enjoy normal function.

I thought God loves me period.

Gloria, it is normal to feel discouraged when you are claiming your healing and waiting to see results in the world.

God really does love you whatever your health. I know it is hard to feel that and this is OK. This is why we have each other to remind ourselves and hold the space for the memory of Love to return.

You may be interested in my small kindle book on my journey of God love and self love when living with illness.

Your testimony of healing

I have been housebound and dealing with the symptoms of MS and extreme pain for years. I had lots of time and I was highly motivated to seek God and did.

Recently I am relentless in wanting healing.

God says it's like Dorothy in the wizard of oz...I always have the ability...the ruby slippers.

I am searching your site and see the same scriptures for healing I cling to.

There is something so simple...maybe knowing you did it with His word, ie truth, and KNOWING His love.

In that conversation I asked Him "What should I do?"

God said to “be myself”.

My healing must be so close...

Something to do with your testimony.

Angry at God

I feel angry.

Very angry because I know God has the power to help me.

I know He doesn't take offense at my thoughts of anger, disappointment, accusation. I tell Him, this is how I feel, help me not feel this way...often asking for a revelation of His love.

Spiritual experience of God’s love

I have had a personal experience with God (the Big Guy, the Father) and

experienced knowing how much He loves me...

Before He withdrew, I asked Him to heal me. He said "not at this moment".

Having felt His love, I was ok with that. I felt extreme peace and joy the rest of that day. This happened May 18th, 2011, 3:00 in the afternoon.

I try to remember that love when I get angry or am not at peace.

It's not working right now.

Synchronicities and Hearing from God

These are small coincidences or things that happen that I can see He did for my sake to show me He is responding. Or I hear Him speak Inside me.

Dear Gloria,

You are doing so many wonderful things. I relate to so much of your journey of faith and healing.

It is so easy when circumstances are difficult or our bodies are in pain to assume that we must be doing something wrong.

It is not the case, it really isn’t.

This is something I need people to say to me, so it is a delight to be able to say it to you.

You are not wrong because you are ill!

I gather from your writing that you are a Christian, so I will use some Bible quotes that you may relate to.

It is so wonderful that you heard God say your healing is near and so wonderful that you share this with us here because it will help you to remember what an achievement this is.

In the words of the Bible “you entered into god’s rest”. (Hebrews 1) Wow! How wonderful is that!

In my experience all miracles are preceded by such an experience.

This experience of ‘rest’ is the true miracle and the most important ingredient of claiming healing or anything else. The circumstances of our lives are just the same, yet we trust in the lord with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5, bible quote) and therefore we experience peace.

We understand – if only for a moment – that this peace is more real than any pain we are experiencing.

God’s reality of peace is more real than the world we see with our eyes.

We can shift our focus from wanting things to be different in the world -waiting for healing - to claiming the ever present (eternal) peace which is the true healing.

This is the peace that passes understanding.

This is the peace Jesus speaks of when he says:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

I do not give to you as the world gives.

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

(John 14:27, Bible peace quote)

Using scriptures on healing to claim healing was important for physical health, but I attribute my faith and healing far more to these moments of surrender where the reality of God’s love was so much more real to me than anything else in this world.

It is wonderful that you know God has the power to help you.

God has not withdrawn.

It is always ourselves who withdraw.

God is ever present.

We can deal with the thoughts in our mind that keep him out. This is exactly what you are doing by asking questions and by engaging in your prayer life and conversations with God.

I love it that you know God doesn’t take offence at your thoughts of anger.

Dear Katherine,

God speaks to me and I converse with Him. Maybe you think I'm a loon.

As I was typing I just heard “'God Whomever' is ok to use to address Me/us if you're not sure who is speaking to you/who or who you're speaking to.”

Talking to God

As I'm writing this, I'm hearing...

"you're cranky because of the pain...understood".

Conversation with Him is in concepts, not really words, so sometimes they translate into words that overlap in meaning.

God's sense of humour

Quite a sense of humor, 'God Whomever' has. And He knows I know that, so He got me to smile just now. I know it's Him talking when I'm trying to write and I get things that I'm not actively the background.

I was going to tell you about my frustration, anger, self pity, not being healed and God Whomever managed to disarm me with humor. And I sense Him smiling at me now.

So now what do I write. Do I even send this?

He made me smile and I feel His love...

I'm going to take a Tylenol and watch the baseball game now.

I haven't really explored everything on your site. But I think it would be good to do that.

Thank you,


No, I don’t think you are ‘a loon’ for hearing God talk to you!

See my articles on Communicating With God and Hearing God's Voice.

You asked me a question and God answered it. Fantastic.

I cannot answer every personal enquiry to the site, but there were so many points in your story of faith and healing which I recognise from my own journey.

I know that many others will relate both to your frustration in waiting for healing and to your wonderful achievement in letting God work in you to bring you peace, faith and healing.

You are already healed. We are held in the arms of God’s Love,


PS. I "got" that I should read your writings on how to rest. Can you please direct me? TY.

Hi Gloria. All of the following articles relate to how to rest. I hope they help.

Gloria continues her comments here:

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