Deo Gratias

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C.)

You are Heaven.

You alone are Life.
Apart from You,
nothing lives. For
what can be apart
from Life and live?
And what can be
apart from Heaven
and rejoice?

Yet, we do live
and Heaven is
Your Gift to us.
And thus we
have not been
from You.
We live within
You and merely
dream, as in a fever,
that it is not so.

Still, You alone are
Truth. In Your Light,
nightmares must end.
On this perfect day,
then, we bow our
heads and smile.

c) Frank Cavano

Dear Katherine. As a bio you could simply state that I am a retired physician fortunate enough to have had more than 100 pieces published online and/or in print over the last 6 years.
Blessings, Frank

tags: a course in miracles poetry, poem, non duality, one with god, god is, spirituality, spiritual poems, god is life

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Poem about God Singing

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C.)

The Echo of Your Song

The echo of Your song is in my heart.
It greets my every dawn and tears my
fears apart. Whisper softly now that I
may see that all the love I seek Your
Heart has shared with me. I reach for
shiny toys and useless things but all
will fail to give the joy Your Singing
brings. At last I know that I've been
wrong and glad I am You won't be long
for with the birth of every dawn I'll
behold the joyful echo of Your Song.

Note from

Dear Frank,
What a beautiful poem. A Course In Miracles speaks so beautiful of the echo and the song.
“the joy Your Singing brings”: what a beautiful line. How truly blessed we are to hear that singing in our hearts.

Move from Poem about God Singing to an article on letting go of the ego’s religion, including many ACIM quotes

tags: a course in miracles, ACIM, God, poem, song, spirituality

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Non Duality Poem

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C., U.S.A.)

Ever Yours Ever Mine

You are the answer to every prayer.
Why should I petition for this or
that when You alone are Real?

I can bring to You a thousand
broken things. Yet why should
You fix what I have made when

the answer is not to want them?
And had You fixed them, would
I not bring You more wanting

them still? Perhaps when I am
done playing with the world I
will want Life as You have

made it. And wanting It with all
my heart I will see It as It Is,
as It was and will forever Be.

Then will I believe that I am
Yours and only Yours. And the
answer to every prayer will be

the certain Knowledge that You
are ever mine.

Dear Frank,
A beautiful poem of worship and praise... of being lost in God...
the joy when we rest in the place of not wanting...
just having... just knowing that God is all there is.

Thank you for starting my Thursday off so beautifully.

Move from Non Duality Poem to read Psalm 23 – the Lord is my shepherd, I’ll not want.

tags: non duality, spirituality, wanting, want, yours

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Short spiritual poem

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C.)

Will and Wishes, China and Dishes

Will and wishes, china and dishes
Creator extruded, creation deluded
pain abundant, sadness redundant

Will without wishes, Fish and fishes
forever together, forever fine weather.
No longer at sea; peace, joy, ecstasy!

short spiritual poem, non dual

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