10 Ways To Finding
Peace of Mind –
Spiritual Relaxation Techniques
To Rest in God

10 Ways To Finding Peace of Mind:

1. We Choose Stillness And Silence

2. We Are Willing To Know Stillness And Silence

3. We Say Affirmations for Stillness and Silence

4. We Use Spiritual Quotes To Rest In God

5. We Say A Prayer For Rest And Peace of Mind

6. We release judgement to find self acceptance and acceptance of the other (Free ebook available)

7. We pray to forgive others

8. We pray for self forgiveness

9. We pray the serenity prayer to know what we can change and what we need to accept as it is.

10. We take up meditation techniques

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Why Learn Spiritual Relaxation Techniques?

It is so important to learn how to relax. Before I was living with illness, I had no ideas of all the methods available to help you learn how to rest and relax.

Above, this page links to 10 ways of finding peace through spiritual relaxation techniques that you can apply right now.

With spiritual relaxation, the relaxation techniques serve not only to bring physical, mental and emotional benefits, but also spiritual benefits.

You are quietening the monkey mind which clings to how things are and how things should be and what it all means.

You are taking a break from this separate identity that seems to be you, and allowing yourself to experience the sense of freedom and unity that comes from knowing you are part of All That Is.

You are entering God’s rest.

You are creating a space in which God can enter and guide you.

Spiritual Relaxation Techniques For Finding Peace:

1. We Choose Stillness And Silence

When I got ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, I became sensitive to noise.

I resented my need for silence. I wanted to listen to the radio or the television. I wanted to make noise.

I was forced to lie still for most of the time.

I resented my need for stillness. I wanted to keep busy. I had things I wanted to do. And I wanted to distract myself from the unpleasant thoughts in my mind.

I was living for the 5 or 10 minutes in the hour where I was able to be a little active.
I was living only part of my life.

Of course, many people choose stillness and silence:

Some people choose to live in a monastery or a convent.
Some go off and live in a spiritual community that builds times of silence into each day.
Many more people simply build silence and stillness into their life whilst continuing to live a more conventional life.

Others find out how to be still and silent. I knew it must be possible for me to do the same.

In fact, if I was serious about my spirituality - my relationship with God, I realised the times of stillness and silence may well turn out to be the most important times.

I had been ill for many years before I realised I needed to choose stillness and silence.

Spiritual Relaxation Techniques for Finding Peace:

We are willing to be still and silent:

If we knew how to find peace, we would have done so.

A prayer to rest in God and know God’s peace is a prayer of surrender.

It is a prayer that recognises we don’t know how to set about finding peace. Instead of trying, we create a space of willingness and invite God to guide us.

It is a prayer of willingness.

Willingness Prayer for Finding Peace

I am willing to be still.

I am willing to be silent.

I am willing to believe there are gifts to be found in silence and stillness.
I am willing to receive these gifts.

I realise that in this stillness and silence I may meet myself.
I am willing to meet myself.

I believe that underneath anything that seems to be myself, is my real Self.  
Myself is Love and myself is Innocence.  
It is safe to see myself.

I realise that in this stillness and silence I may meet God.

I believe that underneath any false beliefs I may have about God, there is the real God.  

God is Love  and God is Innocence.  
I am willing to believe it is safe to meet God.

I am willing to meet God.

I may not know how to do this. I do not need to know how. I understand that my willingness is enough for the next step to be revealed to me.

Dear God, please guide me.
Thank you.   


Spiritual Relaxation Techniques for Finding Peace:

Affirmations for stillness and silence

When that feels true for you, you can practise saying the same prayer for rest as affirmations for rest:

I am still.

I am silent.

There are gifts to be found in silence and stillness.
I receive these gifts.

In this stillness and silence I meet myself.
I welcome all I see about myself.
When I see darkness, I invite the Light to heal the darkness.
When I see fear, I invite Love to heal the fear.

I see Light and I celebrate the Light that I am.
I see Love and I celebrate the Love that I am.

In this stillness and silence I meet God.
I choose to meet God.
I rest in God.

Thank you. Thank you.

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I have noticed that when I seem to have trouble finding peace and find it hard to rest, it is sometimes because I don't know how to accept myself as I am. Click here for a poem on how God sees you as beautiful.

If you felt a resistance to saying the prayer for rest above, you may enjoy this spirituality article on my journey to overcome resistance to God.

Having lived with severe ME/CFS for so many years, I found acceptance is the answer to peace of mind.
I still find practices of acceptance essential now I am back to walking and talking.

Go here for more on relaxation techniques, including

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Look around. You will find much on a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com about acceptance and finding peace.

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