Birth poem Spiritual

by Glenn Johnson
(Tucson, Arizona)


Madonna, mother, wife . . .
Loved, nurtured, precious guest.

Ethereal conception and fruition.

Humbled, honored presence.
Moment of miracle, cobalt aura blue . . .
Crowning, priceless beyond royalty.

Arrival, rush on celestial winds . . .
Soul hushed . . .
Sacred light expanding on the wings of eternity . . .
His arrival gracefully emptied the void.

Pain instantly transformed, left far behind.

He floated into your arms . . .
Hair red, eyes blue, your blue.
Love gaze to love gaze.
Cradled in your arms . . .
as endless times before.
Reincarnation’s mysterious interlude.

Note from Katherine T Owen

The poet, Glenn Johnson, wrote to me afterwards with more information about this spiritual birth poem:

"Thank you for publishing the poem; one of my favorites. I was present and involved in the births of both of my sons and the birthing of children by 2 of my friends.

The experience of these births, especially my sons, was the most powerful spiritual experience of my life. The poem is about the miracle of birth from all womankind."

birth poem, spiritual, madonna poem, mother of jesus, birth of jesus

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Poem about a happy couple

by Rosemary DiFlorio
(Mississauga, ON)


Together we laughed and played,
Together we cried and prayed.
Songs of joy were in our hearts,
To love one another was in our hearts.
We danced together, each our own way.
The sound of laughter,
The sound of cheer,
Days added quickly, turned to years.
The special aroma coming from the oven.
The clatter of dishes together woven.
Our food was blessed with special hands,
As they blended what cooked from those pots and pans.
We were not rich, we were not poor,
We never hungered, those hands made sure.
We never lacked for the feeling of love,
We received our blessings, all from Above.
The touch of tenderness put us at ease,
That gentle touch gave us peace.
These days and years have slipped away,
But together we go on, day by day.
The memories will bring us forward, not back,
For togetherness is always kept intact.

Copyright 2014

Note from Katherine T Owen

Rosemary, thank you for your poem about a happy couple. You seem to be our poet for 'poems about life', poems which invite God to be present in all our relationships, both in their ordinariness and at special times.

God bless your day with Joy,

tags: poem about a happy couple, relationship, wedding anniversary, spiritual, god

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Lost Love Poem

by Glenn Johnson
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)


Glenn Johnson

How does love end?
Or wrong question?

Where does love go?
Or a question that has no direction, no destination?

Can my heart truly break?
Or a question that ignores love’s intrinsic might?

Why does walking away from fatal love still hurt?
Or does necessary distance give heart room to reopen?

When love is created can it be undone?
Or a question that diminishes the eternal power of love?

Do tears just water the saplings of love’s memories?
Or wash away the pain?

Do I give harbor to anger?
Or send this vessel of poison far, far way?

How long until loss is beyond lost and found?
Or a question that denies imperfection of all humanity?

Does lost love remain lost forever?
Or will all love be held to the end of days?

Why does lost love pose so many uncertain questions?
Or is it just soul’s quest for revelation?

Must I answer all of these questions?

Should I ask for amnesia?
Ignorance’s false bliss?

I get it
emulate Creator’s forgiveness, love unconditional
for myself
and those I have loved

tags: poem, prayer, lost love, loss, bigger picture

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Best Friends Poem

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


I fancy we have known each other long, long before
on some distant land,is some other time, on some distant shore,
such is our closeness of mind and thought,
such are the things together we have wrought.

How quick you are my moods to sense,
to soothe away my stress, and mind - tense
with worry and anxiety,
quick to to guide me to some calming beauty.

What amazing things we have been through together,
braved all manner of trials in all manner of weather;
braved the darts, stings and pains of adversity,
supported each other with love and sincerity.

I am truly blessed to have a friend so true,
a friendship deep and ever new.
I cherish your kindness and your care
I know your last morsal of substance you would share.
You are a soul truly rare.

Through you dear friend the sky is more truly blue,
the rose in my garden more fragrant and of richer hue.
Tomorrow's horizon is not so bleak
as your hopefulness,love and cheery spirit
support us both through each week.


Dedicated to two amazing,wonderful friends of some 25 years duration.

Note from webmaster of, Katherine T Owen

Dear Robert,
Thank you for your beautiful best friends poem. I am not sure it is really in the category of spiritual poems, although it is definitely a poem about gratitude and a love poem, and both love and gratitude are spiritual. :-) I have a section on motivational poems, but it doesn’t fit there either, so here it is for now!
Perhaps if I accept other poems about friends or love, I will eventually start a new page.

Hope all is well with you in South Africa today.
With thanks and enjoyment of your appreciation of your friends,

Tags: best friends poem, best friends forever poem, short friendship poems, sweetest poems for best friend, poems for best friend, short friendship poems

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