Poetry and Music Performance
with art

Hidden Paths

Poetry and music delivered by:

Musician and artist Stevie Gilmore and poets John Richardson & Katherine T Owen.

What is Hidden Paths about?

A feast of original poetry and music to take you along hidden paths.

Stevie Gilmore's specially composed acoustic music highlights the mood and meaning of the poetry to uplift and inspire.

There are hidden paths all around and within us which we can discover, explore and enjoy. Some paths we create (to understand the world), some have always been there in the landscape, some are relationship paths (with family and friends), some are scientific, spiritual or psychological and some are magical.

Click through to hear an extract on Soundcloud:

Falling Man (music with poetic lyrics)

An Important Thread, This Unremembering - poetry and music

Praise for this poetry and music performance

“Hidden Paths is an inspiring hour, the poetry and music interleaving in a variety of interesting and surprising ways - witty, though-provoking, tender – against a backdrop of wonderful visual pathways. The three contrasting performances combine effectively to present a range of ideas and emotions, keeping the audience intrigued and absorbed.

I loved it!”

Jill Sharp, author of 'Written in Stone', published by English Heritage

“You spun a cocoon around us of love and stillness. Thank you for the poetry, art and music.”

Liz Gilvin

“Hidden paths is a very moving creative and original production. Two poets, Katherine T Owen and John Richardson and Wiltshire artist and musician, Stevie Gilmore became as one harmonic, profound unit as they explored the universal challenges and obstacles which we all meet in the journey of life.

The paintings of the Wiltshire fields, ancient landscapes and trees provided a mystical, beautiful yet natural visual backdrop. These paintings contributed shapes and brilliant colours to the images the poets conveyed.

Kathleen Alberter

“You won’t have seen anything like this before. It blew my mind. Very moving and effective.”

Sue Chadd, Poet, organiser of Malmsbury Poetry Day

And from performances in Bath and Cheltenham from which John Richardson was absent:

“Stevie Gilmore's compelling voice and atmospheric music ... Katherine T Owen's serene presence and inspiring words ... two talented artists working in such harmony .... what a joy.”

Sue Boyle, Poet, Too Late for the Love Hotel

“I still have the image of the cocoon unwinding in my mind and Katherine’s voice in my head with its calm, persistent timbre. Great music from Stevie.”

Nikki Kenna, Poet, Organiser of Bath Poetry Day 2012

 "Months after the event, I still have a vivid memory of Stevie's music forming a rhythmical symbiosis with the stream of words which Katherine seamlessly recited with her eyes on the audience.
Highlight moments were Mirage and Tight Rope."

Cristina Newton, author of Cry Wolf, winner of Templar Publishing‘s 2012 Straid Poetry Collection Award.

The Origin of Hidden Paths

From Stevie Gilmore:

“I had this idea whilst out walking on the Wiltshire downs that there are hidden paths everywhere, even in the centre of Swindon, which mirror our inner journeying and, perhaps, our desired direction. For me, the paths that are wild and undisturbed by anything other than wildlife are a sort of paradise. In these wild places, I seem to be able to connect with a kind of inner path to the soul. I become incredible creative and in touch with a deep yearning to search, to discover, to find myself.

The spoken word is a perfect medium for which to create music. I hear meaningful and moving descriptions and my heart responds to the sentiment. I create sounds, music, via my classical guitar which harmonise with the poems and the breathed tempo of the poets' own delivery.

I have loved putting music to poetry ever since my first ever public performance, aged 15, in a talent contest. I composed a piece of music for a poem by Siegfried Sasoon. I won, and realised that music and poetry can really move people.”

John, Stevie and Katherine at the studio, recording the CD of Hidden Paths

For Those Interested in Booking
a Hidden Paths Performance

Depending on the venue, Hidden Paths is available with or without the accompanying artwork.


The audience explores the performers’ hidden paths via a performance of poetry and music together with simultaneous art display.


The programme features original poetry and music (acoustic guitar) on the theme of hidden paths.

Katherine’s poems recount a dramatic personal journey though illness and healing, including a spiritual perspective.

John explores hidden paths in the landscape, the changing relationship paths that exist between family and friends and the paths we create in our memories.

Stevie, through both his music and his art, relates the experience of walking and painting the Wiltshire landscape.

The poem readings, for one or two voices, are accompanied by music composed by Stevie Gilmore. The poems are paired to mirror each other and develop the themes included. There are several solo acoustic guitar performances.

The length of the performance can be tailored to specific requirements. We would suggest a minimum of 30 minutes, with a maximum of 60 minutes plus questions.

The content of the performance can also be adapted. For example, the artists are happy to talk about their work and the collaborative experience: a Q&A session with the audience might be particularly appropriate for a school performance.


For audiences (in excess of 50), microphones (x3) and an amplification system are advised.

A projector and screen to display the artwork are needed.

The artists will provide a laptop.

A workshop of Hidden Paths is also available.

Please contact Katherine T Owen for more information or to make a booking for either the performance or workshop.

Hidden Paths was a Swindon Artswords funded project that took place primarily in venues around South West England.

Some of the Performances:

Swindon Festival of Literature, the Arts Centre, Wiltshire

Cirencester Brewery Arts: Gloucestershire
Featured guests of Writers in The Brewery, 

Cheltenham, Words on the Side Festival, Gloucestershire

Malmsbury Carnival, Annual Poetry Evening, Wiltshire

Marlborough Poetry Day:
Sunday, Marlborough Town Hall, Wiltshire

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Katherine T Owen is webmaster at a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com.

She is author of

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John Richardson is publisher of the magazine Imppress.

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