Birth of girl poem

by Glenn Johnson
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)


Glenn Johnson

Mother’s birth canal guided
out poked your head
pros and cons weighed
decided this world to explore
Announced cry of arrival
Someone said:
It’s a girl!

Cradled arms mother
love gaze embraced
mutual fragrance begun
never to be forgotten
mother entranced
her child
world of sisters received
your place in heart union sealed
declaration profound:
It’s a girl!

Diaper change
joyous wide eyes
infant glorious smile
smile all good of life
good ever be
pudgy arms
pudgy legs
heaven reaching
fingers nimbly playing toes
mound of life and wonder
proudly proclaims:
It’s a girl!

Where will you go?
Who will you meet?
What will you know?
What will you accomplish?
Journey of It’s a girl!
Small to tall are long stories
Short story:
Not all lives a fairytale
Truth must be told:
all manners abuse
crazy men’s swaths of rage
ravage destruction through sisterhood
Tragic paradox
Born of woman
Becomes tyrant of woman?
Own sufferings no excuse for world’s profoundest tragedy:
Beauty of It’s a girl!

Still good in this world
Coupled together
Many lives shared fulfilled
Much enjoyed:
friendship lovers
each other hold
together time passing
Knowing life blest
Hearing at his daughter’s birth:
It’s A Girl!

With all done and said
Must remove my mask
And speak the truth I dread:
I bare the sins of men
Began in youth
Allowed lodging dining
Men’s heart’s parasites:
Distortion of you
Blind to truths of It’s A Girl!

Meeting you
Has urged me to sit
Silence of meditation
Listen inner woman child
Thoughts that made me flinch:
self-serving sexualized image
toying bodies
Painful to accept
I have wronged your sisters
Ignorant of significance:
It’s A Girl

Cul de sac painful regret
Chastising my soul
Not healing
Enough self-pity
This I have realized
I know I must apologize
In trade for forgiveness
Cannot find those I have wronged
Do not know what to do
Those It’s A Girl lost in time

Truly, Creator moves in mysterious ways
Reveals another truth:
My own forgiveness
Must provide
Honest ownership
Wrongs I have contrived
Firm commitment to change
Make real
Lessons about It’s A Girl!

When I met you:
Enjoyed time shared
Love for you began
So did desire
This time
Wanted to get it right
Need see you as you are
Not as I want
You are special
Now that know
May I say
Day to day
Hold image of you:
intelligence unique
The many virtues of It’s A girl

Love I offer
No delusions
Acceptance no expectation
Although wished
Thoughts of you
Healing inspired
Your unbeknownst gift
In my heart
I have learned to cradle
This inner woman child
swaddled ever in my heart
promised to thrive
never to forget:
There was a day
There was a blessed moment
When you entered this world
And someone said:
How beautiful!
It’s A Girl!

The poet gives permission for this poem to be read out in whole or in part, but requests that you say his name when you do so. The poem is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in a magazine without the poet’s permission.

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