The world I see holds nothing that I want, poem

by Poof

Katherine Owen:
I am intrigued by the title of this poem ‘Sacred Feminine’.

I guess that the use of the word ‘bosom’, indicates that the poet experiences the divine as the feminine.

I wonder also if the poet is a student of A Course In Miracles. The use of the word ego, and talk of going beyond the shadow both speak of that possibility.
I am reminded of the workbook lesson, ‘I will not value what is valueless’.

Also of the instruction in ACIM to bring the darkness to the light, rather than the light to the darkness.

Also, of the A Course In Miracles lesson, ‘the world I see holds nothing that I want’. I have assigned the latter as the subject to allow others to find a poem on this subject. The poet has not left an email address to be contacted.

Sacred Feminine

I claimed to know what I had found
But in my clutches you were earthbound

From your bosom I would reap and sow,
And in your embrace I would soar

You embraced me without rhyme or reason
But my embrace of you was my first treason

I hid you and called you the treasure
All the while you pointed to something greater

In the confines of my Ego you would ache
And I would claim it was for love’s sake

Imprisoned by the mirrors of vanity
I mistake your reflection for my sanity

What I am left with is you shadow. Cruel as it is shallow.
But for every night there is a morning. And for every sorrow a rejoicing.

I will scale the dark and reach above
Until you harken to me again my dove

A beautiful poem about the voices that eat our soul

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Non duality poem

by Sherry Lombardo
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

The Dream

The death of the old brings rebirth of the new
to the shadowy substance, benevolence shines through.
Offering love, light, & acceptance divine
to all within me, to all that is mine.

The whole of me, I love to see
releasing now all that needs to be.
Thine eyes are open, my heart leads this day
for thine is the glory, forever illuminating thy way.

Choosing the highest and best for the self I call mine
bringing about purity and innocence divine.
Yes, indeed, as within so without
allotting the knowing. . .original light is about.

As I unite all selves I call mine
my outer world follows suit, benevolence so fine.
For beloved, it is true,
what transpires on the inside, know, the outside will too.

Love within, grants love without
I grant it to all, as I bring heaven about.
For the truth of matter, the matter is false
each of us dancing to the illusory duality waltz.

Blessed the fall for what it allows
all that is good, under-standing in the now.
To know yourself from this unlimited view
is to rid yourself of what you once knew.

It offers with it the fun of the game of design
for without it we would be no-thing, eternal darkness divine.
Allotting to perfection
the gift of various perception
which grants the knowledge and wisdom
of experiential knowing of potentially unlimited systems.

For what fun would we have if sleep hadn’t occurred
this sleep brought the gift of self examination secured.
In order to dream slumber is required
after all my beloved, it is in the dream creation transpires.

So the dreamer dreams and each facet of the dream dreams too,
for all real life is endowed with creativity shining through.
The infinite played out in pretend finite as drama and comedy of illusory allure,
a dream within a dream within a dream forever more.

So sleep my sweet child for the time is near
when you will awaken, healing all that you fear.
I give to you this precious knowing
so that when you awaken, you’re privy to the new dream that is flowing.

So i say to you, the part of me that has forgotten
take rest in my promise to you, my beloved begotten.
For now is the time, the vibration is ready
be your truth and hold it steady.

Remember, events and beliefs are the same
they mirror each other in this playful game.
What you once knew as the drama and strife
now becomes realized as the comedy of life.
for both are representatives of your perceived & believed world,
but now is the dawn of your crown that's been pearled.

For in thy kingdom are many castles
and in thy kingdom there are no thing such as hassles.
Know the world you’ve been submerged within is truly your friend,
one who reveals valuable secrets and for which this there is no end.

(c) Sherry Lombardo

tags: non duality poem, world as illusion, nature of reality, spiritual poem, spirituality

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