A Poem about Honesty and Authenticity

by Neil Patterson
(Swindon UK)

Honesty's Kin

Sacrifice to beauty
worship at the altar of love
Surrender to charity,
wear integrity like a glove

Stand up for what you believe in,
in essence know for what it is you care
Wherever there may be disharmony validate change
aim to be aware

Strive to be steadfast
do what it is that you must
Take time to recover from the realities of life
with an amour of trust

Laugh for no good reason
other than it wells up from within
And spills over with affection,
to be real is never a sin

Be honest but seek truth
as it is honesty's kin
Show your heart to the world
and let your journey recommence or begin

Note from webmaster of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com, Katherine T Owen

Thank you Neil. What wonderful advice.

I love the line about smiling for no good reason. It made me smile. :-)

It is one of the things I cultivated in the years of being mostly alone – not to wait for someone to be there, but to smile or laugh when alone –
at life,
at clouds in the sky,
at birds walking sideways,
at my attempt to harmonise to songs,
at myself...a lot at myself.

Smiling and laughing are good for you :-) (For anyone who doesn't know, it is scientifically proven.)

With Love to all, Katherine

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Tags: spiritual poetry, honesty, authenticity, laughter, truth, trust

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by Ajna Wata
(Loveland, CO)

Ajna Wata, www.lucidtribemedia.com

Ajna Wata, www.lucidtribemedia.com

When the light of awareness bumps up against concrete form, a shadow is cast.

So, too, does knowledge imitate observation. They can resemble each other, but never completely.

A blind person filled with awe-inspiring wonder has more vision than anyone full of knowledge.

Awareness, observation and a smile alone are real. All else fades like clouds in the morning sun.

To be a good friend, see things as they are. Don’t think too much.

The best spiritual support is resonance of heart and mind.

Everything you think you know crumbles too easily to the ground.

Delight in the flashlight beams of peoples’ gaze,

See through their eyes,

Honor their perspective

And meet them where they are.

No matter what’s going on, it’s okay to shine.

It’s safe. Don’t be afraid.

Your smile is crooked!

Keep checking the mirror and notice

How tension seeks to subdue such radiant lips.

Breathe like the bellows stoking a clay-oven.

Glowing embers in the heart, navel & crown alight to flame,

Heating up with every passing breath.

This is the domain of the soul,

the seat of true beingness here and now.

Will the soul ever learn to be more of itself,

And less like the mind thinks it should be?

You have mastery within you, but you will never know it.

The purpose of the mind has never been to validate the soul,

But to serve it.

The heart gives voice to the soul,

like the chambers of a flute give voice to the wind.

To speak only thus is authenticity.

Such sincerity the mind could never pre-conceive,

But only open up to,


And yield to

In every golden moment.

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