A Practice of Daily Prayers
The Benefits

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  1. A spiritual practice of simple daily prayers
  2. The benefits of saying prayers daily in a time of turmoil (includes a poem about prayer)
  3. Familiar prayers are easier to recall
  4. What is my daily practice of prayer now I am healthier and things are easier?...
  5. Action Plan

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Or here if you want to read the wonderful serenity prayer - a prayer for guidance and peace of mind.

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1. A daily spiritual practice of simple prayers

When I set out to discipline my mind, one of my commitments was to say the following 6 simple prayers, and to say them daily:

These are scripture-based prayers.

The first three are common catholic prayers from my childhood, prayers from or based on the Bible.

The next two are prayers from the Bible.

The last one is a prayer the Bible tells us to say.

(Along with traditional prayers, there are also many personal prayers on this spiritual website, including a personal bedtime prayer below.

2. The benefits of daily prayers in a time of turmoil

At the time when I set out to say daily prayers, I had long ago left the Church. I felt some resistance to praying traditional prayers, or saying any prayer in a routine way.

My chattering mind was saying:

“These are just words. If you say these as daily prayers, you will say them without meaning them.
They are old-fashioned and religious.
You have spent years challenging aspects of your religious programming.
Why are you going back to this now?”

My open mind was saying:

“The commitment of daily prayers will open up the channel through which God can reach you.
Saying these simple prayers daily strengthens your commitment to receiving God in your life.”

My higher thoughts were saying:

“These prayers are words of power.
These are words received through revelation from God.
These are words that hold additional power from having been repeated millions of times down the years by people of faith.
These are words that have power because I am joining in prayer with others who are saying them right now.”

My reasonable mind was saying:

“Your self talk is often negative and unpleasant for you – focused on the symptoms in your body, or upset at what someone has said or done.

Isn’t this practice of daily prayers better than those words?

And if this daily practice of prayers doesn’t help, what have you lost? You are just lying here anyway.”

Here is a spiritual poem written at this time of making a commitment to this daily practice of simple prayers:

A Poem about Prayer

poem about prayer

I resolved that when I felt anger I would be willing to notice and switch to a different mindset by saying one of my daily prayers.

3. Familiar prayers are easier to recall

For the last few years of living with severe illness I said these simple prayers daily. They probably only take a few minutes in total. Yet it required surprising discipline for me to remember to say them.

I found these simple prayers powerful.

I began to enjoy their familiarity.

When my mind was distressed, I found it easier to discipline the mind with one of my daily prayers than with a more spontaneous one.
Why? Because in a time of distress, a familiar, simple prayer is easier for the mind to access.

4. What is my daily practice of prayer now I am better and things are easy?...

Now, I no longer say these prayers every single day. But I say them often.
Every night, as a bedtime prayer, I pray something like the following:

Bedtime Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for this day.
I give it to you.
I give you my joys. I thank you for them.
I give you my sorrows. Please take them and show me the gift in them, so I can receive your joy all the more.

Teach me.
I place my mind and heart and body in your hands.

Thank you for working in my life.

I place my sleep in your hands.
I sleep in the safety of your love.
Thank you.


Click here for more prayers for sleep as well as bible quotes for sleep.

Every day I pray many other simple prayers and A Course In Miracles quotes. I say them throughout the day and as the need or impulse arises. Prayer is now a part of my life.

If you want to commit to the spiritual journey, it is essential to have a daily spiritual practice – one that becomes so regular that if you miss it, you feel something is wrong, and you seek out your practice once again.

In a time of great turmoil, daily prayers were a significant part of my daily spiritual practice. Prayers continue to be an important part of my spiritual journey of healing.

5. Action Plan For Daily Prayers:

Do you feel the need to discipline your mind away from the thoughts you currently think?

Are there any prayers – either traditional or spontaneous prayers - that you would like to commit to saying as daily prayers?

Move to read a list of prayers and advice on how to pray.

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