Definition of Non Duality - Interpretation and Practical Application

A visitor to, asked:
What is non duality?

This article gives you my definition of nonduality and its practical application within my spiritual practice and my life.

What is my faith background?

I am a student of A Course In Miracles. ACIM is a non dual teaching.

I am a Christian mystic. (This means I place importance primarily on the experience of God rather than on any doctrine or theology.)

Traditional Christianity does not officially teach nonduality. Yet, I find Christianity and non duality compatible. My Christian journey has been greatly enriched by this understanding. Many bible scriptures can be interpreted in a non dual framework.

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My interpretation of nonduality

For me, the meaning of non duality is the belief that the separation never actually took place.

In the language of Christianity you would say that the Fall from the Garden of Eden did not take place in reality, but only in our imaginations.
I do not believe in a God who would curse us. I believe God is love. I experience God as love.

Non duality says that the world is an illusion. This is a dream world. The spiritual journey is one of awakening into the knowledge that we remain a part of God.

We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences.
Rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our essence is spiritual. We are not powerful enough to go against God's design. Non duality says that we therefore remain as God created us.

Short non duality prayer

Dear God,

Thank you that you are,
and nothing else is.

All that I see with my eyes is my momentary troubles.

There is no world.
My true Self cannot be hurt.

I rest in You.


What is the practical impact of this belief in and definition of non-duality?

As we awaken to the knowledge that we remain a part of God, our internal experience and even our outer world change to reflect this knowledge.
The outer changes are just echoes of the change in our mind - the shift towards a clearer perception that “Only the Love is real”.
But, in our human experience, the improvements in our world are important to us!


How does this definition of non-duality overlap with the beliefs of Gnostic Christianity?

Traditional Christianity says the human problem is sin and the answer is repentance.

Gnostic Christianity says the human problem is ignorance and the answer is knowledge.
My understanding and experience of the spiritual journey is a journey to allow ourselves to gain the knowledge that God loves us.

(On hearing my spiritual beliefs, people sometimes tell me that I am a gnostic Christian. I know very little of Gnostic Christianity but I have discovered that they were a rather miserable bunch. I can definitely say I know the Joy of God, so clearly there are some differences!)

The practical application of this definition of non-duality

Living with chronic illness for many years, I developed a very practical spirituality. I hold beliefs pretty lightly. I am interested in beliefs to the extent that they help me to move towards allowing God's peace and love to enter my life and flow through me to others.

Spiritual practice and the spiritual experience are far more important to me than beliefs.

In the spiritual experience we can experience the character of God in many ways.
God is Love.
God is Joy.
God is Peace.
God is Certainty.
God is a health that cannot be threatened.
God is provision...

non dualist prayer

God You are Love.
God You are Joy.
God You are Peace.
God You are Certainty.
God You are a health that cannot be threatened.
God You are provision.
Thanks be.

What is the practical application of this definition of non duality as applied to receiving God’s Love?

I believe we are invited to know God’s love as a greater reality than the circumstances of our lives.

As we experience God’s love more and more profoundly, we shift our focus from looking to the world to define us. More and more, we look to God to define us.

We shift our focus from looking to the world to make us happy. We find our happiness in the experience of God’s love –a love that is always available in the present moment.

In Christian language, we build our house on the 'rock' of God’s Love instead of building our house on the 'sand' of attachment to the idols we make for ourselves in this world.

a short non duality prayer to connect with the qualities of God.

Changes in our Internal Experience
Our filter on the world changes so we receive love we were unable to receive before. We receive more of the love from those people in our lives who are already giving us love.

Changes In Our External World
For example, we attract people in our lives who have more love to give us. Or the people currently in our world change to become more loving.

In the Spirit of non-duality, I sign-off:

With the Love we are, have been and will always be.
You are as God created you.

Non Duality Prayer

In you there is no darkness or hatred.
You are Light and Love.

Therefore, if I experience attack, it is not from you.

Because it is not from you it does not ultimately have reality.
Because it is not from you and you are all powerful, it cannot succeed.

Regardless of appearances,
only your Light and Love are true.
only your Light and Love are eternal.

Thank you. AMEN

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Christianity and non-duality

  • Forgiveness works because on some level, there is no problem. As we open our minds to this possibility, we give God access to bring us the peace that passeth understanding. The prayers for forgiveness starting on this page include ideas of non-duality.

  • Psalm 91 – How to hold to the reality of Love when living with chronic illness.

  • My interpretation of The Lord Is My Shepherd is very much a celebration of our non-duality. David wrote this psalm whilst hiding out in caves being hunted by King Saul who was suffering from mental illness. Yet, he praises God and celebrates all that lies beyond the circumstances of his life. "I lack nothing!" says David. He remains aware of all he has in God.

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