Poem about answering Love's call

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


All that is noble in the human spirit
is surely now being flame-writ
as many souls prepare to knit,
to blend with divine light their all;
to answer love’s eternal call.

The trait of true decency,
the balance of impartiality,
the calm grace of inner strength
signifies the great length
of such souls.

Godly power flows in full spate
annulling and cleansing the Earth of hate.
Come, come awakened soul
fill the bowl of your questing mind -
your blessed and open loving heart
walk the shining way and play your destined part.

Your nobility of heart and soul ablaze,
you draw those ready for Light’s ascended ways.
Be ever noble, ever gracious.
Let truth and cosmic love your being impress.

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Feb 28, 2013
Such a confirmation
by: Norma

Robert Grozak writes in the true style of the spirit.This poem is soo amazing to me. In 1983 I wrote a poem called 'All Around You' and Rober's poem confirmed for me that 30years on the message is the same as it always was. I've written so many spiritual poems and prose over the last thirty years that I'd forgotten this one and had to dig out an old (and very tattered book by now) where my first poems had been written.
Below is copy of -ALL AROUND YOU. different style - same message.


Love is all around you
take time to pause and see.
Amidst the battles debris,
see love, see me.
All the past is over
now is all we view
in this band of love ,
we're including you.
We will lead you from the turmoil,
of fear, distrust and hate,
to the peaceful place you're seeking
where love does guard the gate.

Disrupters of the calm,
agitators of the peace.
Love will stretch its arm
stilling your disease.
Unmasking all that's vain,
showing deep true worth.
You who shy from love,
must learn by rebirth.
Misusers of wisdom,
destructors of good,
face the truth today,
with help you could.
Join the stronger force,
we will show the way.
Lean on the arm of Love.
Unite with us we pray.


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Love Energy Has Arrived

by Maxine Whitfield
(San Diego, California)

Love energy has arrived here on earth

It's the beginning of Earth's rebirth

Some of us feel it, some of us refuse

But it will happen sometime soon

If you still your mind and become silent within

You will let the Love energy in

It feels great to peel away the layers

The hurt, pain, sorrow, confusion

But I have come to the conclusion

That my past had kept me in pain

Now I feel fresh and alive

New beginnings have arrived

I have been born anew and so can you

With new thoughts, new ideas, new me, new you,

We all can create love and abundance into our lives

By releasing negativity

Focus on creativity

Start over, fresh, and have love for all

Be happy, feel alive, go out and have a ball

Author "Be Spiritually Healed and Focus on Real Truths"
my book of poems

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Encouraging Poem

by Eleanor Leech
(Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom)


A baby is born to nourish.
A seed is planted to flourish.
Encourage me to encourage you to speak your philosophy.
My words reach to great velocity.
Only heard by the minority.

Use the senses of life with sheer luminosity.
Treat each person with love and generosity.
Be part of the expanding story.
Create your beginning, make life your friend
and wait for the new beginning at the end of the end.

Never feel that you lack,
and if the world hates you, love it back.

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Thank you Eleanor for your encouraging poem. And I love the picture!

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Nov 09, 2012
Love makes the world go round
by: Floriana Hall

This poem has a wonderful last line - to always show love. The first few lines were pertinent to me since we just had a new great-granddaughter born on Monday.

Nov 09, 2012
Thankyou for your encouragement,
by: Eleanor

I also created the picture!

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