A Poem about Energy

by Robert Gresak
(S Africa)


The planets wheel
majestically in their orbits
as our Father-Mother sun emits
its life-giving energy.

The solar winds brightly flare
charging the very air
with stupendous incandescence,
with the very essence
of cosmic radiation.

Numberless glittering star worlds
stretch to infinity
pulsing with vibrancy,
singing of the One glorious reality
and moving-reverberating to loves totality
in the dance of eternity.

Tags: energy, essence, poem, spirituality, song

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Poem about Energy and Life

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


Energy is life
and life is energy
the vast infinite stream of reality,
the vast infinite stream
of cosmic love's totality.

The sparrows joyously chirping in the trees,
the mighty surging, roaring and sighing seas,
the tinkling and burbling of a stream
the power of a revealing dream
and the nightly heavens agleam,
declare life's singing limitless energy.

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Dear Robert,
I have been down to hear “the tinkling and burbling of a stream” today. I was enjoying God in nature, and – as so often – thought of those who are housebound and brought them there with me in spirit.
Spring is springing in the UK and the sky is a vibrant blue.
Great timing! Lovely poem, full of joy.

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Tags: energy, life, love, nature, God, poetry

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Here There Is No Fear Poem

by Ian Moore
(Pennsylvania, U.S.A)


Crystalline porcelain transparent eyes
Chandeliers swing from the tops of the skies
An atmosphere of auras
A refuge of realization
An ecology of souls
And seeds of elation
Jeweled basketballs suspended in bliss
Aim at a basket
And will never miss
A palette of prisms
Rooms with infinite walls
IV's of rainbows inject them all
Karma is clear here for only a moment
For here there is no fear
And nothing will own it
Each has a purpose
Each has a mission
A plan so grand that
Only one has the vision

Tags: poems about fear, karma, no fear, fearless, purpose, mission, vision, non duality

Comments for Here There Is No Fear Poem

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by: Ian

I am happy to hear that you liked it :)

by: Keith

Loved it. Thank you.

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Poem about Spirit

by Chris Roe


Keeper of the morning light,
Guardian of the flame,
White knight of my soul.

Given at the beginning,
As a last defence,
At the centre of life.

Never beaten or destroyed,
Never taken or confined,
Never traded or lost.

And shared only
For love.

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Divine Origin - Short Poem About The Divine

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

'Star originated soul, star originated soul
so vastly bright, so vastly bright.
buried so deep from reason's sight.
I cry, cry, I yearn for the touch of its might,
to know once again that ancient cosmic light.'

Commentary on The Poem by the Author

The pride and ignorance of this worlds clerics, scientists, educators and politicians of whom so many will not acknowledge that man is made up of supernal light and cosmic energy.
Who persist in their assertions that man is descended from the ape.

They choose to disregard the wisdom of the ancients, those great enlightened souls who peopled the times of ancient Atlantis, Egypt, Persia,Greece and the Indian sub-continent.

They choose to disregard the truth that man is of cosmic origin and that he only became ape-like after his great fall from the angelic realms into the denseness of physicality so many aeons ago.

Indeed, every element, every constituent of man's makeup, every pattern of form is as old as time itself.

Indeed, our memories of this ancient origin still exist deep within the spirit-self and can be accessed when we have climbed sufficiently high on the ladder of spiritual evolution.

The reasoning of the intellectuals will hardly ever bow down to wisdom's light, to the intangible.

Hence men who make reason their God will always remain deaf and dumb to the inner nuances and whisperings of that greater soul life.
They remain deaf and blind to that all powerful design, that infinite cosmic energy which links all life and speaks from suns and worlds, from cells and atoms without number.

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Comments for Divine Origin - Short Poem About The Divine

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Robert Gresak's spiritual poetry
by: Terry A. Shuman

I do so enjoy reading Robert Gresak's poetry. His words are enlightening, visual, authentic, and stimulating.

I always find myself transported to the images he creates with his words, and then challenged to share in his expository artistry.

Thank you, sir, for the depth of your reaching and for your passionate love affair with this life, which never really ends.

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spiritual vision poem

by elisa
(richmond virginia usa)

I see I see

The truth of the matter is do we really see–
see who we are
know who we are?
As I sit here with my door ajar, I wonder.
I hear cars roar, birds tweet.

How can I say I see and know?
Because of the one who shows–
shows me everlasting love, compassion, joy, hope!

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Tags: spiritual vision, see, sight, love, god

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