Spiritual Christmas Poem

by Julie Croxton
(N Little Rock, USA)



Merry Christmas

Our dreams blow about
on a wandering wind
With a child's unsullied innocence
their journey begins.

They rise over the cities,
valley and dell
Twisting and dancing
each with a story to tell.

They carry our prayers and wishes
on starlit nights
And join with God's angels
What a wondrous sight.

As the snow falls softly
and the Church bells ring
Send your dreams up to heaven
you don't know what they'll bring

A miracle might happen
on this Christmas Eve
With faith and love in your heart
You only have to believe......

by julie stell croxton

tags: spiritual christmas poem, christmas poem about god, seasonal poem, uplifting, miracle, believe

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Christmas Poem The Early Card

by Mo Needham
(Swindon, UK)

Nativity picture, St Joseph's church Wroughton

Nativity picture, St Joseph's church Wroughton

I sent a friend a Christmas card - an electronic one and got the following delightful poem in return. Although it's not exactly a spiritual poem ;-) it is definitely a Christmas poem so I thought I would post it on the website.

I will even amuse my agnostic friend who wrote it by suggesting that this Christmas poem has something of the psalms about it - starting with a moan and then reaching out for support and experiencing a shift to peace.

In this case it is not God’s support but his wife’s, but hey God works through us. ;-) Ha ha.

Wishing you a wonderful Advent with moments of stillness and joy,
and a Christmas to follow with moments of delight and pure hope.

The poet wrote this as a bit of fun and a sweet gift to me. He does give permission for this poem to be read out in whole or in part and tweaked to match your own names and circumstances.

The author is Mo Needham. He has books available on Kindle.

Christmas Poem - The Early Card

It was way before Christmas
When the weather was hard
When Mo opened his laptop
And received an eCard

The sender was Katherine
Festive greetings with cats
A piano and tinsel
And gnomes with fine hats

He was just over Easter
And avoiding the hype
But this festive message
Sneaked in overnight

“Ba humbug!” he shouted
Kicked a cat (well so nearly)
Christmas should never
Be now, or proffered so early!

But Liz stroked his brow
And calmed his bent mind
She brought him a mice pie
And a glass of mulled wine

He smiled as he softened
And he sang carols too
Then he wrote K a poem
Saying, “Happy Christmas to you!”

tags: christmas poem, christmas card poem, light-hearted, secular, rhyming

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