Spirituality and laughter poem

by Antony Mark
(New Zealand)

Cosmic Chuckles

The transforming wave
Ripples across the
face of creation

Nudging hearts
To expand into
The awaiting lands

Full to breaking
We release
At last

The surrendering breath
Into freedom’s
Warm embrace

What a journey indeed
As we sit
And feast

Tasting the laughter
Of hearts
Full grown………

Antony Mark 2015

tags: spirituality, poems, transformation, expansion, surrender, spiritual journey

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Spiritual Poetry – Love and Compassion

by Penny Gordon
(Sechelt, B.C. Canada)

If Wishes Were Horses...We'd all be Ranchers

We have Horse Whisperers...
who know how to restore the steed to his range.

We have Dog Whisperers...
who know how to heal the dog from 'estranged'...

Soon there must come Cat Whisperers...
who can purr-fectly cure a Mind hair-ball or two...

but you do know what kind of Whisperer is needed
most of All ...don't you?

We must all become People Whisperers...
without fear, full of hope...
to tame the wild-ones without whip or a rope...
to fill up the Mind with goodness and care...
compassion can heal...dragon, gorilla, or bear.

Whispering down the vast lanes of the Past...
Whispering Hope, that Welcome Repast...
Whispering Healing, Health, Happiness...Home...

Whispering of a Kingdom from never to Roam.

Whispering of a Friend, who is a Friend in Deed...
reminding that Love is the only Need.

Freedom from want, despair and aimless unrest...
Whispering Peace...to calm the frightened breast.

Whispering: 'Jesus Loves You, This I Know'...
for the Holy Spirit, tells me it's just so.

So, let's learn the Sacred Whispering Songs
that all the tormented do desperately long...
to hear, to be restored once again...
to Roam with Freedom...that Heavenly Range.

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Tags: spiritual poetry, healing, health, happiness, love, Jesus, sacred

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Love and Compassion
by: Maxine

Love your poem. Very well put. Raised my energy level. Thanks

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Poem about Thoughts and Reality

by Maxine Whitfield
(San Diego, Ca)

Change Your Life to
Love & Ecstasy

People amaze me

I don’t understand

How accepting they are of

Destruction and pain

Evil, lies, wars, what’s to gain?

Why is it that it’s not accepting to see

That other thoughts exist

Why do you resist?

The world has been full of lies and deceit

It’s not real, open to your truth!

It’s in the bible to “ask and you shall receive”!

You just don’t feel worthy

Like it’s not meant to be

You don’t need to know what's on TV

It’s a ploy to control you don’t you see?

I’m offering you a way out

To spiritually heal your life

Of course it’s your choice

Look within, ask YOU for the truth

Connect deep within

Maybe you will just find how you can be

Alive, happy, full of love, non-judgmental

Seriously, this is not make believe!

Remember how powerful your thoughts are, please

Whatever you think you create for you to believe

It’s your proof that what you think is true

You are your own creator, all you have to do

Change the scenery, change your thoughts,

Change your life to love and ecstasy

Silence yourself and breathe

That is all you have to do

Why is that so hard for you?

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Thank you Maxine. I love the passion in your poem.
Here is some releasing judgement to allow people to feel OK with wherever they are with this.

It's OK not to connect with your inner wisdom.
It's OK to get lost in the world and think that this is all there is.
It's OK to think thoughts of attack.

It's OK to connect with your inner wisdom.
It's OK to connect with something more real than this world.
It's OK to think thoughts of peace.

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Tags: love, creating our reality, change my thoughts, spiritual connection, judgement

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