Song of the Beloved

by Jaser

There is a deep pool of sweetness,

In the center of my chest.
Listen to this song.
The words, like a bird wanting to wet its talons,
Gently graze the surface of this love-pool,
And send a ripple in all directions.
A pearl stirs at the bottom.
At the depths the sweetness is exquisite.

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Truly Beautiful Poem
by: Norma

This is a truly beautiful poem.
It's simplicity and refinement of words moves me, as I picture the ripples and imagine all the lives those ripples affect.

'At the depths the sweetness is exquisite'
Keep on writing Jasar.

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Love Affair with God Poem

by Amy Adams/Humaira
(Tybee Island, GA)



Love Affair with God Poem 1

Eternal Embrace

Make Love to me, Oh God.
Penetrate my very Soul
so fully and so deeply
that I have no choice
but to receive You.

Oh, what we could create together!

You as the Giver
and me
as the Receiver . . .
swimming in a sea of Ecstasy,
dancing the Forbidden Dance—
Innocent and Pure
yet filled with Passion and Bliss!

I am impregnated
with the Seed of Life.

May Life birth Itself
through me,
as me,
uniquely and beautifully
through this form I call my body:
The Temple of the Divine.

My womb surrounds the seed in Darkness
so that it may have all it needs to grow
into the Fullest and Highest expression of Itself.

And as this new Life enters the world of form,
may I nourish It with the milk that fills my breasts to bursting,
the milk that contains all that my Soul needs to Live
the Life It came to Live.

My Beloved, My Lord, My God,
You have given me
the greatest Gift of all:

The Gift of my Self,
The Gift of my Soul.

And now,
I shall go forth and share
this precious Gift
so that all the world may know You
as I have known You:

Freely, Intimately, Joyfully,
in the Eternal Moment of Now,
at the height of our Encounter—
You and I, I and You—
in our
Eternal Embrace.

© Amy Adams

Love Affair with God Poem 2

The Love of My Life

Moment by moment,
breath by breath,
You and I,

we Live;
we Play.

You’re with me always,
and I know what to do—
in things big and things small.
You are my Beloved,
no question now.

I dance with You,
raise my arms to You,
embrace You,
and I smile.

I Am Awake,
energy coursing through my veins,
my senses

I Am Grateful beyond words.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

I Am
of Your Presence
at all times.

I truly know now
that You can never leave me,
and I can never leave You.

I cannot be abandoned;
I cannot be hurt.
I cannot be rejected,

My thoughts . . .
I can question them;
I can even laugh at them.

Oh, this has proven to be so true!
And I Am Joyous and giggling
at the Realization of It!

You are there,
beneath it All—

in All of it.

You Are Me.
I Am You.

You are my Rock and my Salvation,
it’s true.

Let’s do this thing together then, huh?
(as if there’s any other way)

I’m asking You out.
No, it’s more than that:
I’m asking You for a long-term relationship.
You know, say, maybe like . . .
for Eternity?

And I love the silliness of it!

Because I know You’re my One and Only,
my Beloved,
my true Soul Mate.

Sometimes I feel angry,
because it feels like You ask
too much of me.
But, You know,
I’ve come to trust You.

And so,
let’s just go with this and have fun.

I won’t doubt You so often anymore.

From here on out,
I CAN’T doubt You
because I have proof—
living, breathing proof—
that You are the One I want,
above and beyond anyone and anything.

I shall put no other gods before . . .

The Love of My Life.

© Amy Adams

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Divine Love God Poem

by Amy Adams/Humaira
(Tybee Island, GA, USA)

Divine Love Affair with God, Poem 3


You’re stronger than I imagined.
I can feel You burning in the depths of my Being.

When I was emptied,
I thought You’d never return.
Now that I know You,
I realize I didn’t before—
not the real You.

Back then, I fought for the impostor,
desperately grasping so as not to let him go.
Now, I am so grateful
that I allowed him to burn,
to die—
albeit a slow and painful death.

For, if I hadn’t, I would not know You.

And now,
I would have none other THAN You.

Everywhere I look, You are there—
inside of me and outside of me—
igniting the flames of my passion to Life.

As I choose You, I choose Life—
and I dance…
and I sing…
and I give.


the Sacred Fire of my Being—

to You, I owe everything;
because of You, I AM Everything.

In making me nothing, You made me Everything.
In burning me to ashes, You brought me to Life.

and I am ignited

in You

and You in me,

my Blessed, Holy, Sacred

© Amy Adams


Amy Adams/Humaira is a poet, writer and facilitator who wishes to share with others what she has received in having moved through "The Dark Night of the Soul." Her journey continues to carry her inwardly and outwardly to places she never dreamed she'd go, and all the while, the wordless nature of her experiences somehow ends up on paper.

Her first book, Book of Love: Poems to Light Your Way Home, is available through Amazon, and she is currently working on her second book, Book of Life: Poems for the Journey.

Note from

I asked Amy to share her beautiful Love Affair with God Poems on

She kindly made sure that they are not available elsewhere on the web. The poems above appear in her book of Divine Love Poems– see links above.

Having read of the emptying of self experienced by Amy, it may not surprise you to learn that, like myself and so many visitors here, her journey to God has included a journey with illness and healing.

Amy, thank you for your beautiful journey and beautiful words.
We are being prepared as a bride for Christ. :-)

Katherine T Owen

Move from Love Affair with God Poems to read about Be Loved, Beloved – Spiritual Love Poems by the author of this website.

Tags: love affair, divine love, god, bliss, passion, poem

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The Phoenix Experience
by: Norma

In her poem 'Fire' Amy speaks clearly about the phoenix experience we all have to go through in our transformation from human experience to rememberance of our spiritual reality.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird who lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

The Christ in us will rise from the ashes, our old self burned out til death and the new self rising from these ashes.

It's a difficult, painful process.........without it we would never come to know who we really are.

The pain of that struggle is worth it as any child of God who has survived this process will testify. And also as many scripture verses will testify.

To God be the Glory. Norma

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