Hearing Gods Voice –
What Does Gods Voice Sound Like?

The thread below on "Hearing Gods Voice" is from an A Course In Miracles' group I belong to.

(Apologies for the absence of the apostrophe in Gods!)

I was struck by the beauty of these people's spiritual inquiry. With the permission of these students I include their words below.

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It can be so positive to learn about how others hear God (or feel they can't hear God).

Knowing that it is normal for so many people to hear God opens us to the possibility.

Knowing that the Voice for God is not always loud or certain helps us to value our own gentle spiritual experiences.

The following thread asks the question:
"Am I Hearing the Voice for God?"

And overlaps with the question many of us ask:
"How Do I Hear The Voice of God?"

Subject: Hearing Gods Voice

Hello all,

A Course In Miracles has changed my way of thinking in numerous ways, but there is one thing that doesn't seem to happen, and that is hearing the voice of God.

In a lot of the lessons [in the A Course In Miracles workbook], you are supposed to listen to the voice for God, and it is stated that God will speak to you, and if you are willing to listen, you will hear it.

I am aware that I am not supposed to hear it with my physical ears, but I can't help but wonder how other students manage to hear God. This is my experience...

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... I either sit or lie down with my eyes closed. I relax, clear my mind of any thoughts and try to find my inner peace and to be aware of any ideas, sensations or feelings I get. A bit like a mindfulness meditation, I suppose. The result: Nothing happens.

I have also tried to initiate communication by telling God that I am willing to hear his voice, and sometimes I even try to bargain a little (in a humouristic way) by telling him that I am willing to do anything as long as he will show me what I need to do differently in order to receive his messages. Still, nothing happens.

Well… Actually I might have received one message, but I am not sure whether it came from God or whether it was just my own idea from somewhere in the back of my mind.

This might sound silly, but one day I sort of had the impression that whenever I feel tired or drained (which I often do), I need to stop doing things and instead lie down and turn my energy inwards and get in touch with spirit. This all sounds right, but how can I be certain that this is something God "says" when it sounds an awful lot like something I could have come up with myself?

I wonder what other students have experienced when it comes to hearing Gods voice, and I am definitely open to any suggestions :)



Subject: Re: Hearing Gods Voice

Greetings journey sharers!

I have 'heard' the voice for God a few times.
I know that it is definitely from Source because it uses language which I don't, and generally will appear to me as an interruption to whatever I am thinking.
It is very specific. Surprising too.

I find that trying to get results, pushing for them, simply pushes the possibility away.
When I simply allow myself to be; Still, Quiet, Holy, Free from Myself, the channel to spirit opens up.

Sometimes I get something, sometimes not, but my advice is simply... not to strive for it.

Big love to you all


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Subject: Re: Hearing Gods Voice

Dearest Anne,

I can understand your desire to hear God, a reassurance that He is there...I too wondered if I would hear His voice...I realise that I do so in many different ways...

in dreams where have a teaching within the images I see,

in books that I am led to read,

in the people I meet


and when I look deeply I realise the books, the individuals the dreams are teaching me about myself...about love and forgiveness.

To me this is how God, my Higher self, the Holy Spirit is speaking to me.... not as a voice but as promptings that I am on the right path.

It's not until I sit and think back about these experiences that I realise they were 'messages' or guidance.

This is my own personal experience of hearing Gods voice and I would imagine that the feeling you have to rest when you are tired is your own message from God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and that is truly wonderful...don't doubt yourself :-)

With much love and blessings


Subject: Re: Hearing Gods Voice

Hey Jane,

That was beautiful thank you.

Anne, in the process of listening and discerning the two voices, from ACIM we learn that the ego always speaks first : See T-86.35, A Course In Miracles quote.

This is helpful. When we remember the first decision is the ego's, we remember in that instant to wait a moment in silence for another response. This opening to the Holy Spirit allows His subtler response of inspiration to manifest , this could be voice or otherwise.

I find that when I open myself to hearing Jesus or the Holy Spirit without an idea of it manifesting in a particular way, then I am more open to hearing Gods voice on this wonderful journey back home :)

Much love,


Subject: Re: Hearing Gods Voice

Hi Anne and welcome to the group :)

I don't really hear a voice as such, there are thoughts that just drop into place .... whole thought processes......

Or the awareness of Love .... the "feeling".....

A connection with another etc.

A feeling of peace or unity.... etc.

In the Experience of God, no words are required.... Everything is directly shared in thought.

That is how it is for me.....

In Love


Subject: Re: Hearing God’s Voice

Hello Anne and all,

Thank you for that question, i can relate to that. I've been around spirituality circles off and on for years and I always get the idea things don't happen for me in the same way I hear or read about others realizations or insights.

I have developed a sort of laissez faire attitude about it, and don't expect too much. In my case it could be that the distance I've travelled is already far and I am grateful for the progress made.

Hearing Gods voice is a new concept for me any way. Before it was all about watching the mind and sitting in meditation, but even that was a stop and start affair with things and concerns of the world easily distracting me and demanding attention.

I have created a lot of demands actually in the world which seemingly block out the 'still small voice'. There is simply too much chatter to hear it.

I find myself asking more for the guidance in whatever way that is appropriate, I can forgive myself for being too 'thick' to actually 'hear' God's voice and look somewhere else for it, like in a renewed ability to forgive someone estranged, or even the desire to do so!

Lots of Love


Subject: Re: Hearing God’s Voice

Dear Jane, Bear, Keith, and Tony,

I really appreciate your replies, it has definitely been very helpful. I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated about not hearing anything, but now I realise that it is not unusual, so thank you.


From Katherine:

Thank you to all those who gave their spiritual wisdom and allowed me to publish it here.

Here is a quote from A Course In Miracles that I “happened” to read this morning. Could it be God’s voice wanting to contribute to the article? :-)

“The giving up of judgment [is] the obvious prerequisite for hearing Gods Voice.”
(M-9.2, A Course In Miracles)

Thank you for reading this article.
And thank you for being here.

With the Love we are


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