God's protection prayer poem

by Della Metcalf
(Palestine, Texas USA)

God's Safety Net

Your life is like a trapeze my friend
Above the crowd so high
You know the rules of safety
The rules of live or die

You fly, soar and flip yourself
To please the steady gaze
You share your life's ambitions
And laugh as life turns the page

But err you will while in your stay
The rules you'll break, fall as you may
And so God's safety net I pray
With angels helping too
That catches faults mistakes and wrongs
Be ever under you

tags: gods protection, poem about protection, spiritual protection

Minor edits awaiting the poet’s approval.

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Spiritual Christmas Poem

by Julie Croxton
(N Little Rock, USA)



Merry Christmas

Our dreams blow about
on a wandering wind
With a child's unsullied innocence
their journey begins.

They rise over the cities,
valley and dell
Twisting and dancing
each with a story to tell.

They carry our prayers and wishes
on starlit nights
And join with God's angels
What a wondrous sight.

As the snow falls softly
and the Church bells ring
Send your dreams up to heaven
you don't know what they'll bring

A miracle might happen
on this Christmas Eve
With faith and love in your heart
You only have to believe......

by julie stell croxton

tags: spiritual christmas poem, christmas poem about god, seasonal poem, uplifting, miracle, believe

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Poem for a friend having a hard time

by julie croxton
(N Little Rock, AR USA)

I Will Stand Beside You

As you face your future
I know your trials will end
For you are not ever alone
I am here and will always be your friend

I might not be where you are right now
But I will be there in spirit and love
That is something I vow
Just like God watching over you from above

If there is anything I can ever do
Some way, somehow I will be there for you
Someone to listen, someone to hear
Someone that says I love you, and I care

Call for me in daylight or darkness
I will find a way, I will always be there
Don't ever doubt me
I'm here for you out of sight, yet always near

If you should feel you've lost your way
Leaving you alone and afraid
Reach out your hand to me
Feel me with your heart and you will see

The darkness will pass
And your amazing spirit will be free.

by julie stell croxton

tags: poem for a friend having a hard time, friendship, difficult times, spiritual, loneliness, support

Comments for Poem for a friend having a hard time

by: Joyce

Very good love it. Julie you put the poem together so well. So pretty. God Bless you my friend.

by: Norma
Lovely poem, we could all use a friend like you.

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