Is The Lightning Process

On this page, I address the question: Is the Lightning Process dangerous?

The  Lightning Process is offered as a training programme for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) in the UK and elsewhere. It can also be applied to any challenge in life. Its stated goal is to help you to LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE.

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A Note of Caution – You Decide How Much You Can Do

The Lightning Process™ is a tool.

Is the Lightning Process dangerous? Well it certainly didn't prove to be so for me. Quite the opposite. I experienced significant recovery from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But everyone is different. During the Lightning Process an environment is created to encourage you to believe that an immediate improvement in health is possible. If you are already someone who is inclined to do too much this may tempt you to engage in a level of activity which is too much for you.

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A practitioner could also misuse the Lightning Process to make you feel that you SHOULD do more.

If so, I advise you to ignore them!

It is important to remember that the practitioner can only advise you.

It will be up to you to decide if and when your immune system is reacting in a way that allows you to do more than you could previously do.

It will be up to you to decide when and by how much you are able to increase activity.

The Lightning Process would have been dangerous for me if I had done it before

Preparation of your attitude before training in the Lightning Process may make the difference between it being dangerous or safe for you.

If I had done the Lightning Process™ a few years earlier, I think it would have been dangerous for me. I would have pushed myself too hard and relapsed.

In the preceding years I had built up my confidence in my ability to decide for myself how much I could do. I had become better at saying 'No, I can't do that'.

One influential moment was when I had an experience in a church when I had been encouraged to stand after prayer for healing. I had stood up, and had spent considerable time recovering. It was a scary time. When I spoke to the pastor, he was sympathetic, but said gently:
“No one made you walk.”

I understood what he was saying. Yes, there had been pressure to stand, but I could have said no.
He didn't say, "Well you should have had faith that you were healed. If you had you would have been." If he had said this without love, I would have stopped listening to those particular teachings.
Instead, he said: “No one made you walk”.
He was right. It was my responsibility.

I still find it hard when someone pressures me to do more than is right for me, but I do accept that it is my responsibility.

No one knows how much your body can do as well as you do.

"On the last day of the 3 day Lightning Process training I was able to get out of the wheelchair at times.

It Is The Practitioner’s Job To Raise Your Expectations, Thus Impacting On Your Immune System

The practitioner’s job is to create an environment which raises your expectation that your body can do more, thereby creating new neural pathways and impacting on your immune system. It is not their job to know your limitations.

Please note, this it is not the practitioner’s job to make you do more at the level of health you are at (unless of course this is the reason you are attending the course). His or her job is to teach you techniques which impact on your neurology, and thereby your immune system. The Lightning Process aims to change the level of health you are at so you can do more.

If you feel easily pressured when others encourage you to do more, I advise you to work on that before putting yourself in a situation where you might feel pressured.

Or else, remind yourself at all times that you are paying to do the Lightning Process.
You have the right to say No.

Balance this with the awareness that you are there because you have decided this practitioner has something of value to teach you and that you are willing to experiment with the new ideas presented to you.

How ill you are, how much support you have, – these will all be factors in your decision as to whether the Lightning Process is dangerous or safe for you.

Doing the Lightning Process™ was dangerous at my level of health

Doing the Lightning Process™ was a risk for me. A life-or-death risk.

With severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / CFS, at a level where I could speak little and worked to be fed a meal, I was struggling to keep going with the care I had.

If I I had been made worse by attending a 3 day event – and this would have been the case if it hadn't worked for me – then I probably would not have had the support to allow me to recover to my previous level.


The Lightning Process is not accepted by mainstream healthcare.

Please make up your own minds about whether the Lightning Process™ is dangerous or safe for you to try.

If you have a spiritual outlook, please pray for guidance.

Don't let anyone else tell you you should do it. It is your decision.

Please Don't Pressure Your Loved One To Try A Treatment

If you are reading this for a friend or family member, please do not pressure them to do the Lightning Process™.

If you feel inspired to do so, pass on the information you find here.
Tell your loved one what it is about my story or what I say about the Lightning Process™ that makes you think it could help them.
But make it clear that the decision is theirs.

I know it is hard to watch someone you love in pain. But, believe me, it is also hard as an ill person to feel pressured to try treatments that don't feel right for you.

Sometimes someone who is ill with CFS /ME has found that trying endless treatments means they are not giving themselves a chance to get the rest that allows them to feel better. Many people with CFS /ME do improve or recover when they allow themselves to rest.

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