Poem about pain

by Glenn Johnson
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)


Pain, cruel burden of humanity?
Creator's punishment for sins?

Divinely paradoxical
Pain Creator’s gift
Vessel of salvation
Peculiar belief?
Loan heart, mind

Answered misguided prayer:
Beg Creator take pain from self and world
Pain banished
No one knowing lesson cause and effect of pain
Now forever lost

Pain signs harm abuse: Who to escape Who to avoid
Who to walk soul heart together

Pain other’s face shows harm
Birthing care

Pain tugs at our memory
Guiding to old wounds buried
Resurrect with gifted acceptance grace of healing

Opens eyes of heart
Create no enemy
My demons their demons
Vanquish own heart’s demons
Witness shared blemished souls

Shared life’s spiritual journey
No matter footsteps
All pilgrims
Holy fellowship
Pray souls healing
Self and all

Creator given wisdom:
Pain acceptance is a gift
Opens divine flood gates of grace forgiveness

Dearest Creator
Fall to my knees in awe

tags: poem about pain, god, spiritual, meaning, acceptance, forgiveness, awe

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Healing the past poem

by Tweetybirdy
(United States)

Tomorrow, you will be free

Please don't stop me, my love, let me lie down and kiss the
ground, let me taste the taste of freedom on my tongue and
remember my past no more, let my tears mingle with the sand
and the sun comfort my soul, for the earth has opened up
her mouth and swallowed my past, no more pain, no more fear,
only sweet music shall ring in my ears.

Look down on her, O Lord, look down and see your daughter
weeping in the sand, she ripped out her heart and has cast it
into the sea, she said, “Tomorrow, I will be free.”

But the ground where she lay is now drunken with her past,
affliction and confusion, the sea has spewed out her heart and
the sun has hidden his face.

I tried to comfort her and said,
“Come my love, come, for tomorrow is still yet to come,”
but she cannot be comforted, her body's covered with wounds
I cannot see and her words I do not understand.

Night is fallen and my soul grows weak but I will not
leave her, I will cuddle her in my arms and whisper in her
ears, “Tomorrow, you will be free,
tomorrow, you will be free.”

tags: healing the past, spirituality, god healed my past, a painful past, a new future, all things are new

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Time Heals All Wounds

by Debbie

Time heals each and every wound,
It gets better every day,
And what also helps a lot
Is to take some time to pray.

You will see the difference that it makes,
The hurt will soon be gone,
And you'll be back to your old self,
It won't be very long.

Just let it happen in its way
And God will make you heal,
He has the power to see you through
For only his Love is real.

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Healing Poems

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp., NJ)


Is love
With a
Spiritual focus
The Source
Of all love
Creates within
A space to
Love Ourselves

But then,
Being greater
And stronger,
It gives us
The Ray of
Hope we need
For our growth
To take care
Of one another

We heal each other
Some special one
Who needs our help

We create a sense
Of health
Of love and care
We flow in and
Out with the Source
Who guides us
To organica
To emotional health
To faith which brings
Us to a stronger place

A powerful light inside
Us - the fire is
Healing and
And nuturing...

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Healing Prayer Poem

by Penny Gordon

Within the Holy Heart of God our Sacred Self Dwells

Oh, Holy Heavenly Father...
Who Art Everywhere,...Within All...
Life, Breathe...

in my Rainbow Thoughts that are born of You...
in my Rainbow Chakra's that are born of You...

All is Healed...

I am healed of all of the attacks...the pain of sorrows unremitting...grief for the world...yes, all is healed in You...

My Mind is a Gift...an instrument of your Peace...an instrument of Holy Creation...& Holy Re-Creation...

There is nothing that Love cannot do...
There is everything that Love can imagine...

Within the Universe of the Glory of your Love,
Heavenly Father, I leave the world of doubt...

I will serve in Faith...all that Love calls me to do, to be, to be the compassionate Answer to all that occurs ...Heal the World...Heal the Mind...Transform by your immeasurable beautiful Will for the Holy fulfillment of Mankind...

I Arise to the Duty of Love...I Arise with extended Mind...I Arise to the Sonship, which is One in Christ Love...Amen & Amen...Namaste...everyday is Easter...every gift of lilies, spring fresh from the lawns of Heaven...

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Dear Penny,
Thank you for your poem of overflowing love for God, your service to God and your confidence in the healing available in God.
In You, “All is Healed.” Amen

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Tags: healing prayer poem, spirituality, god, service, love, sacred, ACIM

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Healing Poems

by Gabrielle Bowen
(Ontario, Canada)


Expand the mind
Revitalize the soul
Nourish the body
Wellness exudes throughout
As inner work within
Gives in to
All That Is
Inner healing
The work is to be done
Layer by layer
The realization of One
Mind expands
Consciousness rises
Higher aim
Reaching higher planes
Buried pain
Light as air
Self love
And the ultimate expression of
Self care
Wisdom flowing
From within
Vertically aligned
With the
Aware of the Oneness
Of all
Now standing tall
Reaching higher
Now growing out of old patterns
Growing tired of old
Embracing new
Thoughts, words, actions
Rising above illusions
Own conclusions
Breaking down barriers
Holding higher vibrations
Carriers of light
Joining together
Overcoming darkness
Becoming ultimately
Higher self
Defining what is

© 2011 Gabrielle Bowen

Gabrielle Bowen is a spiritually inspired Canadian author and poet. As president of Soul to Soul Publications and founder of Luminescence Magazine, she is dedicated to providing literary works that uplift, inspire and encourage globally. Gabrielle is the author of the forthcoming books entitled Insight, Soul Intuition, and Soul Evolution. Her poetry has appeared in The Evolving Being and Mind Body Spirit Central.

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by: Maxine

Your poem couldn't say it any better. I also write poetry with similar messages. I feel we are kindred spirits. Check out my web site....http://www.spiritualhealersassociation.com

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