Spirituality and Imagination

by Joe DiMino
(Phoenix Arizona)

You have my permission to publish my poem about spirituality and imagination on your fine website if you like.

Sincerely Joe DiMino (Metaphysical poet)

The Nature of God (by Joe DiMino)

Each life is a novel;
More fiction than reality:
for everything I am, have done,
was first imagined; started with
a vision—a dream of doing.
There is nothing that is not a
conception of the mind,
fed by heart and will, a reflection
of the spirit-core. We are more
the intangible, than the concrete
knowing; the miracle behind
the wind that moves the clouds
and paints the skies—the makers
of science before the science
itself—there is no life without
my feeling consent—it is the
Nature of God and His Free

tags: spirituality and imagination, life is fiction, we create our reality.

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World is illusion poem

by Gunter Hatze
(Ottawa, ON, Canada)


Why do I deny the truth
The truth that I am a shining Star?
Why do I diminish my Light
Which is so bright, even from afar?

How could I have become so small?
Why is it that I cannot see
Forever outwards I search for You
When all the while You are inside of me.

For You and I are One, you see, and
One forever we shall be.
But a veil was placed between us, and
One has turned to “you” and “me”.

Innocence lost, oh how we suffer
in this state of duality.
This tapestry of light and shadow
this illusion we call reality.

In our Hearts we know the truth
We know that we are far from Home.
And so we wander aimlessly
Believing we are all alone.

Until, one day, with a heavy Heart
We stop, we cry, and look within.
And then we see it, oh so clear
Not to love is our only sin.

And in that moment of Revelation
We pierce the veil, the beast is slain.
Beholding You, oh Love Divine
Into One we merge again.

tags: world is illusion poems, non duality, non dual poem, divine love, acim, christian non duality

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