poem about a guardian angel

by Annette Tannetta
(Wales U.K. )


I thought I heard an Angel
Knocking at my door
I must have been just dreaming
The knocking was no more

I thought I heard a whisper
It said all will be well
I must have been just dreaming
I really couldn’t tell

I’m sure that someone touched me
A gentle hand on mine
I must have been just dreaming
Or was it all divine

I thought that I felt lonely
Somehow that wasn’t true
A hand had touched my shoulder
That whispered what I should do

Be at peace and full of trust
And know I am the way
Never fear I’m always near
As I walk with you each day…

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Angels have never been so close
by: Denise

So beautiful, and uplifting. Its a reminder, we're not alone, we cannnot see God with our eyes, nor our angels,but they have never been so close, this poem reminds us, we're never alone. God bless you and thankyou.

From Katherine T Owen, website owner
Thank you dear Denise for your comment.
It's a theme I am going deeper with at the moment - we are all and always held in God's love.

As you say, we are never alone.
Bless you.

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Angel Poem

by Chrissie Ash
(New Forest United Kingdom)

My Angel

I know you are with me
every step of the way
Guiding and protecting me
Looking after me, day after day.
When things go wrong and they often do
You pick me up, dust me off, and guide me through

You are my Guardian,
My Angel, pure and true.
I feel blessed you are with me
Feel blessed it is you.

Thank you.

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Comforting Poem
by: Lisa

It is a very comforting and nicely written poem.

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Be Still, Fear Not, And Just Believe

by Jane Johnson
(Littleton, Colorado, USA)

The Angels Danced

Dawn was just breaking over the horizon. The sun, still hidden below the red rocks sent arrows of gold through the rose and peach sky. As I bowed my head to greet the morning I saw a sight of such majesty and glory that I couldn't believe my eyes. Ringed around the rocks, floating in the air, were beings of light, angels of God.

I can never fully describe their breathtaking beauty. Their white wings, tipped in gold, softly beat the air. Their robes moved in the breeze, shimmering and sparkling as if made from fairy dust. Light radiated from their finger tips and their faces glowed from within. Tears came to my eyes as I realized what I saw. My heart beat wildly in my chest drowning out all sound. Then, as a mother calms and comforts a baby with a lullaby, the angels began to sing. The air around me vibrated with a magical humming sound as a feeling of blessed peace washed over me. I somehow knew this was the music of the stars. God why have you chosen me?

Their song turned to words and they spoke as one. I heard, “Earth is a scared place protected by the angels. Be still, fear not and only just believe. We have been here from the beginning of time and will protect this sacred place for eternity. Tell the children we are watching. They are not here by accident. They have been chosen to be here.

Then as one, they danced and praised God. Can you imagine I danced with the angels! While I listened and watched in awe and wonder the sun broke over the rocks and blinded me with it's golden glow. I blinked my eyes and they were gone. This moment in time changed my life forever.

By Jane Sehl Johnson
Littleton, Colorado

Jane Johnson is the co-producer/director of Colorado Escapes Videos, featuring the most unique restaurants, shops, hotels and fun things to do in Colorado. http://coloradoescapefinder.com/.

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Remarkable experience with angels
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing, beautiful writing of your majestic experience with the angels. Love to read more of your writings. God Bless you !!

Kathy Pfeiffer Astle

by: Ian Moore

What a truly remarkable experience. I can't imagine what that must have felt like. Continue dancing and singing with the angels my friend!

I loved it!
by: Carolyn Peterson

Jane: Your words are so beautiful. From your description, I can see how that experience with angels changed your life. You have such a gift of expressing yourself. I'd love to see more of your writing,

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Just Thank You
by: Katherine T Owen

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution. It really conveys the power of the experience for you.

I can easily understand why the experience of angels changed your life.

With Blessings,

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Spiritual Poem: God And His Angels

by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio, USA)


God and His Angels have always protected me
As I journey through life and its stormy sea
When I almost drowned as a child of seven
An angel saved me before I could reach heaven,
God gave me a Mother who taught right from wrong
An essence of goodness which shone all along
While angels surrounded me from darkness to dawn
To keep me safe from any harm.
When I fell from a barn, they caught me in time
When I did not have enough food, people were kind
When I pray to God, he has always answered me
And I thank Him for blessings then and to be,
There are no regrets in my existence
For God gave me strength and persistence
To overcome adversity and negatives
To never dwell on what could have been
To accept the ups and downs without any sin
To be forgiving of those who can't see the light
To be truthful in all I say and I write
Yes, God and His angels are with me to stay
Today, tomorrow, to my dying day.

Floriana Hall

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Floriana Hall's Poems - she is outstanding
by: Mary Ann Jameson

Dear Katherine,

I wanted to let you know how much I love the poetry of Floriana Hall. My favorite right now is, "In God's Time", which spoke to me right where I am in my life right now. I have read many of her poems over the years and in my opinion, she is an outstanding poet.

God bless.

Mary Ann Jameson

Always thank God
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Anonymous. It is always good to hear that my poetry is uplifting. I believe in Angels and God helping me every day in every way as long as I implore Him with prayer and thank Him for all His blessings.
Floriana Hall

Beautifully Written
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know that your poem lifted me up. Thank you!

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Guidance from God and Angels
A Poem

by Maxine Whitfield
(San Diego, Ca)


Why do people think they are in control?

They are not, so let me tell you how I know

The power is within cause you're connected to God

That is where he is, he lays deep inside

Fear is an illusion which keeps you in check

Release the fears connect within to God instead

Give your worries to your guides and the Angels

They are like servants they will take care of every angle

Just ask and release the power to control

It's like being on a roller coaster more than you know

Wouldn't it be nice to give your worries to them?

Well you can, just write a letter and hit send

Then forget about it all and watch the miracle unfold

Everything you need will happen I know

Write to them, ask them how to do this or that

Messages will appear it's not a coincidence, it's a fact!

Every single thing happens for a reason

Nothing is an accident it's all a plan

Enjoy the ride, be creative and give others a hand

Maxine Whitfield

Move to read The Serenity Prayer - A Prayer for Gods guidance.

tags: aa Step 3, Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him, spiritual poetry, angels, fear, god, guidance, control, higher power

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A Poem

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Spiritual Companionship
by: Maxine

It's always nice to be able to connect with other like-minded souls.

Guidance of Higher Power
by: Robert

Your comments Maxine are spot on the proof of which I have experienced for many years.
Each day upon awakening I surrender to the higher powers of universal love and light confirming that only that love, light and perfect good can manifest in my life and that of my loved ones, dear friends and all souls on the spiritual path of return.

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by Floriana Hall
(Akron, Ohio 44310)


There are special angels we can ask
For God's healing power
For teaching us how to stay close to the truth
And away from wrong
For guiding us in our life's calling
For God to enter our spirit with song
They are called Archangels.

Seek Gabriel for guidance
Ask Raphael to intercede with God when illness stikes
Stay close to God like Michael
Find the truth
Stay away from sin
Now is the time to begin.

We can be exemplary like them
If we stop and think and pray
To be more like angels every day
To be closer to God
Through angelic ways
Acting more loving and helpful
Making everyone happier every day.

Floriana Hall

tags: spirituality, angels, angelic, god, healing

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