Seeking Inner Peace And World Peace
Through Forgiveness

World Peace Day

Established by a United Nations resolution in 1981, 21st September marks The International Day of Peace (Peace Day).

21st September is also a day of Global Ceasefire.

I am so impressed with this wonderful initiative which is supported by all the UN nations.

In Afghanistan one year, fighting stopped and food and vaccinations were able to reach those who needed them.

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Seeking Inner Peace From A Place of Inner War

For fourteen years I was ill and disabled with severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis CFS/ME. I lived mostly in a room.

I struggled with feelings of low self worth. What was I contributing to the world? Surely, I was even making a negative contribution, requiring the help and patience of others.

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I lived with inadequate care and was often frightened or angry – not knowing if a carer would turn up to feed me and unable to feed myself.

Surely, through my fear and anger, I was contributing to war in the world, not world peace.

Creating World Peace From A Bedroom

Yet, over the years, I became convinced that I was contributing to world peace in a way I never would have done if I had been caught up in living a physical life.

Early on in the illness, as my health deteriorated, I realised that if I wished to survive I needed to learn to rest.

Rest at my level of health meant being able to lie or sit still without TV or radio. To rest at this level I needed my mind to be at peace, and so I developed a practice of forgiveness.

Forgiveness as a Path To Inner Peace

I call this method of forgiveness, The Release. And a FREE forgiveness ebook is available on this website -

Releasing Judgement – Forgiveness Exercises For Self Acceptance and Inner Peace

Each day, faced with being vulnerable in a world which did not readily provide for basic care needs, I practised forgiveness of myself and those who “cared” for me.

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How Can I Stop Unpleasant Self Talk, Inner Voices, Self Criticism

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Research has shown that within our heads, many voices play. If we are lucky, we don't hear these voices, but the tapes are often triggered by the events of our lives. You probably know how it feels. Someone pushes your buttons and suddenly you are back to feeling like a child or an overbearing adult.

Does a single criticism replay in your mind whilst all the positive things about yourself fade into the background?

At this moment you are in a state of inner conflict.

The times when we are triggered show us the areas in which we have further to go in seeking inner peace.

Yes, someone said or did something that upset us, but we understand that our upset is out of proportion with their words or actions.

We understand that if we didn't have the tape playing this message in our heads, perhaps we would not be upset at all.

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How To Be A Leader In Our Lives

In this instance, instead of trying to change the other, the release leads us to take the first step of self acceptance and acceptance of the other. I call this forgiveness.

We can then take the second step of making a new recording in our mind so as to move us towards greater inner peace.

For example, if you react to a comment that implies you are stupid, you can take responsibility for practising positive self talk that reminds you of the many intelligent things you do.

You shift your focus from someone else's criticism to your own encouraging self talk.

Instead of looking to someone else to change first, you take the role of leadership.
You use your place of reactivity as a trigger to practise a new thought.
With the intention of seeking inner peace, you find the discipline to literally re-program your mind.

What Does A Personal Journey of Seeking Inner Peace Have To Do With World Peace?

I am talking here about a personal journey of seeking inner peace. So what has this to do with world peace?
An enormous amount.

World peace will not ultimately come about through people who are anti war. World peace will come about by people who are pro-peace.

I believe that we are one. In some sense conflict with another is always a mirror of a conflict within ourselves. Seeking inner peace therefore resolves conflict at the deepest level.

When we experience inner peace, we find it easier to be at peace with others.
If everyone is at peace, who is there left to fight?

Finally to paraphrase the Buddha:

“There is no way to inner peace.
Inner peace is the way.”

We go in peace,

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Be Loved

15 Spiritual Love Poems
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For 14 years, Katherine T Owen was severely disabled with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, unable to walk, with little speech, and with inadequate care.

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Dana Taylor, Author of Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy

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