Poetry for World Peace

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


'Tis said that men in days agone did praise
the works of God amid barbaric storm
and with humility walked His ways and strove
with earnestness them to perform.
Good men their lives set aside
to spread His message merciful afar
and on the Earth men’s aspirations vied
with scintillations of a distant star.
In diverse ages and in every land
God's message uniform shone crystal clear
from mountain top to ocean laving strand,
from fertile valley to the distant drear.
In temple, synagogue, mosque, shrine and church
the holy men this message preached of love
invoking men's best instincts in the search
for brotherhood on Earth sent from above.

And still men warred and justified these wars
as necessary to preserve the right,
and Rabbis, popes and priests espoused their cause
as blessed in the fight 'gainst ruthless might.
And rank injustice was to be expelled
and always there would be a better world
and rampant tyranny would be repelled
and evil’s banners ever after furled.

But all this notwithstanding, mankind saw
the old injustices rear up again
in subtler forms to those in force before the fields
and villages bore bloodshed's stain
and still the holy men preached kindness, love
and still their congregants gave public sign
that God’s words they accepted from above
all-enveloping, resonant and fine.

Their deeds belied the faith that they professed,
their very lives became a living lie
in victories grim exhaustion the oppressed
were left to die and even now in this travail and need
the lip servers of God’s great faith reject
the very fundamentals of His creed
yet use His name to shield their grim neglect.

Men of all faith we speak for millions dispersed
and broken scattered o'er the Earth,
brow-beaten straining 'neath the brutal yoke
imposed upon them by the chance of birth.
I plead for practice of professed belief,
for deeds instead of words in present stress
the wells swift to assuage of bitter grief
of those cloaked tight in seeming hopelessness.
No matter what their creed or estate, their tongue
their calling or habits strange, they are but victims
of an ill-starred fate.

If we would rid life of malignity
and prove spirits not a mere wraith let us mete justice
with dignity restricted not by calling, tribe or faith.
All men with God's divinity are born,
their mortal forms case an immortal spark
which, kindled, can evoke a deathless dawn
forever mankind ridding of the dark.

tags: poetry for world peace, rhyming poem, religion, religious wars, faith in action, war, god s love

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A Poem about Spiritual Hope For The World

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


The banners of the army of light
have everywhere been unfurled,
the spirit of freedom, justice and goodwill
is racing around the world.
The malignant powers can no longer hide
as the power for good gathers force
and will not be denied.

Everywhere rage the storms of conflict
as evil strives,light and love to evict.
Everywhere is chaos and conflagration,
ugliness and hatred in every nation.
Negative forces are rampant and their goals
are ever the capture of men's souls.

Yet vast numbers arise in protest
voicing their urge for peace, light
in an ocean of unrest.
I tell you brothers, humanity is on the march
holding aloft truth and beauty's torch.
The choking smoke and fire of many a battle lies ahead,
but the great numbers of illumined souls
will be divinely led.

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Shift (Wings of The Mother)

by Ian Moore
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)

The birth of a race
That is not used to flesh
Light beams from the high beams of the infinite nest
Wings of the mother
Caress and care for her flock
The shock of the truth
Will rock this third rock
Peace will prevail and white out the pain
The pieces of ourselves will be put back again
No more corruption
No more deceit
An eternal eruption
A valiant defeat
Out with the old and in with the new
Time to give all our souls credit where it is due

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Poem About Different Dimensions of Reality

by Maxine Whitfield
(San Diego, Ca)

Are You Trapped in the 3rd Dimensional Sea?

Are you trapped in the 3rd dimensional sea?

Or are you in the 5th dimensional reality?

Life is amazing

As all my questions are answered for me

I recently questioned how can we

Live on this earth

And wait for the 5th dimension to rebirth?

I was waiting to see this planet change

I was waiting patiently for it to rearrange

I couldn’t figure out some stories I read

That the 5th dimension is already here

It just needs to be in your head??

I expected everyone to follow, it’s true

For all of us to be in the 5th dimension too

But that is not exactly how it is

Some of us are evolving, while some do not

It happens on your own time

Not everyone is in line

I met a parolee

Who actually taught this lesson to me

No matter what I had shared,

Books, poetry, positive light

He choose not to take flight

He is stuck in the 3rd dimensional sea

It’s his choice, had nothing to do with me

He, like others choose to live in strife

Where they believe the power is here

They still live in deep fear

While others soar to their beautiful 5th dimensional life

So many are already there

Some are on the verge, ready to receive

While others are still trapped in the 3rd dimensional sea

All I can do is offer assistance

Not be forceful to their resistance

There really is nothing that I can do

Just continue to guide because that is what I do

I accept everyone for whom they are

Even if they choose to keep living in the dark

There is only so much that I can do

Choices are made,

It’s ultimately up to you

When your time is right

You will follow, this is true

This process has taught me how to exist

In a world where others just stand strong and resist

Choices are made, this I see

Instead of freedom to be

So many are still trapped in the 3rd dimensional sea

While others are living life free in the 5th dimensional reality!

Tags: poetry, dimensions, different, realities, reality, trapped, resistance

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Poem about the New Age

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


The era of Pisces has ended
the conditions of that time are ending,
the time is now to be mending -
all that is old and outworn.
Now is the time to be bold
no more to selfishly grasp and hold;
now is the time of spirit to be reborn.

The old era is at an end,
let now your soul, spirit and mind
with the new age blend.
The urge to freedom, light and love abounds,
the word of God Almighty now sounds.

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