Spiritual help when lonely

by Rosemary DiFlorio
(Mississauga, Ontario)

Once In A While

Once in awhile, I feel so blue,

I worry and wonder - is my life through?
No use in fighting anymore, I sigh
No use in trying anymore, I cry
Hurt and lonely - weary and sad
I forget all the good things
I may have had.

I tremble with fear
Things look so bleak
Where has my strength gone?
Why am I so weak?

Once in a while
I must start again
By lifting my eyes
Towards God and Heaven
By doing so
I know that I'll find
The strength that I need
To have peace of mind.
(c)Rosemary DiFlorio

Note from Katherine T Owen
Dear Rosemary,
What lovely timing.
Some people are lonely at Christmas and your poem will be of comfort.
We are never alone or without hope. God is here.
God bless you, and all who visit here,

tags: poem, poetry, God, alone, worry, hurt, lonely, fear, weak, strength, peace of mind, hope

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Comforted by the Lord Poem

by matthew carmichael

Days with the Lord

I give all the glory to the Lord
Within my soul I have been remade
My sorrow and sadness fade away
I surrender before the Lord. I pray
His gentle spiritual voice claims
The inside of my temple
Speaking words of wisdom.

The presence of the Lord
Comforts me when I am in need
Tears of thanksgiving flow
My beautiful angels deliver
My offering of love for my Lord.
Walking in His ways humbleness is
Confidence perfectly placed.

This day begins, as it soon ends
Throughout the Lord is with me.
On the hill side valley covered in snow
I meet the Lord
He speaks to me:
Let all your struggles go

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Tags: God, poem, struggle, sadness, surrender, thanksgiving, comfort

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Faith in Hard Times Poem

by Ron Wilkie
(Panama City Beach,Fl)

Try Jesus

If you feel as though everything in your life is going wrong
If you feel like everyone is against you
If you feel like life is simply too hard and you can not carry on this way,
don't give up,
don't give in,
don't quit!
Just pray!
Try Jesus!

If you are seeking forgiveness for your sins
If you're seeking salvation, and redemption
If you wish you could go back and start over again
If you wish you could do things differently than you did back when,
simply call on our most faithful and loving friend
Try Jesus!

If you are full of self-loathing or self-doubt
If you feel as though life is passing you by
If you feel left out
If you just want to crawl into a cave and die
Please, please cry out for Heaven's help!
Try Jesus!

He's there for you friend,
He always has been!
You just have to open your heart, open your eyes and you'll see
He wants to help you,
He wants to save YOU,
just as He profoundly helped, and ultimately saved me!

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Great advice. Thanks Ron.

Dear Jesus,
Please come into my heart and my mind.
Be my vision and guide me in all I do.
Thank you.

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Tags: Jesus, poem, faith, hard, save

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Life Is Difficult. God And Love Win The Day. Poem

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


Beneath the filth and the dirt,
beneath the bitterness and the hurt,
flowing still 'neath the worldly grime
regardless of man’s violence – his acts of crime,
his bigotry and his cruelty,
supreme love, inneffable goodness still
permeate and sustain all space and time.

Though this dense physical life can be brute and hard,
though countless lives are marred and scarred,
beneath life's outer illusionistic facade,
still pour truth’s pure streams, undammed –
pristine flow the eternal springs.

Be not cast down brother, be not haunted
by the dark and evil acts of men.
Be not hopeless or daunted.
Hold fast to inner serenity – be not rocked,
but know the light and power of the eternal.
God is not, and cannot with impunity be, mocked.

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Life was difficult for 14 years of severe illness with ME/CFS. See article on pastimes I found in a time of stillness, silence and suffering

Tags: life is difficult, hurt, violence, cruelty, god, love, light, poem, rhyme

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