Prayer for Self Forgiveness

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  • Does God Forgive?
  • Feeling guilty for a thought or something you have said
  • Self Forgiveness Exercises With A Friend
  • Child's Prayer for forgiveness

Does God Forgive, Or Not?

If you are aware of a mistake you have made and especially if you have caused harm to someone, it can be hard to forgive yourself.

It may be easier instead to think of self-forgiveness as the act of receiving forgiveness from God.

The nature of God is such that forgiveness is guaranteed.
As the sun shines, so God forgives.

One image of self condemnation is to see yourself as having shut yourself away in a dark place - trying to keep yourself from God's love and perhaps from anyone else's. 

An image of self-forgiveness is to see yourself walking out into the sunshine of God's forgiveness.

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It is we who resist believing that we can be forgiven. God always forgives.

“I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”
(Jeremiah 31:34, KJV e-sword)

The only requirement to receive forgiveness is to be sorry and to say a prayer for forgiveness.

Whatever we believe about ourselves and the world, God knows these are just illusions.

The following is from amongst so many profound and powerful forgiveness quotes in A Course In Miracles:

“God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary.”
(W-41.1, A Course In Miracles)

“God does not forgive because He has never condemned.”
Powerful words.

We need forgiveness because we believe we have done something wrong. God does not need to forgive because he created us as perfect.

Click through for a prose poem which conveys.

Beyond the body, our reality and our innocence remain in Him.

My spiritual journey is one where I aim to move more and more towards defining myself by the beauty God sees in me instead of by the way I see myself or the way the world sees me.

I am willing to take His word for what I am: what we all are. that in God's eyes, you beautiful and innocent

self forgiveness

If you are saying 'I can't forgive myself for what I did' perhaps you are right.

Instead, try raising your faith and belief in a God who is bigger than you and able to forgive you.

Throughout this spiritual website you will find articles to raise your faith in a God of love, peace and forgiveness.

Feeling guilty for a thought or something you have said.

Maybe a time when you have spoken unfairly of another person, and feel appropriate guilt.

Alternatively, you may have spoken fairly about something they’ve done wrong and feel guilt because you have received the training that you shouldn’t see something wrong with this person.

Either way, by affirming your Christ identity, you can reach a place of peace.

The thought you think, the words you speak, what you see or hear, may be the same, but without adding your own self-condemnation, they will come from a place of knowing yourself as loved by God.

In a moment of knowing yourself as loved by God, you are open to knowing that the other is also Love by God.

Knowing who we are in truth is a powerful contribution we can make to asking that “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. (Quote from the Our Father prayer).

A prayer for self forgiveness based on the prayer of St Patrick

When I think of another, whatever I think of them, Christ is still in my heart.

When I speak of another, whatever I speak of them, Christ is still in my mouth.

Whatever I see the other do, Christ is still in my vision.

Whenever I hear the other say, Christ is still in my ears.

And so, whatever I think, say, see, or hear, I am forgivable and forgiven.

I will not bear false witness against myself.

I will not let my human identity persuade me that this is all I am.

However inadequate I feel in my thinking, speaking, vision or hearing, I know that I am in the Christ and the Christ is in me.

I rest in my Christ identity.


The above prayer of self forgiveness is based on the wonderful and powerful prayer of St Patrick.

Self Forgiveness Exercises With A Friend

You may feel guilty about something you don't even think is bad, yet you feel really bad about it. If this is the case for you, stop and consider if you have a good friend who might help you with the following self forgiveness exercise.

Self forgiveness exercises

Give the friend an idea of what you feel guilty about.
Ask them:
"Can I say to you
“I feel guilty about...”
and will you say to me:
I forgive you for...?”

"Can we repeat this forgiveness exercise a number of times to allow me to feel my guilt and receive your forgiveness?"

It can be surprisingly powerful to hear a friend say:
"I forgive you for...."

You may need to repeat this little forgiveness exercise many times so you keep hearing the words: 'I forgive you.'

We can be rather stubborn about forgiving ourselves. :-) An example in my own life is that I feel guilt and shame for living with illness.
I know, logically, that illness is not my fault. But it is powerful for me to hear the words...
"I forgive you for having an illness."

A Child’s Forgiveness Prayer

As a child I prayed the following prayer for forgiveness every night:

child's forgiveness prayer

The simplicity of this child's forgiveness prayer has appealed to me in some dark times.

If you are looking for Christian resources for a child,  you may also want to read a wonderful poem about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.
This poem is a rhyming poem which makes it suitable as a children's Bible poem.

Jesus quote about children being near the kingdom of heaven

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