Are There Many Paths To God?
Can Different Religions All Be Right?

A Course In Miracles - ACIM Interfaith Quotes

Are there many paths to God? 

Can different religions and faiths all be right? 

Can the different religions be at peace? Can we have religious unity.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I am an interfaith Christian and a student of ACIM. 

A Course In Miracles is not a religion. It can be practised by those of all religions and none. It is a spiritual path.

Here I give A Course In Miracles quotes which speak of the many different paths to God.

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Are there many paths to God?
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Many Paths to God Quotes:

God says we are one, so we are one

We do not have to rely on a book or a ritual. The memory of God rests in our minds.

When we believe we have succeeded in separating from God or that we are with God but others have separated from Him, we are doubting the perfection and power of God to create unity in all things.

Yes, we experience division in our human existence, but we can hold to the knowledge that on a level we do not yet fully understand, we remain one. God set it up that way and we do not have the power to change it.

"What God calls One will be forever One, not separate. His Kingdom is united; thus it was created, and thus will it ever be. The miracle but calls your ancient Name, which you will recognize because the truth is in your memory. ..."
(T-26.VII.15-16, A Course In Miracles, many paths to God quote)

Why are there different paths to God?

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Different paths speak to different people in a language that is meaningful to them. 

When someone does not understand my words, I seek to use different words. If they speak a different language, I may learn their language. So it is with God. He reaches us where we are.

"Are other teachers possible, to lead the way to those who speak in different tongues and appeal to different symbols? Certainly there are. Would God leave anyone without a very present help in time of trouble; a savior who can symbolize Himself? Yet do we need a many-faceted curriculum, not because of content differences, but because symbols must shift and change to suit the need."
(M-23.7, A Course In Miracles quote)

"Helpers are given you in many forms, although upon the altar they are one ...But they have names which differ for a time, for time needs symbols, being itself unreal.."
(C-5.1, A Course In Miracles quote) 

"Is he God’s only Helper? No, indeed. For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognised. But Jesus is for you the bearer of Christ’s single message of the Love of God. You need no other."
(C-5.6, A Course In Miracles quote)

Many Paths to God Quotes:

What do all religious teachings have in common?

We let go of trying to be good enough on our own, in the strength of our own individual identities. We recognise that our righteousness / our innocence lies in God.

"There is a course for every teacher of God. The form of the course varies greatly. So do the particular teaching aids involved. But the content of the course never changes. Its central theme is always, "God's Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.""
(M-1.3, A Course In Miracles quote)

We have unity consciousness in the experience of God’s Love

"We place faith in the experience that comes from practice, not the means we use. We wait for the experience, and recognize that it is only here conviction lies. We use the words, and try and try again to go beyond them to their meaning, which is far beyond their sound. ... It is Here that we find rest." 

(, A Course In Miracles, Many Paths to God quote)

"Heaven itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything and claim it as their own."
(W-133.13, A Course In Miracles quote)

"...[T]here is no answer; only an experience. Seek only this, and do not let theology delay you."
(C-in.4, A Course In Miracles quote)

We hold a place for the knowledge that others share the blessing we have come to know for ourselves

We know ourselves as part of God and we give the gift to others by knowing that they too are part of God.

"Yet this a vision is which you must share with everyone you see, for otherwise you will behold it not. To give this gift is how to make it yours. And God ordained, in loving kindness, that it be for you."
(T-31.VIII.8, A Course In Miracles,
Many Paths to God quote)

"Whom God has joined cannot be separated, and God has joined all His Sons with Himself."
(T-8.VI.9, A Course In Miracles quote)

God is found in stillness

The interfaith quotes from the Bible told us that God can be found in stillness - a stillness that can be accessed by anyone wherever they are without the need for a holy book or a holy ritual.

ACIM also says that we find God in stillness.

"Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is;
all concepts you have learned about the world;
all images you hold about yourself.

Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed.

Hold onto nothing.

Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything.

Forget this world,
forget this 'Course',
and come with wholly empty hands unto your God."

Most of these Many Paths to God quotes are included in the book It's OK to Believe by the author of this website.

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